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Origins of poliwat and why I do what I do.


Made a soundfloor for a podcast about dreams and dream connections.

Poetics 2

Co-Lead actor in a play which ran for two weeks in San Francisco.

Western Eastern Southern Public Radio

All directions. All sincere. Join Jack and I with (whisper) WESPR.

Forest Mother Meets the Blob

Piece premiered at Stanford that explores how ritualistic aspects of womanhood shape - and are shaped by - the modern world.

The Sims Sims

A three act comedic play that I acted in.

Pale Blue Dawt

Stanford 901.fm radio show. Sounds like life, the musical. Field recordings of people you never knew, mixed with local music you never heard.


Family reunion turned life changing event turned album.

The Center of Github

An album of instrumentals, named after command lines, for emotional people who program.

Day N Night Library

Does your site use bootstrap? Allow your website to change colors based on the time of day with this.

Guitars in Nature


Sustainability client through information consulting.

US Drone Data

Solo Piano Works

Original piano pieces, with the latest mixed with the dynamic spontaneity of life.

Noding Bat

Open source web app where you can solve Javascript code challenges, and get cool bat ‘badges’ to complete them.

NPR Tiny Desk Entry

Original song I wrote that never made it to that tiny desk.

Bus Sessions

DIY musicians recorded live in my 1971 VW bus.

The Human Aquarium

Using a Raspberry pi and the internet, makes a human fish tank.

Missing the Old Kanye JQUERY

World’s most popular Javascript library meets Kanye West.

Sketch Comedy

Everyone’s funny, but whose the funniest in times of need?

Hackathons and Honorable Mentions

The year is XXXX, what life is complete without a bout of Hackathons?

Welcome to the Federal Beat Reserve

My 2nd=3rd cleanest pursuit.