Song about a friend I didn’t get a chance to meet on this Earth.

Ginas Beauty Marks

BEAUTY MARKS (Trailer) from Gina Hackett on Vimeo.

-Did the audio for the trailer/short film

Film by Gina Hackett

Sweep Yo Mammas Porch

Just Found My GOPRO

Miss Myself Missing You

^ Demo Version (1st inception improvised)

Mouths Open Wide

^Audio Inc

Kants Death

My Friends Fatal Flaws Masterlist

^Soft Piano


^instrumental version

Strong Words From a Weak Man

*Audio inc

My Gifts

*Audio Inc


^ Preview for next schizop album….

Prospect Park

^instrumental version

^ SHITTY first draft

Real Legend

Today I Submit

^ 1st draft


^ ROUGHT draft

I Am a Spliff Heads

Hail or Constantly Zoning Out

Life Advice

Asima the Great

Otherwise known as ‘my first date’. Story, then a song, as it was first written.


A satire song.

2 Reasons

Reasons of why I sleep alone at night, basically my personality flaws and view of the world.

Shaving Legs, and Seize the day, Girl

^2 songs in one. Same Key.

Distant Hills - Winters almost over

Loved this freestyle so much I memorized it 99% verbatim.