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Song about a friend I didn’t get a chance to meet on this Earth.


Prospect Park

Real Legend

I Dont Need Liquor

We Are Jobs

Today I Submit To


World My Stage Though I Feel More a Prop

One of my favorite songs so far.

I Am a Spliff Heads

Autobiographical a-cappella song in which the spliff is your vehicle for opening up.

This Is How You Buy Flowers

Fictional story of my mom giving me a life lesson.

Life Advice

Asima the Great

Otherwise known as ‘my first date’. Story, then a song, as it was first written.


A song about how you really want to be able to appreciate all you have riht in front of you.

Жизчь Таке Себе

A love song I wrote in Russian.


A satire song.

2 Reasons

Reasons of why I sleep alone at night, basically my personality flaws and view of the world.

Shaving Legs, and Seize the day, Girl

2 songs in one. Same Key.

Mason Dixon Line

All I love and lost, not cause they died.

Toe Blue

CHEATERS, how do you justify cheating?

Theres a Trumpet Thats Ablazing

One of the earliest hh explorations, gosh 7 years ago now?


Real old attempt at breaking logic.

Surfing in the Sea

Perfect song for the beach.

I Was Wandering in My Head

Another one about the dance between idealized, physical, metaphysical reality in cognition.

Walking Talking Smiling Keeping

(We were dating, in my head) = The immortal feeling of mortality directed in this abstract love song with pokemon references.

Walking Down Central Park

Officially the first song I ever wrote.

Books as Monopods

The second version of my current favorite freestyle Transcript. (1.2.20)

Grasshopper My Grasshopper

Imagine you’re hung over hiking by yourself you throw up bile, find a grasshopper, and have a conversation with them.

Next Time I Go Out Imma Teach Got a Lesson

Supposed to be GOD but world’s not ready.

Life Is a Sacred Circle

What began the second wave.

She Breaking Glass Ceiling

Political Trap Single.

Trapt in the Womb

How do you write a song starting with a photo?