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Song about a friend I didn’t get a chance to meet on this Earth.

Your Words

After Work

I Could See Why

Suck the Devils Dick

R You

Whats Schizo Bout That

Why Not Jewels

Freeze Your Heart

Lost and Found

Ginas Beauty Marks

BEAUTY MARKS (Trailer) from Gina Hackett on Vimeo.

-Did the audio for the trailer/short film

Film by Gina Hackett

Sweep Yo Mammas Porch

Just Found My GOPRO

Miss Myself Missing You

^ Demo Version (1st inception improvised)


Mouths Open Wide

Kants Death

I Am Soup

What Is Lost


What Emotion Is Most Hidden

My Gifts

Remembering Famous Anus and Cloud Bitch

remember what famous anus
said to cloud bitch
back in high shool
jumpin the fence hop in the pool

TJs and Quesedillas and Mrs. America
and bikes and ciggie and uncle ray
and sleepy all day and coffee not working
and h ain't pregant
and I got more work
and I got great work
and I work work great got
and I don't care
about looking dumb
cause you don't even know


Prospect Park

Real Legend

I Dont Need Liquor

I wanna have sex

With notes.

We Are Jobs

Today To


World My Stage Though I Feel More a Prop

One of my favorite songs so far.

I Am a Spliff Heads

Autobiographical a-cappella song in which the spliff is your vehicle for opening up.

This Is How You Buy Flowers

Fictional story of my mom giving me a life lesson.

Life Advice

Asima the Great

Otherwise known as ‘my first date’. Story, then a song, as it was first written.


A song about how you really want to be able to appreciate all you have riht in front of you.

Жизчь Таке Себе

A love song I wrote in Russian.


A satire song.

2 Reasons

Reasons of why I sleep alone at night, basically my personality flaws and view of the world.

Shaving Legs, and Seize the day, Girl

2 songs in one. Same Key.

Mason Dixon Line

All I love and lost, not cause they died.

Toe Blue

CHEATERS, how do you justify cheating?

Distant Hills - Winters almost over

Loved this freestyle so much I memorized it 99% verbatim.

Theres a Trumpet Thats Ablazing

One of the earliest hh explorations, gosh 7 years ago now?


Real old attempt at breaking logic.

Surfing in the Sea

Perfect song for the beach.

I Was Wandering in My Head

Another one about the dance between idealized, physical, metaphysical reality in cognition.

Walking Talking Smiling Keeping

(We were dating, in my head) = The immortal feeling of mortality directed in this abstract love song with pokemon references.

Walking Down Central Park

Officially the first song I ever wrote.

Books as Monopods

The second version of my current favorite freestyle Transcript. (1.2.20)

Grasshopper My Grasshopper

Imagine you’re hung over hiking by yourself you throw up bile, find a grasshopper, and have a conversation with them.

Next Time I Go Out Imma Teach Got a Lesson

Supposed to be GOD but world’s not ready.

Life Is a Sacred Circle

What began the second wave.

She Breaking Glass Ceiling

Political Trap Single.

Trapt in the Womb

How do you write a song starting with a photo?