Day 4 Baby

30 on 30 Challenge

Class Time

45 –15

Minute by
slowing time
down as much as possible
welcome to class!
I'm your student today
we don't have a teacher
we're classmates
moment by moment
we forgive the past
//in order to recollect the future

Joshuas Apartments

Vegas Mic


We don't have much time

hello hello

We dont have much time

Quick what can I do before I have to shit eat fuck or sleep?

ok self reported victim of my own biology student here

I’m just trying to figure this out

and I can explain,

but it will take some time

because the messages are coming intermittendtly

and I need to shit

and I’m sleepy

and I”m shaking

and I’m hyper

and we don’t have much time

if you are hearing this message


Welcome to pale blue . fm

an open source 24 7 internet radio station

free media for the people

thats good for you

All of us

all of us

all of us

all of us

so lets look a little deeper

on this day


on this next time

on this day

camera swap to table

from a book

a remixed book

that starts with a quote

from the magnifying glasss

checkout this magnifying glass I made

its a special one

and it helps us see

from here we can see all of humanity here

ok ENHANCE !!!!! ! Cuts to ENCHANCE.wav

Welcome to a handwritten journey

The journey begins….now!

HUMU for 15 minutes.

All Thirteen Queen

“if you want others to take care of your lives protect you save you then will always be slaves and rightfully so”

-Mr. Brown

Open the door to your heart.

Qay 2 Parked

20 years of digging, through the cooler

Balls and Bladders

Ode to Jeremy Fogel

Cherry Picked Lies

Ricardo Tilden Beach

I got my landboat

Shutin Catching Up

Violence Give It Up


ever be mor e
  man runs into the center of the crowd

  violence! end it all
  violence!!! give it up!

  everyone looks disheartened

  no one talked like that anymore

  he did it for the gram

  a blonde with a dyke cup of booch

  dice roll i roll eleven her book

  last thing we try saw god in her kooch

violence! but violence.....

    almost there
    every one bred to be a slave
    whats in this cup
    i dont give a fuck
    im thirsty empty stomach butt
    you smutt i smoked  


    two bads make a right wing

    SHUTUP UP write down my new political joke

    if only you could remember bloke

    candles are charcoal in your eyes

    if a dress was in your face!

    I mean right in front of your face

    **bounces back and forth with his gnarled hand over his face**


(coming from outside)

REAL LOUD BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!


Another Chance

The Year I Was 29

Back online after getting brain hacked.

Remember When

Think Youre Getting Jafars

Loombick Wilson


That woman over there
that woman sat down there
just dropped her daughter off
and doesn't know it yet
but her order was written wrong
the rapping waiter is rapping new lyrics
and some pussy good
some pussy bad
some pussy happy
some pussy sad
some pussy

Back the Ratty Cat Gym Goes


Best advice in months, listen up!


dontEscalate(OutOfControl, Always)

|| argueToTheTEETH

November Blue Plane Dad

Finally SETUP

My room
is a safe room


O M G .

I am finally set up.



Soon there are

Very soon there are


Really no excuses


BoutaYear Ago

Spikey Ass

10 20 2020

a rare day
a la carte
a rare mood!

City Thought Monday

What Makes a Teacher Teach


Focus as Frolly Found

Polecat Notes

Pale Blue JOKE

Quotes 4 PaleBlue

Phase TWO Master Doc Pacing Production Oct

Phases 1 2 3 4
can be found in
'hop skip jump drop L cooz friend'

At the River Synopsis

The Media Cart Soap Opera

last night we all laughed way too hard playing two different card games


So nce to have a guest in the house, and a whole spare room for him. This is living it up - we all work all day and have been having the funnest nights together.

Yesterday I got great progress on organizing the library for putting stuff online

A little overwhelmed with the amount of work and direction and everything but it feels good to make long awaited big strides.

Am7, Dm7, Fmaj, Fm7, Em7,

My ex Girl

B Gm Emajor (no E)

Somethings Gotta Live


The Last Shopping List

I don't care anymore
I've been going so long
with so many setbacks
I still go and don't care where
to land   

Only the really do did I need nod them.

Catching up on the last 3 ish weeks ()

private!! ()

Even X and Y doesn’t know

You know I’m listening to X when I’m Y

The Adventures of X’´ie´ Y

Flying Back

New Watch

Mikes Reality

I Fell Back

Creature of habit more than anything else

Madrigal Fourth

the more you bounce

Bring Me a Theatre

bring me a theatre
bring me a theatre that hasn't been infiltrated damnit
bring me real people going back to showing the full extent of what being human means
and share, yes show the people the common uncommon

Vacation Cut Short

Final Push With Gustavas Notepad

haven't hit it in a while
if hitting it was logs
cause it's finish album time
I have most the equipment I need
aside from the stems and reaktor 6
so I can't get the stems from any of the original tracks
but I can do my best with what I have
and just release it play it live and make more
no more sitting on tracks!!!!
too many  tracks!!!!
like a dragon sleeping on gold
destined to be attacked when you don't
give out the gold
you can only sleep on gold long enough
and you'll be slaughtered
as you watch it
being taken from you

Glucosamine Monitors

had a great week and its been wonderful and realzing and funny being known as the kid coming up for once in a life

Memorial Come Ups

Pandys Bday

Everythings Coming Up Roses

you are what you eat
in feeds
and articles
willful ignorance never seemed so moral



Drowning It Out With Too Many Things

advice from mom:
You’re drowning out it out with too many things

I thought the songs you wrote a long time ago were good enough

just concentrate on 20 songs, those 20 songs  and just stick with that

go places play places talk to people ||  healthy people healthy connections

healthy things for myself

read some autobiographies they started with little too

mom started with nothing and started with a passion

Didn’t come from a rich family or a family that gave me stuff

when I was working my job

the two balanced each other

really helped me concentrate on my music

but most my life was just you know

‘we could all use advice to get ahead’ - mom

Little Russia Big Beach Dreams

I'm sorry
but you have to
live in the song for years
to reap its benefits

She Loves the Sun and Always Misses the Sunset

Mila was always the last to get picked up after school.

'Guess they forgot about me.' She sighed and started walking home.

The lonely cholo was always outside on his low rider bike around this time. His gang was dead, he was a gangster without a gang. 'Hey bato!' The lonely cholo called at Mila. They were instant friends.

Now ten years later the lonely cholo is a drug rehabilitation programs counselor working directly with the mayor of their town. Mila is a woman in tech.

Toasting with the mayor a glass of wine,
'I love this town'

^ Poem a day keeps the doctors away

Tell a Stranger You're Not Acting Yourself

when people’s understanding of magnets
falls off on the fridge

I Love This Hard Look We're About to Take

Excerpt from 'Letter to no one':

To the lover who didn't love me back,
To the Driver that hit me and ran,
To the Fedex that dropped me and left,
To the volunteer that charged me and quit,

Bots are everywhere but we forget all the time.

Showing Invisible Backgrounds Without a Setting

// sleepy
// handwritten
// poliw.at
// park day

Power of the Voice on Space in Love

operation make dad proud

Goodbye Girlfriend Hello Headphones

‘type me like your french girls’ she said

I typed her beauty looking not down at the keyboard
And typed the following words:

zit to the right of her lips ..
Looking down in my glass I see
Looking in the glass of wine.
The blackness of coffee the next morning
Into the voids we go

Moby Gift Gave George Doc a Chance

Writing my own alibis
took years to make it
this far

And the Temporary Hostility to Words

you are the most extraordinary man I’ve ever met

Tea Time Is When

tea time for me always will be when I started
to write because writing doesn’t cost anything
but I got to the point of the music I wanted did

Under Their Skin Only Place I Fit In

me at home
under their skin
only I fit in

Calling All TYPEwriters Online

spent morning pouring on a collage
explorers grand slam menage

Milieu Thank You

When the lines blur
but it feels like poetry,
Milieu Thank You
The virtual fire is playing,
Milieu Thank You...

Spaceship Book Report From Underground

my gifts bring harm to me,
Like fruit trees,
packed till picked,
ripe till ripped,
freestyler's anonymous,
my gifts bring harm to me,
like fruit trees
let them be!
to let them be or not to let them be
let our word abuses be only un-sanctity  

Lawrence Stimulus With a Bunk Ankle

mountain top be the mountain pine that resides,
be the mountain itself, not the pine
but even the pine doesn't mind
it grows without need for mind
it thinks left wait or right
it grows all the time
it grows without mind

Wagner Yung Bikes

Becca prefers open cabinets
Helen prefers teabags in the sink
gina prefers the most expensive grocery stores
I prefer ejaculating three times a day
and we haven't missed a dinner together yet
in the gothic dining room, old book
line the walls, and the windows view,
gives us the back of a jewish school

Gone Are the Days

Bring Us Back to the Cherry Blossom

genocide of dumb thoughts
is what alcohol does to me

April in a Bucket

10 min Free write

Norma Ray Uncle Ray


What I know would crush your chest


What I know would crush your chest


2 Tracks 2 Days

Cum is yum, throw up's dumb
my voice is gravel, an off day
too little time to explain...

Out of Touch

The Waiting Room

A routine wisdom teeth operation turns horror.

The Alien and the Fly

The Art of Simplicity

I'm not alone, we're just out numbered

I'm not alone, we're just out numbered.

Cops Told Us to Social Distance on the Mic

Books as monopods this morning

Failed Pilots

My mistakes are other's opportunities.

What It Feels Like Cesar

In retrospect, Birthday talent show was a success despite corona.

A Controversial End to the Talent Show

from education
to looney bin
to the mission
to brooklyn

3 2 1 My Birthday

Anorac Siruv in the Epicenter of the States


Homeless With a Home Season Finale

Finally have a permanent (ish) spot!

SIGN Need to Come

Everyone Experiments

Earth Named Earth

Who named Earth, Earth?

Heaven Is a Delia on 94th and Broadway

Craig Mic in NY!

I Want 38 Fast Days and 14 Slow

No, no all of them slow.

Gods Light Follows Everyone but Not Everyones Handsome

Two compliments from Becca!

Beanpole Meets Pokibat

Saturday sick in SoHo.

I Need You T0 Be Nicer to Me

Who counts? I count the unimportant things.

Homeless With a Home

Inspiration at the end of this life, if life was a chapter without a book.

Unpopular Beliefs if Right Succeed

Something(x) as zen satire master list.

Safe Inwards

Here to Stay Maybe

Third Biggest Appples the Charm

Night bus to NY from Virginia.

Same Beliefs With Polar Candidates

Finally hanging out with cousins!

To Be More Than a Musician

Actually Crossing the Mason Dixon Line

Handwritten transcript from free paper in borrowed blake papeback.

Genos Steak Trivia Bob


Last Day in NY Wfgtd

She Sells Me Down the River


Rule Along Time Ago

@ bergn in brooklyn working harder than I thought.

Botannica Plans

Patience was always more than just a virtue.

Gustavias BnB

Trial by fire, red my face.

Jet Blue

Word My Stage Album Finally Done

2 years in the making (3–27 really).

Mamma Dont Wanna Talk but I Gotta Check

whispers ‘he went to poliw.at’

Polecat a New Life

Never Leave Your Machine Without

IOSODW if you guess it right.

Death of Gene Michael Betts

Season 10 of my life Finale.

US Takes the Best to Do the Worst

Protect Net Neutrality.


[Legacy] Callback of early poliw.at, back in July 2017.

End of Wit

…wittiest man calls to the end of wit at wits end.

No Matter Where I Go to Record THATDEMONSAPUSSAY


2020 and its hats inside tonight?!
2020 and that ghost is still a pussy
2020 and no matter where I setup
I just setup
and I still cant record
cause Saira's mom just started bumping
dumbass mumble trap
after I played one guitar song
Saira's in the shower
tyler's muted on tv
no lights on christmas tree
you can't fuck with this DJ

Viynls for More Song and Nonprofit Dreams Dont Die

Officially the first day of busking.

Pentagon Porn Policymaking

A rare meta ‘non’ fiction day.

Dont Push the Black Sheep

or they might leave.

Night I Got Old Yeller

Cause I riffed off all this youth paraphernalia in this clean green room.

Hiatus From Hiatitcus


A lot has happened since the last log.

How the Canon Pods Changed My Life

17:41PM It’s been more than a hot minute between logs here. 1 week? 1 year? 1 life? Doesn’t matter how long it’s been it’s happening again, as cycles educate. This time round run run and found nothing but self introspection factoring every poor sap in my presence holding back enough to not let on I’m socio, as if it’s a bad thing to be socio opinionated. Bring me someone with the attention span as I.

The Three Rs Diagnosalis

Can I Read You This to Start Your Day

11:39AM || ‘I’ arises, not in the dumb parts that make the sum, but in the complex patterns they organize themselves in || Kinda like the ‘i’ doesn’t completely exist until your ‘i’ in every possible universe is in conversation oh ye whose says I s no I s as anything to do with my body, I reckon. Her sold soul swells hell high watermelon wheat on tap """methinks my my body is but the less of my better being.

One True Holiday

@ LA museum where jack and I danced years ago surprised he called it a treasured memory. Me and Helcat ate at cantor’s and god damn I had the pastrami reuben and have been high ever since. Real I like these swivel chairs more than that art on the walls oh this will fuck us up always talking enthusiastically about how something’s going to fuck me up, like this black Yerba Mate Tea, this lavender spray, this homemade kombucha.

Truth Today Lies Tomorrow

life today lies tomorrow sleep today lies tomorrow king lion today lies tomorrow wow look at this room full of great books I cant read .. LOVE IT OUT HERE ..

LA Trip Mid Awning Project

1212 About to get picked up by https://robbieconal.com/about/robbies-bio/ || never net him or his wife Debbie but they’re so nice to pick me up ! Helen said don’t be racy ahahahaha I’m not more racy than anyone else - everyone’s racy || that’s the thing || Trying to get some polecat in but Im too excited to go down and take a break from Nips I can’t wait :D There’s a bunch of instruments and an interface where we’re staying so I just want to record some new music.

What It DO Returns

2100 cant write cause I'm upset write cause I'm upset I'm wet swam a mile today can't imagine how I'd feel if I didn't do that what can I finish what can't I when I can't seem to get anything done is what doing it feels like often all the time veteran in my mind and I wanna chat not bite

Best Feeds to a Global Audience

CHAD polecat and I met on chat roulette, we both rapped at each other Lowkey worker 1 LOWKEY WORKER 1 She said she’s going to be late should I lock her out? LOWKEY WORKER 2 Unacceptable -=-=- and I couldn't hold my fast going to a new cafe known for healthy sandwhiches and just ordering more caffeine seemed dumber than when you don't want to spend money but if you have to before you come home you drink Lowkey worker 2 she walk in great tits cute asiam im looking for a book that as you read it it feels like my nonlabelist life partner gross's ass cheeks are completely settled on my face.

Im Not Working Today and Im Not Working

14:50 I’m not working today and I’m not working and I am not working and by the way, and look and what else can I say I refuse to buy anything on black friday but craig is shopping now so he’s keeping an eye out for ‘pants that will make helen’s pussy wet’ 2 pairs of slim fits I can bring to New york, on sale, and I’ll give him the cash tonight.

Didn T Get Soaked Till the End of the Pier

13:53 Didn’t get soaked till the end of the pier… so dropped helcat off at grover beach train station, walked pismo and got to the end of the pier. I read the letter freewrite I wrote on the plane from chicago when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to my dad in time. Well I fucking made it and he made it one more month and I was there all the time and slept in the room and felt beyond horrid on the couch at myself for not giving him mouth to mouth in his last moments when he said he couldn’t breath, and I just fucking hate myself for it and the fine line between hating oneself and loving oneself someone tell me cause I walked pismo without a mind just lead by the theatre of my feet, my feet as a submarine after it rained there, me in all black 3 layers of cotton.

Song Island

Sequel to ‘My Social Island’.

Grieg Takes Me Thankskilling Shopping

1401 I hit the table why’d you do that ? why’s your face look like that ? why you not talking? why you talking so much? she da queen da queen da queen of why why this? why that face? why you weird? why you here? why you not here? why aren’t aren’t you working why you working? -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- helen said memoirs are fiction

Thats What Wearing the Pants Mean

but i didn’t say anything stupid like that’s how I get better or it soothes my soul or its a deal breaker or any of that shit || I just left it clear and stear way like the way the rich around me allow me to really be DGAF and write and I love it and I neer got drunk at a whole foods and doubt this will be the night cause 4 ipas down I’m on a good one, not drunk just gotta piss - down to go start drinking so red flag or green flag I’m all of them until I’m caught by some producer or someone rich or the AUGsyDHJKAN operatives that run the show <3 so signing off more songs to ahiUDJSKN {write!

Death of Banned Words

..and no bad days == 1750 h got me a beer and we’re supposed to freewrite to warm the engines up but I’m really just gunning for helping her and then doing god knows what on the website, just the savage new hip hop mantra, results and go go go and things that don’t take so long and such == and I got to thinking about this old man here and everyone at the kreautburg we’re sitting in and helen’s looking at my screen and I’m just fucking stoked it’s christmas on fucking november sunday 552 pm

Dear Mom and Bonnie

Dear mom and bonnie, I love you, I want to support yo both, but I'm clearly adding stress to both of your lives. I came here to help dad, I was hoping to stay a few weeks, maybe up to xmas to show support and for us to grieve together. It's too short a time to rent somewhere else in the area, and I need to be in the city to move my career forward.

Waking Up From Strange News From Another Star

1015AM finally a timestamp \ that was a month where dtme didnt exits death was life and life was death and they were locked together in an eternal mad lmove battle and this was the final word and the meaning of the world and thence came a radiance that could glorify all misery and thence came a shadow that trumpeted all joy and beauty but from out of this darkness joy burned more intimately and more beautifully and love had a deeper glow within this night -from flute dreams by herman hesse (Strange news from a another star)

Another One Flies West

Chicken Brain after pop eyes.

POLIWAT Gets Produced by Her Tonight

You: Lyrics: T D(e) Friends spent the day painting on the roof, beginning of the day was and tony: (mid coitis to his girlfriend) say your japanese her: (giggles) I'm japanese! Oh !!!!!! (laughs) I'm japanese! Love Legacy spent the day spent the day Dr. Narate > what's your FLoLe? > Coming up next we have Flole from the corner. It was a break in. More after this!! Bike wizzes by.

Am I in Love or Am I Obsessed

‘Guys’ read sing this one to ‘girls’.

BWall Death of Pauls Hookahs

Mace practice in the driveway after work.

Arp Hats the Machine Makes

Life the Musical for the Unteenth time in a row.

4 Year Old Said GodisFake Then We Ate Two Whole Ducks After Bowling

Analog Mic has been on 🔥.

On Whaling Erotica

Poem for h on whaling.

Media Out for Cigs

For those with writers block, read old meta notes(orkys).

Dont Talk What You Can Show

Time to take some of your own advice, ‘Money Mic’.

To Push or to Stretch It Out Further

Should I push what I know or stretch it out farther?

And Then There Was Fire Ass Pixels

First time drinking in a whole foods.

Baruch Atah Adunai

When paul’s dad was in the hospital and had a NDE (near death experience).

4 Rent NextDoor

Lost Weiner Circle Opportunities during a manic depressive episode.

Brown Dog Heads to Chicago

The following are transcriptions from free legal pads :

Terry Rash Wanton

We getting back to our roots!

You Are a Wonderful Person

Diners stay timeless.

Too Many Pics

Thought police would have to start a new department with me.

Babysitting to Hyde Park Jazz Fest

The last time you need to hear about white people and jazz ever again.

A Soul Whose Intentions Are Lake Plants

I’m getting older or running out of gas in my lungs. Time to talk to that heart I keep over stimulating.

They Never Judge Me at the Wrong Time

Friends. Fam. Oh god this one hurt dirty.

What a Piece of Man Is Work

Your final TODO list before you cut your cucumber off.

Nothing Is Written About Me

1748 Nothing is written from larwence of arabia and I’ve seen the film before and don’t remember that part cause I watched it ill like I am now and I say ill instead of sick =–==-=–= yeah yeah yeah my brain’s in a fog and thebest writings lately I’ve done have beeeeen waaaaayyy far away from poliwa/t so far its boootiliciousful |||| ||||| SO || ||||| || U || |||||| CANT ||| STOP |||| THIS

Healthier Choices

Remembering What I Learned

1344 really remembering what I learned now ok ok powerade going to apply to Uni’s Statement of Purpose This should be a concise, well-written essay about your background and your reasons for pursuing graduate study in the field you have chosen. Selection committees place particular importance on the statement of purpose. It exhibits your ability to present ideas in clear, coherent language. The requirements for your Statement of Purpose may vary depending on the program to which you are applying, but in general, the statement of purpose should indicate:

Midnight Stage 4 Melanoma Nipomo

2 days in the future AND HE’S EATING AWAY THE FOOD THAT GAVE HIM CANCER ON THE MEDS THAT GAVE HIM cancer and I’m writing about how absurd it is on the machine that’s liable to give me cancer I’m not addicted it’s a human right to communicate with machines. 1947 chad’s over he’s editing for a wedding client the sequence begins …. NOW dad’s dying I’m lost in one stage many stage of grief at the same time ?

What Is in My Heart

sat 733pm been writing in other places. but tonight is the night I’ll write here. I’m livid. I’m beyond livid. I’m so angry at everyone yet just realized only angry with myself at least bonnie had a successful birth today, and I hope they name the child Nika. Then it would be Nika and Mila. And it makes me think fondly of my friend Nika. SO I don’t know if you noticed in the first 5 episodes but I have some mental disorders, and haven’t released in a while so this episode is a very special journey.

Short Stories Through Acronyms

933am wow life i am now a short sorty a walking short story my whole life a short story my whole life a very short story therapy begins people write man I write and god laughs its not man plans god laughs its I write god laughs with me I laugh with god even in the gutter is how stubborn you can carry so no its not throwing the baby out with

How Do You Orient

aka kek skele master doc for my sake engrain and iterate pray my words fruitful and my actions not deceitful no worries in my heart when my drink's full hop = QT skip = IRL jump = PBD drop = FBR L = HH Cooz = FA Friends = FRI||migo||MIGO|| no rules/bloopers/lore/credz like a buoy (hooksOfTheFuture) ___

Moon Out Wolf Out of COURSE BlueDressredShoes

2111 og ok of course the device with the most potential to free us enslaves us at first we don't have the social structure fortitude set yet there are no platos of the phone there are none yet who speaks and performs actions in a healthy way with the phone ? no one I know and I'm one of the saviest of my friends and only the rich maybe probably well I'm not going home just yet cause its a full moon it mightve been last night but I'm a man I'm emotionally behind at least 24 hours on some things all the time yet ahead of time my dad finds out how far the cancer has spread and the tears I shed with a smile the tears just fall through these actions with power tools through these actions with paint that's not lead based but probably has something in it equally as toxic and my bare hands feel it and my nose smells it I saw about 7 years ago now the cancer in my dad and tomorrow he'll know so yeah I'm emotionally ahead when I live for the humans that don't exist yet all my work always free is what frees me my religion more women in ppower and I can't go home if I want to be a respectable wolf cause it's my parent's 32 anniversay that's longer than I've been alive so tonight's their night getting picked up for AA @ 630 oo way to go future mic !

Only Moneys Gonna Change Them and I Aint Got Any

2317 but Im working late tonight just bounced 2 ableton sessions and got a trader joes salad and veggies all the way is all I ddddd ever want 00005 ()(()()()()()(()transcriptioon old freestyle @ c3 this past month)) he was sellin crack I was rollin cigs san francisco yeah (x2)

Im Christian Now NWord

2213 what? had a great day! tore apart the ugly hutch I should’ve burned long ago in the garage studio - took inventory of scrap wood - going to hit it hard tomorrow building shelf city in the studio to be the ultimate recording oasis, then will record a bunch of songs in the last week of the month or next week or so - had a great great great time \\ |||

Uninvited From Bible Study Cause of My Words

0012 BS was going down at 530 and my mom and sister went and I was silently not invited back and later my mom said it was good I didn’t go and that she thinks the devil got me and she laughed and I just want to kill myself cause although I told my sister last week satan’s most brilliant invention was the ‘word of God’ - I still get spiritual guidance through bible study and the community is nice.

Dads Dying of Mela Lymphoma Moms Yelling at Me Im Still Sober

1232 but I’m still eating cancer, I just noticed even carl’s JR has prop 65 – wild but I had a coupon greig gave me for a free famous star and I wanted to try their beyond meat thing and I needed to leave the house cause it’s bad vibes and I know I messed up I left a mess but I’ve been depressed and non op and just trying to build healthy habits and my mom is so stressed she ripped me a new one and says I’m walking all over her and I just kept telling her I’ll give her a massage right there lets just calm down she’s too stressed to think clearly and it’s stressful being around someone perpetually stressed having 1 way conversations with you and then dad’s dying of cancer now so I just don’t even know

Loose Ends 50 Steps Ahead Rehab D8ish

0035 fuck this month is only about mental physical spiritual health n growth and fuck my work when it’s been only the death of me and I still get stuff done and got 50 gigs of converterd vhs tapes today and started fresh edit on cuz brian’s keys and poetry he sent and edited 3 pac 0 hoots is dead more it’s almost ready for spotify as possibly a single

Apathy Gains in My Sewey Thoughts

*2351* h is the best thingin this town and she’s not in this town like I’m underwater and my proprioception is telling me my skin is a few centimeters off of where it actually is so its lying and Im doing these things and apathy is the main underlying feeling fire as a field bridge water as a field bridge air as a field bridge humans as a field bridge

Apathy Gains in My Sewey Thoughts

h is the best thing in this town.

And What Saved Me Today

1457 I’m having a good day -started a bank account it’s been a long time without one you don’t even know the invisible pressures all around me and you don’t even know how stubborn I am tomorrow we’ll find out my dad if my dad has lmyphoma my mom started the morning with a little meeting telling me I need to move out and work and make money

And What Saved Me Today

Back to the grid.

Bikini Business Meeting

0914 after life you believe in it i do then theres until its proven or until its shown to work -=-==-=- 2027 like why is no one asking the right questions umm like the kids are asking the passwords and the adults forgot the passwords and I forgot the point but Im paying off my sleep debt just filmed with alex in the back roads and lemon fields of more vhs poliwat shots

Bikini Business Meeting

Why make art for idiots when you can make art for artists?

Steppenwolf With Mom

2234 beccas in puerto rico for a wedding working for brian tomorrow morning and calling pastor archie telling him I can’t make it to church cause of it and I can fix his sound box thing sometime in the week all my life could fit in a box I miss myself missing you my laptop missing a screw all I owe could fit in a box I miss myself missing you my laptop missing a screw all my time could fit in a box I miss myself missing you my laptop missing a screw

SobD2 Filmed Alex as Poliwat Now Recording at C3

2103 Verse 1 ``` God…suck my dick Lennon got shot for less than this true power of friends freestyler’s anonymous for the lyrically afflicted flow addicted my girls in Greece so ex’s nudies got new meaning William Blake on the track cause Jesus gave me crack ```` chris im the og the og the im the og og og og og og og og og

BeforeAndAfter_YUPPPPPPPP Budwieser Beach Instead of Dmv Suck My T

asddsad a 1834 To god To our creators To our endeavors To our dreams! Who are we what are we In relation too .oo too You ! Not one of these OH who am I in relation to you talks If you don't know now you'l never know accurately It hurts doesn't it, letting words hurt Words never hurt they never did It's you that thought they did Words never hurt And the more words you construct The less you get from the true true And baby Aaadas He sufferes now, and 900 billion future humans will be born with access to his brain Is that not worth it Would he go against that?

BeforeAndAfter_YUPPPPPPPP Budwieser Beach Instead of Dmv Suck My T

To god To our creators To our endeavors To our dreams!

Fresh Mic

22346 sc welcome to freestyler’s anonymous sometimes it’s written Freestyler’s Anonymous - Relationship wise it’s the true power of friends. FA is a support group for the linguistically afflicted and flow addicted. The first step to being cured to freestyle your way out of the disease. There are other steps later on, based off Alchoholics Anonymous. don't call don't text just show up me on the deck you on there side we at pirates beach wheres mic ?

Its 1027 and Im by Myself

2228 just got back from bonnie and pauls a nice bbq paul made ribs on my dads dime - and it was dope bonnie asked my beliefs and it turned into this huge long thing that made the 3 hours to cook the ribs on the bbq feel like 3 minutes, and now that she wrote down all my beliefs I’d like to see them, so I’ll get a snap of that next time I see her.


help help help ive fallen to my demons no one to call help evac required I have fallen I felled dear helen I don’t know whose thoughts these are that write this now but I love you and I have lost control not that control was ever attained only illusion of it yet it feels so good that illusion to be in control of self and self at large

Where Else Than Start at the End

1749 shes getting on a plane I’m making tunes in the hot car go till my machine dies friends down at the beach not a dollar on me dab and write addy and fight the good fight some authors say we’ve been invaded 4 generations ago other authors write ground zero I write as therapy and conspiracies theories got to the point where it’s disney fakes litter the web web fake and gay got my license today officially gender nonbinary motha fucka !

When My AI Responds

1725 ls recording trapt in the womb ai listening in silence on all machines online Responds

Jerking Off to Bots

2106 jerkin off to bots (x4) something special me you myself ADD and irene coadine for free havent hit it yet this before the h 5 me and irene alive me and irene voices in my head turn to tracks tracks turn to definitions I forget tracks turn to dust if I regret kubrick hated fact he made clockwork orange hairier than all three bears with porridge 2250

TRACK Miss Myself Missing You

“Miss myself missing you” by POLIW.AT [Mantra] I’m not usually the one to slow it down but that saddest truth that gets to you and I know that my laptop is missing screw you and I miss myself oh missing you but what’s dat hardest truth of myself missing you like everything ends or having loose screw

POLIWAT Songs Masterlist

POLIW.AT _ debut _ Life is a sacred circle I am a spliff (A) I am a spliff (B) Grasshopper my Grasshopper She Breaking Glass Ceiling I index from 0 Miss myself missing you Trapt in the womb You already know World my stage my bitch told me is my bitch is a bitch told me is my bitch is a bitch told me is a bitch my bitch told me ````

TRACK Trapt in the Womb

“Trapt in the womb” by POLIW.AT 9 Trapt in the womb [Verse 1] To be or not to be not born yet I toothless I cannot sin I cannot win not yet person so I can spit the truth it a blaze blue dot I being born to trapt in womb while mother drinking in the kitchen green str8 merciless fate god given but god is worthless when you don't exist that some food for thought she at food for less that some food stamps yes no fear oh I choose not to be our birth is but a sleep our birth is but a dream and a forgetting don't you see don't be a slave to reality I cannot see choose not to be I choose not to be [Chorus] x4 Trapt in the womb fed up with this womb Trapt in it lost in it high up in my mothers womb [Verse 2] OH ma I hope daddy likes me that don’t always happen I the syncopation in her belly oh ma I ate I ate I fed I ate my twin don’t tell Auntie I naughty that breaks my umbilical heart that breaks my umbilical bars If I must be born I must be born with early onset depression I already feel it spitin nursery rhymes then trippin out my therapists n teachers n preachers can’t reach us all 50 shades of my being only actin the lead in plays I was born a child of raeggae fidelity but what am I but my mothers melody but what am I but my mother’s melody x8 {fade out}

TRACK Grasshopper My Grasshopper

1458 “Grasshopper my Grasshopper” by POLIW.AT Grasshopper my grasshopper I need a mentor I need a guru {{start singing}} I need a mentor I need a guru I see right through you grasshopper my grasshopper I'm balls to wall not slept at all saw hole in the wall in bathroom stall ooooooooo yikes grasshopper my grasshopper I speak to you in total confidence in consequence in pool go go girl straight postal in my post office be super nice cause most are lost most are proud most are lonely few are loud I am proud I’m a prophet of my past predicated upon past mistakes if I love jimmy cricket spitting to crickets my miss takes I spit to you my grasshopper I need a mentor I need a guru I cannot take this I cannot fake this I cannot work here no more x6 so take that and I know you we know x2 so what’d the grasshopper say?

Better Living Through Chemicals

that’s what my dad said he wants to do 3 applications of roundup in the way back and ironically there were 2 commercials of the monsanto class acttion lawsuit stuff saying to call if you’ve been exposed to chemicals. so I’m not about it. hate it. hate it hate it all and everyone’s gone an dI just need to record my albums and my mood is gone . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TP-82_Cosmonaut_survival_pistol https://vimeo.com/rfoneill

Better Living Through Chemicals

Freestyler’s Anonymous (FA) Callback from KZSU and dad log.

Beyond Sad and Protein Waffles

2056 watching ‘unit 42’ with dad on the couch - for the first time in a long time. helkat and becca left town today, we had a nice 2 day stint of beaches beaches beaches vhs and fam. Im so lonely now idk what to do, but got 2 new songs in the pipeline from the visit. can’t do much tonight, going to recover and sleep sleep sleep and then start a new sequence with a fast tomorrow.

Beyond Sad and Protein Waffles

Watching ‘unit 42’ with dad on the couch.

Madlibs for Videos Masterlist

wed 611pm old idea - new addy ||| mad libs but for videos ||| make 1 madlib a day }} ||| ||| ||| work more later just set this so I don’t forget make a tasklist just to ignore it 4 band multi band compressor Because tonight is alllllll about the livestreams l o l 2207 spend most my time being concerned with time sometimes ok ok ok ok ok ok

Helens Gone 1and Dinner at Chads

1719 common regrets list from deathbeds common common dumb blog post “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.” “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.” “I wish that I had let myself be happier.” “I wish I didn’t wait to “start it tomorrow.

Who Am I

monday 1140 AM jesus who am I who is controlling me what are my goals go on tour become a pilot get paid to travel live everywhere pay everyone back

The Walls We Build

All of Us Owe

All of Us Owe

Vault 36 Tags Masterlist

Saturday 512PM final tagging document masterlist roughly type of shot mp - mans perspective f2s - feet to something ha - poliw.at po - police hu - human focused qt - quickTime log / screen fam - family focused then my intention is to pull by tags easily, foot for future projects \ fa.poliw.at ha.poliw.at f2s.poliw.at mp.poliw.at fam.poliw.at ((etc)) notes goals cats more abstract than norm attr like location an afterthought ?

How Coke Sobers You

Frisat 813pm wheres my eye sight going made it all day not eating anything cept 4 table spoons total of sauerkraut. started keto diet today and you enter ketosis quicker if you fast fast lol that auto correct is a pw for idk what but this is how you can find it I suppose how you spell I can’t remember my single english high school teacher’s name right now but she showed me frankenstein and I thank you for that ==

I Never Said I Could

Full Send Studio Setup

Wed 532pm cant see the screen that well in car wwith p diddy we’re getting some sd cards to backup his virus infected macbook and I get to use them after I fix it - hopefully it’ll get fixed with a fresh install of osx || and spent all day finishing the cabinet and now it’s in the garage and set up mics and vocal stuff and jordan came over and we airdropped each other torrents but we couldn’t get waves workin gon his machine for some reaon s and now we’re headin to walmart and weeeeeeeeee I was haunted for 12 months ever since calling that ghost a pussy during the wijjjjuuuuuuuuiiii board setup and im finally coming up at least setup wise, its been way too long without a setup and da mn i miss helen basically relapsed immediately but still havent smoked so I think I can last a while | || |

Planned Parenthood With Dads Sienna

Monday 107pm in the waiting room - helen just went in AND just came out, they cant see her today damn I was just getting started and it’s an emergency -=-==- 329pm lightyears later now we @ the DMV \ almost made it to the trees on the side of the hill almost bout to be called then SLO then procuring beach supplies liek suncream equals presco then glasses need be found then idk I’m a week deep of no weed and my dreams are getting SO VIVID

Waking up MacGuffin

|| televisual values || 6 hours prac set in the garage 6 always upload ls asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwefpwd asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwefpwd asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef asfoaihp09q23riewojafdsaq9238ewiaufhsd8394iruwef;s I burn my voice out where am I now who am I now I throw my voice out all of the things I can't all of the things I can't share mo mom mo mo mo most of the people

Paleblue Tent

219pm {{ in the tent in the back not a good time to write - have to go get ice oo1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o11o1o1o1o11o111o11111o1oo1ooo111o1o1 with craig and helcat \ }} its the 4th of july, still setting stuff up but got the router yesterday > > > :D . this is the last day off for a while so I’m going to enjoy it. Also need to get ableton but I bet I can do a lot with reaper in the meantime is what I’m hoping.

The Last Day of June 2k19 Diagnostics Report

Sunday 916AM woke up at camTed’s new place in north beach, spent yesterday moving a bunch || slept on the couch in the kitchen || chad’s going to come pick us up but is stopping to see soph in watsonville for a few hours lol, we’ll move tomorrow essentially. I want to walk to get everyone breaky but denis is asleep afraid couldn’t get back in || maybe I should just sleep a moment ?

Santana Sendoff

Wednesday 127pm we scooted to the bus depot ||| ||| xxx xyxyxyxyx xyyxy yx xy xyyyx yyx xyx yx xyxyxy damn getting lost in the 5 new tracks I made this last week with mashince - archive 1 - 5 5 tracks - 32 minutes long so far, pretty great to type to ! its synthy matrix vidya vizzy sounding | | talked to becca for a hot potatoe with helen


Thursday 337 pm sutro baths, zen last => helen walked up to pee and talk with her mum - I’m backing up this compy to wipe it tonight to install native instruments stuff to make pale blue live, the last show of the guererror apartment!!!! ! -===-=- HIJKSDJAsldjasldkjasld kjasdlasjdlask daskljd askljda lkdjas das d aaosdklajsdakjlsdaskj aslkjdas d this is the too long didnt read took 4 flash drives to make the backup in the next 12 hours, each day is so important for moving the ship (though ship seems slow captain ) forward

Candyland NooseJAY

Vault 36 Meta Data

wed 257 pm ## —- upload day Last login: Tue Jun 18 12:32:16 on ttys001 POLIWATLOVESYOU:~ poliwat$ codesign MetaData Vault 36 Title Vault 36 S1 Video Clips from POLIW.AT Description: Vault 36 is an open source video library created by mixed media artist Poliw.at and used often by the nonprofit Paleblue.fm . Poliwat - I use these clips for music videos, live visuals, secret kickbacks, and other projects. If you found any of this footage useful, feel free to shout out @poliwat , or send me love through donations through one of my sites.

Whose the Most Trapt Person You Know

Sunday 1048AM || if you ask helen she would say me right now - at arismeniz for the first time ))))))) arizendi ||

Tomb Me in Pale Blue Archive

Friday 909 PM || on BART heading to oakies to pickup parents || real exhausted but got fire ass audio off brewster he gave us a tour it was amazing ||! !! |!| ! |!|! |!|! |!| !|!|!! then recorded me talking about what Imma produce just for him and brewster and will submit a project proposal with it let me live in archive for 3 months, and start the temporary artist in redisence program, ( artists are brought in to work with media from archive and other archive projects and related )

Dungeon Cleared Archive Out the Window

Tuesday 150PM ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok last night ak came to pale blue liv last Saturday ! !!! !! ak came to the show because I accidentally invited her on fb with mass invite button AND THEN |||| ||||| ||||| |||| |||| ||||| \||||| \|||||| ||||||| {{ back at the apartment... }} I hid those shorts that are her brothers I think dungeon got back Im hired mic part time actor in a dungeon on the water lasered all night for gallery satday bed after sunrise smoke and going to reach out to archive people they were all so cool !

Post Pblive Hackathon StarHotx

Mondat 135pm @ coffee shop jack bought me a coffee and went to workout on this hot aassss day- = got a ride from matt I have 2 logs outside going to cut up later is why I’m not working out || listening to silly valley SILLY VALLEY and I wanna delete my facebook but I owe meesh so Imma have to give her my number or something || =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-==-=-=-= =-=-=-=

Pale Blue Presidio

tuesday 628pm @ the beach barefoot I walked walked a bit play good boyrfriend LOL walk her cross the city now Im on the beach barefoot peros coming tides coming up wingsurfers coming in I coming up its time to dip in grasshopper my grasshopper snuck on the bus noisebridge meeting tonight bout to use her buss pass bout to sneak on BART bout to announce my pale blue nonprofit I'm pleased to announce we've patttnered with social good fund !

Paradise Con Horrid Unforever

Sunday 1049 PM made it on the bus third night in a row — when there s a lack of a log it was hand written ya know finalize lyrics till last night Ya ya we’ll see who know[s] lyrics analyzed finalaed, set 1 T O 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 nite NIGHT @#$%^&* 0 POLIW.AT Life is a Sacred Circle life is a sacred circle we dance to pray we pray to heal we heal to live we live to dance life is a sacred circle 1 POLIW.

In Traffic at Shoreline Getting Paid

1214AM no on in traffic at shoreline - it was a good concert! I’m shuttle mic, I will spam call you to make sure you’re on the shuttle! OH hi I’m mic, where are you? Oh you’re already on the shuttle? My bad. next number Hello>>/? hi this is michael from get on your shuttle, I’m mic. Where you at? close to fire house No.5 ? No don’t tell me no one will know I did nitrogen with the passengers outside the bus.

On a Bus to Dead and Company Twice

saturday 258PM damn yeah rent is due today and omg I am making the money all over these three days, this is middle of day 2 – my driver today is way less cool he’s tiger and can’t speak english so it makes me miss john like last night - hel cat is working a wedding and we keep fucking the bed off the wall so it’s going well - a couple feet from the wall just from

Ripple Reflection on a Rock

631pm scotch snap {g} |||\ ||| look im normal I can think out loud

Hold a Fair Trial Hang Em High

tuesday 1129 pm fuck the rules been doing handwirttem free flow just met coolest agent yet next mentor territory steve aka jack tar just met him at the laser I just needed to get the craig coasters etched but someone keeps being onthe cutter I meet the coolest people at the cutter || got an acting where did I go ? I got a || sad asd sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sa sad sad sad sad sad a dad ad ads a ||

Let the City Buildings Be Coral Reefs in the Future I Surf Them

Monday 917 AM IM BACK BITCHESSSSSS was blacked out the last two days not on drugs just paralyzing depression and got some good work done made a music vizzy for mangangs monday 118 pm help

What My Hands Do While Body Shells

Sundat 513pm still shelling here but made it witha full stomach and empty empty empty ewmpty from it all I am making a music video l o l but first wizzy wig vol 1 phreak ed piskor

Permissiable Rants and Love

Thursday 222pm I’m not filming cause I’m ADD-ing I need to make a live VJ vizzy - video reel and audio demo reel and post them online ||

What Am I but My Rent

946AM hella longy got me an odd job today! something about helping people get on a bus, I think it’s helping special ed kids get on a cta bus for a field trip. CANT WAIT ! || ok so yesterday I was hell bent on finally quitting nicotine and it was so hard and I got real pissed and jack helcat and I were doing work hanging out at a nice coffee shop and I fucking just came out with fuck you when hel cat grabbed my chips and I just had to run away for the day with the intention of working on rent, then grabbed my phone I left 2 days ago at mats and we had a nice 1 on 1 real fun talk about all the good stuff a free person is allowed to postulate in the good ole states and now helcat is getting burrito supplies and she was pissed as all hell last night cause I disapeared and now everything is good and I have butter in my coffee and my next and only zen master task is to make rent so let’s see how long it takes - also there’s a spliff on the coffee table and the wind just blew it all elegantly off with the paper its sitting in and I’m still not smoking it IM TEDDY NOW I DONT SMOKE NICOTINE and I feel my lungs healing and my whole mood elevating not that I need to feel good its just I need my projects and my projects need me to feel good cause I’m real sick to my stomach with not openly my circuits box in a week and I have so much shit I CAN do for the EcoPoca gallery and it’ll add to my CV and be great and I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you ||

Zen Master Training Genocide to Lists

247pm finished the poliw.at set ! now doing only the one thing of making rent =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-== help | | mats my new friend | =-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-= 2.0

Zen Master

Zen Train Sesh GUDUBOOyah

weed 348 pm On the train | | lifes too good to write right now || work therapy sesh inbound || should’ve gotten change for coffee lol || but just got 200 dollars || +++=-=-=-= this is the time to get some work done LOL finally doing the 2YT life o m g that took so long || givem it all pbd style I suppose || im too high to do anything right now lol going to drink coffee and pee || draw

Beyond the Cool Contest

1041pm all my journals are getting hands heckout rocket reach https://twitter.com/jasnblack || spend 24 hours on new yorker || https://medium.com/s/story/how-i-fully-quit-google-and-you-can-too-4c2f3f85793a [outline] [history] Pale Blue Dot FM’s mission is to produce open source creative tech projects, and distribute these projects through digital and physical goods and services for all humans. We want to harness the power of art and modern technology to inspire empathy, augment lived experience, and provide an open source alternative to everything.

Beyond the Cool Contest

1041pm all my journals are getting hands heckout rocket reach https://twitter.com/jasnblack || spend 24 hours on new yorker || https://medium.com/s/story/how-i-fully-quit-google-and-you-can-too-4c2f3f85793a [outline] [history] Pale Blue Dot FM’s mission is to produce open source creative tech projects, and distribute these projects through digital and physical goods and services for all humans. We want to harness the power of art and modern technology to inspire empathy, augment lived experience, and provide an open source alternative to everything.

Lyrics Masterlist

sat 1036AM on Amtrak heading to mom ||| finally finalizing lyrics for the poliwat debut set 1 - Life is a sacred circle life is a sacred circle we dance to pray we pray to heal we heal to live we live to dance we dance to pray we rapy to heal we heal to live we live to dance life is a sacred circle 2 I am a spliff (A+B) Jump in the pool don't walk now hip hop with your hips out like a pool make you see colors infinity and unique (nique) x Loop Making love my hippy van she never forgetted it spliff Imma go down on you cause I love you kind of spliff remind you beautiful in case you forgotted if kind of spliff the love I get from you the love I get from you I feel indebted it spliff The Jokes from you more better than letterman spliff our dates so fresh so fun vogue vignetted it spliff these days michelle obama 2020 kinda spliff Imma rebel gone rogue and maryted it spliff {B} but meditate daily I tibetted it spliff late to work again cause cute dog I petted it spliff love old ladies I croququtted it spliff compose tunes each day I quarteted it spliff Used to be girls gone wild then forgetted it spliff she said she came but pretended it spliff last ex gone cold cheated it spliff girl slash my tire gotta jeanetted it spliff too much call of duty bayonetted it spliff halo tournaments double 0 competetitive spliff showed too much love to a girl she brexited spliff like good legislation until ammended it spliff?

On Train to Hotdog Mothers Day Weekend

Sat 845AM Just got on the train to see my mom and gma this weekend for mama day – forgot the gift of flowers and they wouldnt’ve made the trip anyway ||

Open Dialogue Constantly

Friday 2pm {{already>!?}} we just had breakfast in a way it feels like had a nice park session with bagels goat cheese fig spread and apple juice with ghost at the park by the painted ladies. having a nice day but I’m a little paralyzed about the money situation but I don’t care I know my dreams will come true if I keep working on them || like when it gets to the point where I don’t have a meal option again, I’ll just go record someone’s story I just meet and make a song out of it, do a few hundred of those and people will start caring.


1003am || I’m disturbed as all hell || || Last night got eaten up from a wires issue || I need to throw away half my gear its driving me crazy || https://center-for-nonverbal-studies.org/htdocs/6101.html ||| Wed 903PM doin mangangs 听取 vizzy, just got out of a colab sesh with Nina real excited to make it || Carbonaceous chondrites 1006pm ok ok ok ok back to work its fire here right now ||

Listen to Ze Ebb Follow the Flow

Tuesday 1136 AM Haven’t made a single post, but I work all the time. Some who don’t work much post all the time, what am I doing? Why am I not comfortable sharing shit on the interent? I don’t understand my relationship to the web sometimes. I have two comission pieces, less than 100 dollars, I think it’s cause I can’t record into Ableton right now || But today is all about posting || finishing Death Ep with Ted ++ || setting up triggers and finishing the studio and getting a loan || if those three ||

What Can These Fucked Up Hands Do

Tuesday 1202AM ive always been afraid to share on social media and I don’t care who knows Im tired of being afraid the last episode of death fucked me up in a good way email campaign I love you ==-=- side note work hard blend in dont work all the time but work all the time but dont work all the time why I want this more than my next breath I want this more than my next breath ||

Can Musicians Change Their Genes Toplay Better

mon 739AM Im a new man || had a good cinco de mayo || nice and lokey and good people || just the flat mates || today I’m not smoking || I’m scout mic now || we’ll see how long it can go down || going to be a good pero and work on the comissions I got today || if I did phases in the day => wake up shower coffee web

Cancoon De Mayo HolidayM Never Ends My Head

*1101AM* today I’m not going to feel weird cause its AKs and my anniversay ay from back in the day - instead I’m just going to organize and upload in my underwear until the sun goes down. And make 50 bucks sending michael this vizzy I made last night, just need to polish it off and figure out the audio routing … 1215 if i roll this up she wins

My Dreams Blend With My Wake Banana Hands

1119AM Its the best morning of the week - SATURDAY MORNING!!!! cam ted helkat and me makin pancakes and vibin || Im taking more notes on the QTF stuff || evolution REAL GOOD BANANANANANANANA PANCAKES || https://soundcloud.com/deetsa/hv2final2 - get a patron - apply reach out to KQED - send follow up to Nikki they get off by making shit no one can turn off

So Much for These Hands to My Brain Beach Day

Friday 11AM ON THE DOT > ok k ok ok ok ok ok last night recorded dope freestyles with Dimitrius and we caught up and || never spoke at the open mic thing at Node cause I was a little bitch but finishing phase 1 of the next ep, releasing an episode right now and going to right the pale blue pitch at the pale blue beach today with just a clipboard and a mirror and we all going to walk there and I’m charging the portable speaker and can’t wait !

This My Period of Willing Deprivation

447am haven’t slept yet but the day is about to start || Im ahead of schedule || tyna finish bouncing this kevLo ++ Becca tape before a pale blue morning with tedhel || behind schedule || 258 and everything makes me want to cry now || helKat read saddest story || ++ my friends are helping me so much today teds making bus cards for pbd || Im bouncing audio for it ||

Pinch Punch First of Month

wed 1058AM just getting up for some reason | today I’m money mic || and today I’ll add all the hands shits finally I swear || going to jog to coffee || 106 pm best jog best view so much fun lotta KL ++ VS NORF NORF \ asd safWaye WholeFoods made sandwhiches now its MONEY MIC DAY ||| this dope dude michael sent me his album and he’s giving me 50 bucks to make a vizzy ||

OSOD Saturdays Child Works for His Living

**1006 am ** asd yoga and pale blue morning with ted hel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raytheon this isn’t even the right day but I’m just getting caught up in the sauce of it all. just talked to hunter and damn I have been so stupid this last week. I promised him I would live stream tomorrow by 7 pm so that’ll be a deadline. it’s perfect cause then I’ll have that a stone’s throw ( one click away ) from paleblue.

Open Source or Die

The Gaps in My Head

620pm find myself @ supreme pizza again cause I my soul needs it. Didn’t get home till like 7 am, was hanging out late with Louis and his cuz Kevin. Kevin had 60 pounds on me but we grappled in the alleyway with all the art next to noisebridge and he got me in the end but I made him bleed all over his favorite shirt on accident. Louis used seltzer water to get it out and it worked great.

How to Make an Alien

1253PM @ the apartment been a great day so far || setup twitch and OBS -=–=-= General notes: I don’t know what the cosmic vagina instrumental in the background but it sounds like Spotify or Youtube, help me identify it! where you find your head ? where you lay to rest ? where you head your stead ? where your hands where do you orient your feet where are your arms

What the Crazy Hands Do

what the crazy hands ? why the long face ? what do the crazy hands even do > ? 1226pm after all this time got pb up aha –=-=-=-=-=-=-= ||| what are my functions ||| 1259PM operation get sites online is a success right now got pale blue up now doing poliw.at lawl then its business cards by 6 B A B Y -=-=-=-=-= you

Dont Look at My Clipboard Like Its Getting on the Bus

1042 AM I took a shower had sex ate breakfast got high and now I’m finishing up the pale blue site stuff and polishing off the second episode. life is but a show over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and again ! when he was a kid he got sucker punched on me I don't know where he punch me sucka punch how I reacted?

Getting Vocal Pedal to PP

833AM On Bart it feels like I’m on a nice commute from somewhere. oh my god my Sequence ambitions have failed - as far as the uploading is concerned. I bet I could get a little ahead in a way. live by deliverables spent yesterday at the beach @ fisherman’s warf, got in the water a bit || we made a lot of music after a nice diner experience and got audio of

Day1 of Sequence and Always Behind

858PM can’t believe I’m so behind already and nothing has even happened yet - __ – __ -==-=–= 1242AM hate myself but here’s the schema and we ship regardless ____ ==== going to run away and get shit done the second I wake up got 3 of the 5 at least of step 2 “ -=-=-=-=-== i missed the boat today but will set an alarm and nail the fuck out of it tomorrow ||

2 Weeks of Pilots Logs Slipped Through My Fingers

sat 1058 AM last night we had matt jack marina ted brian denis helen cam all in the same spot and had a great fucking time || I was trying to finish the PBD site, the sequence starts in 2 days \ \ but stopped by 10 and helped jack with an 8 minute max version of the sims sims for some play competition at piano fight - the winner gets 5 grand.

2 Weeks of Pilots Logs Slipped Through My Fingers

The more I write the longer I stay alive.

Me My Girl My Friends My Boys

lucys great lucy get s you more connected gets you more connected with humanity at large then more disconnected in your own social circles. || take a break lucys great lucy get s you more connected gets you more connected with humanity at large more disconnected in your own social circles. || I am the lucy I got the girl we got the lonely songbird

FBR L and Predictive Design

1102AM at the apartment - just exported the 2nd FBR official, got hundred of them so just going to chip away, do one a day -===–=-==-=– been thinking for a while now about how I want each log to have a Dailies draft AJ MV hands Post poliwat || pbd - 1 laser per day 1 stranger recorded 1 freestyle sesh 1 pbHuBlog post end the night with music start the day with music

Blood on My Dick to Eating Beef Penis

1044pm || you could call this day roller coaster || =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=

Blood on My Dick to Eating Beef Penis

Never admit it’s disgusting, remember again.

It All Started With My Hands and My Hands Never Failed

1151pm yet ahahahaha worked all day on 🌏.fm S qq qqqxxqxqxqq]qqqxxqxqxqq worked all day on sunny day coded n uploaded av n downloaded native instruments n spliff in alleyway with cam n g and ts n next pbd ep question n found n all nighter inbound sunny day coded n uploaded av n downloaded native instruments n spliff in alleyway with cam n g and ts n next pbd ep question n found n all nighter inbound

G and T Nonprofit Hackathon

=-==-=—=-=-=-= tuesday 858pm there are only 2 types of people in this world but i don’t remember cause we went to the next conversational subject =-==-=-=–=-== he’s not on a 3 day plan schedule Throw them in the amazon prime waterboarding device for 299 and 99.9% of those interrogated speak within 7 minutes. Used to be 9.

If Then That Us Wakeup Danceparty

1113AM on a good one right now, but terbz behind. not going to leave NB aside from body and gear needs. going to setup PBD tv today and finish all the websites and won’t leave until they’re all done BUT cam is going to smoke a tiny spliff at the top of dolo by the statue at 1130 and I could jog there real quick …. and the sun is shining bright so I might do that quickly cause I left my laptop charger here as well.

Miles Davis 4Loco Freestyle NightTimeBestTime

migrate => juul video each person I meet i become real close to them then they hit the vape once and die all these good looking people hit the vape and die but when I hit the vape I just feel good father yes son I want to kill you <= got 1219AM feels so good to be back on osx omg 142am IF YOU ARE TALKING TO ME WHEN I POLIW.

What Happens After the Full Send

9pm @ NB freestyled with will and the dude that was an asshole last time but he was pretty nice this time ahahahahah men Im not going to lie - I feel fucking lost right now just freestyled and then found myself in the turing room, a combo between anarchist graffiti walls and fluorescent lighting from walmart its quiet here and the only album I need now is =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= sunday

HandDrawn Quantify and NothingDamn Else

alright the same schema gotta go down I know it ahahahahahh these people are so fucking cool I know it in my bones context quantify poliw.at poliw.at vitals some 50s hippies like %%^&**** - days out What Now =–==-=–=-=-=-=-= then my radio show is tonight but if I get the macbook then Im just going to have charlotte hit play for me on my show then I’ll install mashine and ableton and full send on that workflow stuff

What Did It All Start With

1125 AM was jogging a bit with ghost but then all of a sudden, CRAZY GUY OUTSIDE THE COFFEE SHOP oh yeah we were in the coffeeeshoppp Ive been handwriting poliwat on this clipboard I spray painted red months ago and it’s been a nice calming change of pace. Hands.poliw.at is the new brain dump but stayed up till like 4-5 am don’t remember making this site, and then made the song site too cause that’s real needed.

These Hands Have Turnt

0341pm and what hands have these turnt ? I made this because I sold my windows laptop so just have SMs other old lappy with ubuntu - peter wouldnt help me today and I have been spending a lot of time trying to get a good recording rig going. God is laughing at me but I’m used to it I AM BACK ON after %%^&**** - days out What


0341pm I AM BACK ON after %%^&**** - days out Text secondary Dashed Thick


0341pm I AM BACK ON after %%^&**** - days out Text secondary Dashed Thick

Who I Post To

Lexapro TB by POLIW.AT 5 somethiing AM toe blue play done cast party all night lovely brits annoying brits too fucked up to tell the difference who do I post make to i remember when i had a really good thyme it was very fruitful, just cuz if who knew knew I knew they knew then it wouldn't be hard to find post even a pigeon gets it no diss needed vague my only if you wanna make fun of people you need to talk to sam and sam only he's the best at making fun of people saturated in s god damn s no one knows the difference matter of time its the trickle down effect no one even bothers even when I spell it I'm faithful of the trickle only a matter of time before the king gets abandoned for some better lute shallow depth as a front brute et tu as if you won the hoot patience that a virtue I told you when I wanted to ammend it I'm done with the play and the play is haunting me I can't quit the play now that there isn't an excuse to spend so much time together so where do I post to when I can't even write the post who do I scream to when I couldn't get the vote Who will I become through chasing your soul why don't I care if you hurt me and go a moment with you is enough of the world the body mind and spirit yes, I said a moment with you and enough of this world why spend so much time on something bad who told me I'd live this long without feeling this bad who killed Seinfeld a line I always fuck up nothing gets me out of head space to crawl up theres no amount of weed that could fuck me up harder than this holy dance break it off two days ago you crazy pants freestyle with naked guy with sunglasses in canon in the bathub do I feed her ego or feed anyone fishing for a compliment listening to tunes I made I done m.

Good Media Good People

1010 sat am in an air bnb cabin Sunday 729 PM Drove from talent oregon to davis - b and I are setup for a work session on the bed. I cracked the seal on some tom waits she bought in oregon and its cozy as all hell in here. An important thing to remember is sort of the time limit on things creatively. You can get a task done but there’s some sort of arbitrary timer that you can know innately depending on the task about how long you could spend on a certain creative task.

Ashland Othello and Berlin

Satdat 416 PM Looking yet again at universities. I’m not going to fuck up this time - I’m going to

Luc Besson

sat 12 40 AM – no internet but Brianna and I saw lucy –

Brief Moments of Intense Sadness

Thursday 11 AM @ dumb starbucks with chad - missed my train cause he had to brush his teeth thursdat 404 PM made it on the 2nd train of the day, missed the first one 1st 10 mics; dynamic mic condensor mic open mic -=-=-=– thursday 500 pm Showed this random guy Curtis my music on the train. I don’t know if I did it to show him my music or to write I did so.

Chads New House Studio Session1

wed 1145 PM yeah I suck lately at this cause there’s a typewriter in the studio. In terms of relevance and time of release this movie was way ahead of its time, considering there is now global awakening, and the human consciousness is expanding faster than before. What was once dismissed as science fiction is now discussed amongst quantum physicists as a plausible theory. And we could possibly live within a matrix.

The New I

tuesday 940 AM the new I is AI - pronounced ai serious question. do you want reality or something fake? ``` i know all these peoples names I know all my moms cats meows minka bella mia nilla wow critters all I need as an antidepressant nature all I need as an antidepressant people all I need as an antidepressant Im talking people not sheeple call the woke parade gonna need backup cause cops never came when my phone stolen I stole the moment with a chain link fence hopped 3 hours ago mate I fast I run I running out I fast I run I running out I could outhink you as I drawing blanks ace of spades in space of aides ace of spades in space of aides place I play my placemat with legoos n circuits my therapy today blast off they already put a dent in the universe now Imma make it rain multi reality

Lyrics Finalized Today

Monday 10:17 AM Lyrics finallzied Imma get it all done today :D micro MONDAY ! day five sober !!! –0-00–0-0-0-0-0-0000—- Monday 402PM Nate got me a burrito at pm and we’ve been catching up, him and I are in chad’s car now. we had to leave chad’s cause we were locked out lol… need to get back to lryics, its all in a gogle doc then I’ll ask kevin someones falling in a dark hole

My Head Is Bleeding

Sunday 451 PM I got super fire audio yesterday. I’ve been spray painting two song writing clipboards and a lamp I found. I started cleaning my dad’s workshop space but realized I didn’t have enough time. this all happened yesterday. this is day 4 sber and I feel pretty okay - just a lil mad at stuff. Like the first two days of sober my mom starting saying some dumb shit to me and I normally can play it cool and let her run, but not on these two mornings.

Please Dont Call Out My Destiny

friday 539 PM pls dont call out my desinty let me ride this mystery let me ride this misery

Welcome Home

Thursdat 403 PM I’m back. It’s 4 pm and I’m still sober. Kevin and I are accountabiliuddies with each other now. His wrists are all cut up from a few days ago - I’m afraid to leave for SC about that -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- -=- uBick iBick

Welcome to the Psychedelic Renaissance

Tuesdat 901 AM air compress cassetee deck -=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- these are my screws to strip you can know what they say not how they said it -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=– this is what you don’t get at university this is information on microphones that you don’t normally get in audio classes -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=– what are you doing? im doing what i love and im poor and i love every minute of it celibate

Tonight Im Drawing the Factory

Sundat 645 PM studio’s almost setup switching to logic to finish stuff up 50 shasdes of mic 00 studio mic 4 corner cut - guitar, cassette/ bass / vocal / drums 1 takes of each // synth + freestlye maybe 01 02 crispi mic - me on a bus in the morning. theres this guy I know that would stay up in the studio consisently later than me every single night.

Birth of Linda Rose Studio

Sundat 1208 AM kevin’s drunk criag’s outside talking to him kevin’s trying to talk shit on me cause he’s being zoned in on by craig, concerned about his drinking. I’m concerned but have strong opinions on what freedom looks like. -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- Freedom is allowing my friends to submit to any poisons they feel they need to that’s what freedom looks like, crack heads sharing the streets with teslas.

Big Moves

Friday 11:26 PM I am here in this room to do one job only. Finish the poliw.at album. and everything that’s a bi-product - part of the journey that it takes to make an album out of range. by sunday the studio will be finished and chad and I will record in here for the first time. Hopefully kevin’s in too. he’s been drinking and my parents are trying to get rent from him.

Sober September Is Ovr

thursdat 917 AM we made it! I went one day without smoking iThink they don’t interact with themselves -=-=-=-=- they dont react with themselves it doesnt even interact with itself if you dont interact with your self you cannot coalesce and become something just mentioning an event happening on another place on ea®th at tht moment as a function the god particles in the dog urnials evreyone loves god everyone fears god AHAHHAHA

The Garage Comma Closer to the Rain Comma Farther From Mom

Wed 915 AM 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 Ayeee been depressed thats why the logs hhave sucked been just chain smokin, over eating, and making new tracks in the garage. 1 came out thats good enough fo the poliwat debut album 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 0-0-0-0 nb wed 10 40 am chad, my mom wants a pic of you guys all driving to vegas with that bird. nb wed 846 pm

Back Home Mad Zach

monda6 1242 pm back home ! made it late last nnight like 2 am or so this is tiffany’s ex boyfriend: 111 pm what are we without our jokes? 911. -=-=-=- dmt type beat subtitles: piano assertion you are in control -=–=- why'd you take him when he was the one that wanted to go least ## the curtain fall (911 type beat) curtain call !! curtain call!

When You Cant Buy a Sandwhich You Wanna Make Music

Sundat 522 PM When you can’t buy a sandwhich you wanna make music moving now its sad because I left my laptop charger, so cant wrtie much - movings going well though. -=-=- hit the bass on that comedy hack day pillow y[eah sorry i stole this years ago i know your mom hand stitched it nf everything so i just wanted to say everything i make from this song goes to you

Back at Hunters Pad

Saturday 529 PM back at hunters i freestyled a bunch in the car omg im so dead ! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

They Dont See Their Food

Failure to Keep Consistent DNA

Tuesday 909 AM :( tues 439 can’t play ball without some scabs -0-0-0–0-0-0-0-0-0- Tuesdat 553 PM @ mcdonalds and less drunk than I thought I’d be at this point. I went on a mission to use all the pain in the house - revamping the studio. Bought kevin and I 4 locos - we’re going to rap tonight. Chad isn’t coming back today but might tomorrow. Knowing him he will stall one more day - he doesn’t seem to want to deal with his mother’s passing in his hometown.

Chads Mom Died

Monday 652 PM Chad’s mom died peacefully in her sleep sometime inbetween 7 and 11 AM. I was sanding this wooden island found by a dumpster while on a walk with my mom this morning, when we saw the fire engine in his front yard and checked it out. There was a cop a healthcare lady and fire guys. I was the first to call chad, he’s in oceanside for a religious holiday.

Searching for That Sacred Audio

Sunday 10:28 AM wow I am looking for the david dunn sacred audio and can’t find the file, but I found the original ableton file. So I’m looking all around for something called ZOOM0013 I need a woman that lowers my sarcasm –=-=—-=-=—-=-=-=—-=-==– lobrow mic hibrow mic (shaekspeare) lofi mic hifi mic analog mic digital mic past mic present mic future mic hiphop mic raggae mic counrty mic

Bonjos Bday

Satdat127 PM WEEEEEE goign through old tape and it’s sooo funny - freestlyes with Kevin from 2015. But I’m looking for the sacred david dunn lecture, and can’t find it. I’ll keep searching. I had something real important to write but forgot by the time it took to launch the text editor 210 PM omg about to be picked up for winery but I just added delay on my sister saying F - BOMB

Sean Ashley Reunion on Lucy

Fridat 5:36 PM keyboard is messing up !! today really going to abuse this CPU call the cops oh yeah this is how I make updates to poliw.at. lyrics go here inside hugs with me I dont want my next album sounding luxury brb :D =-=-=-=-= Friday 555 PM I got the speaker so i’m sitting pretty today is the day I catch up on poliw.at

Theres Nothing to Be Done

Friday 801 AM A late start but talking with Cripsi and its tight fell asleep to this gem last night stop overeating my opinion in one word overcompensating is the one work I take godit? God, it does quite nice with the lemons in the yard friday 651 PM microdose friday and I’m regressing to tasklists: update poliwat catuchup poliwat — but that journey requires titles 50 shades of mic

Those Were the Days My Friends

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Thursday 10:47 Am - I will never forget this day =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= thurdat 359 pm haklp

Painting as Therapy

1234567890 via GIPHY Tuesdat 741 AM With v few exceptions, I’ve been living the past few weeks only talking with the people that come right up to me in person. I would recommend doing this occassionally - yesterday I hit a new calm while sanding and painting some wood I found in the backyard. I love working with wood, I could do that all day sober as a bird. The lucy makes it better though.

Abridged Is the Only Way to Go

Monday 1053 AM what are they saying what are they meaning Abridged is the only way to go [0-0-0-0] i know ive been bad at responding but can I { } people love blanket statements i love blankets no socks barefoot all the time

Documentarymike Day2

sundat 934 AM having a good morning, and just ate so now slowly down a little. synced the footage from yesteday, got like an our of solid video in total that’s useable yesterday. when the camera finally charges I’ll hit a tree close by and do it again basically.

Never Considered for Mass Production

“One of God’s own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live. Too rare to die.” side quest find Kheel satDat 1140 AM just filmed in a field used to airsoft in DJI_0006.MOV

Production Costs

Fridat 703 AM Didn’t set my alarm cause I couldn’t find it last night but woke up just now. today is going to be a productive one - I am going to be savage with my time today I can feel it. big upload day in some ways. =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-= fridat 145 PM lyrics: burnt my food so drank a quart =-=-=-= friday 233 pm

Would You Forgive Me Leaving

** ** or will I end up like mom who filmed bunnies too much blocked it all out just to find myself 12 days left of the ableton trial lets make it count. cause I've had a lot of coffee n and I'm about to crash into the rocks ( aka means I'm high ) this bitch doesn't spell my name right this bitch can't even spell my name I don't correct her God of Comedy =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Thursday 647 PM

Daily Failures

Wed 837 PM wanted to wake up earlier ! damn it I took a sleep aide too, going to start putting the alarm across the room. 911 happened and Im still pissed what are quarks made of don't say that the reason you dont work is cause you gotta work time slows n ear the pyramids okay google tallest rappers are short The Rusty Trombone report things i dont know make me nervous drop anon letters thats why I never nerovous suspend suffering a secret service i mean im not usually nervous but when I am I feel like service grattitude has struck me cause barely out the gate and already fed up with hate over simplifying everything to date -500 points if you keeping with kardashian bar is low bar is lit rappers rap what fbi incepted in they minds war drugs bitches and gold mines 48 laws of power make em fight each other don't you get it no fighting in hiphop dumb fucking monkeys lo siento vibes police Im tired of these ads I ate I ate I ate I ate I fed I fed up with beatz fed up with me half of the time I sing off key curtain call for the curtain fall girls go wild when the curtain up men wanna revolutionize take the curtain down curtain call for the curtain fall govt gave up media out for cigs I smoke for memories with friends before they zombies working souless soul eat Im fed Im fed up with beef fed up with beats half the time I sing off key curtain call for the curtain fall it a party when the curtain fall don’t you know tho girls go wild when the curtain up men wanna revolutionize take the curtain down I wanna shower with you with some anime now i fall I fall fast asleep when I get good pussy in between be mean damn I where am I who am I whatup whatup whatup best man in the room I took all the ketchup mamas look me in the eye say getup im getting at that i feel confident with my getup a headband on acid a daily occurance i can outhink you Im running out Im drawing blanks ace of spades in a space of aides place mats with leggos n circuits my therapy today blast off too many words jack off release that tension fuck you future mike stop writing bad lyrics this your new sayance stop writing bad lyrics this your new sayance whats a sayance you said you fed with bullitein boards and controlled emails I dont give a fuck if you are stuck in your feelings instead of hausting them and yourself up you got the world on the pedastal i worried bout your mental i going going in circles could you even tell though?

You Cant Release Youtube Videos at 420

tuesdat 815 AM damn my head hurts idk why just woke up think I was dehydrated it would be more accurate to say you can’t schedule release of videos at 420 on youtube. Interesting! {A} I have lost but Ive found what its like to live in your town {B} every grump has been a child every drunk has been a child every girl has been a child I know I've been one hun hum {A} You are lost but you have found what its like to live in my town I have learned that's what you're looking for {B} but neither of us are psychic both of us self righteous I know I know I am lost but I have found is that I've learned it all before death by coconut oil modern day concubines I see in my eyes primates memoir that'll do me just fine BEghILOSZ NOW im too fuckwed up for discobot right now


Mondat 1222PM alright I’m officially being a retard right now. going to just churn it out like butter. daily routine - wake up - coffee - audio/video debt - evertyhing is awesome when its awkward https://youtu.be/rvTOaSX5ofs 301 pm notes for chad is the monday 527 pm if the question is if im a retard the answer is yes =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= dailies

Dan Survived Cancer Party and a New Light

Sundat 812 AM recording is the only thing I could really lie about easily. I just got up - wanted to get up at 6:30 AM but didn’t have an alarm. I’ll hopefully find one in the shed tonight. I will take a sleep aide as well. Cause what I’m doing is building the new routine. No distractions, just the bare minimum dope routine of all the stuff I love.

Early Rise With Kevita Ginger

Saturday 848 AM I’ll admit that going back home is helping, although I’ve been messing up on the sobriety game. And it is just a game, cause I know I’ll be okay at the end of the day (aka if I affirm that consistently then my chances increase.) Today is all about remembering things I like. I need to like something more than freestyling! Like Game theory, you can apply freestyling to everything.

Woke Up Early Finally and Dinner for Three

Fridat 753 AM Is today the day I successfully block everything out? That I stay sober? I spliffed with Chad yesterday what happened to my brain? I can fix it with meditation. I’ll work on the pomodor time schedule today, with these tasks I'm committed to no more commitments I'm on my own time everyone can suck it and will in go home christian attitudes if you know no on knows I making a music video just watch my video Im serious though Friday 927 AM

Sober Day 1

Wed 256 PM damn we went all out last night. Illest village reunion lol. this christmas dad drives a brand new tank this christmas mom doesn't feel the same this christmas I on the tv but mom doesn't feel the same you dont get it i dont make music to get laid I get laid to make music I ate I laid I paid I suede I just lost my cell phone

New Month New Me and Organizing

Tuesdat 540 PM finally made it home so I’m feeling a lot better already. Been wanting to just be here, without distractions for a while now. its already been super annoying not having a phone - I lost about 10 ideas I wanted to write down today cause I was caught dead in the water, a spot without a means to record. I’ll start carrying a journal around again while I navigate the whole no phone thing otra vez.

All of Us Master Document

Tuesdat 206 PM All of us Song - All of Us just a lil reflection of a few things that apply to all humans. {{ verse 1 - michael }} All of us sit All of us lick All of us ween All of us dance All of us dream and don’t listen listen All of us come from our mamas All of us feel feelings fleeting ween and change All of us need us {Pickup}All Rise now decide now All listen allof us tinkle sprinkle truth through lies wooooooh all of us whimper OOOH Only takes one to christen the only constant our change in emotion All of us are not individuals but ecosystems all of our bitches all of our biomes all of our baths bathing suits go barnacles All of us make our own decisions All of us die All of us play, predict, test All rise Decide can’t have a rule without an exception I walking contradiction All of us gossip (go into a gossip) What’s taboo?

50 Curses of Mike

Tuesday 1139 AM barely made it on the amtrack train! well not really had like 15 minutes to spare, but it was real stressful getting here. My phone kept glitching out while I was stuck in traffic on the 17, banking the train being later than myself. Now the phone won’t boot, so I get to enjoy the next 5 hours completely by myself. I didn’t set up for getting picked up yet, so I’ll either find a friendly passenger or hit a coffee shop in SLO and reach out to them over wifi.

I Am Loved and Poliw

Monday 320 PM 50 music videos i always on coffee and acid and treble sweep yo mamas porch 50 shades of mike first music video ol’ blue eyes im talking why I saw over this piano tape why cnat I stop typing to tell any mate that i tired of living I livid with the world around me I can feel their suffering when you gotta find you acapella for my funeral woke charade sipping crossfader swwon swoop

J to J Season Finale in Davis

I’m taking a break from radio right now google animal mating call videos =-=-= Satdat 818 pm just drove Brianna’s uHaul to Davis. She’s treating me to Korean BBQ and the first growler of my life. Ironic in that she loves the growlers I pissed and smoked half a cig at Davis after my phone died on the way over.

To All the Dead Bugs in My Paint

Friday 747 PM to all the dead bugs in my paint to all the dead bees of my day history written by winner i know my tendencies i know my Zendencies I see my patterns im more likley to fuck with something I painted

All My Temptations Al My Bad Habits

Tuesdat 11:45 AM @ the Abbey. I’ve been not quite functional lately. I must admit. I see Justine my future singing teacher here though and I’ll talk with her when she looks a little less busy. I don’t get it. Did I perma fry ? Did I really fly too close to the sun ? Once again I feel like going home. I don’t know how to pay rent yet again, due proper in a week (but maybe I could stall as it trickles in)

What Happened to My Tastes

Mondat 150 PM :D mondat 344 pm Asim / E.E. / Hacking Mentor 408 569 9726 mondat 1137 PM help

God Says That Calvanism Says That He Said She Said

Sunday 1010 AM sitting in a Bamboo I subscribe to the least wrong, least stupid why why three times backwards she wicked she wicken I stricken from salem new moon new me I guess new position in the bed

Three Times Backwards

sat 955 pm in a hot tub made music

At or in the Lowest Point in the Bay

Thursdat 1:34 PM In ok no more lying had some spliff a few hours ago but not feeling it anymore. I feel a slight buzz off this coffee. Slept in simone’s bed cause he’s out of town at Hunter’s place late last night - called darlene at like 1 am and talked to her for nearly an hour while skating to get a ham and cheese croissant, the first time after 5 attempts to get one at the local doughnut shop Ferrell’s.

Hunters at the Dmv and Beatz All Day

Tuesday 457 PM im going to go sober by taking a micro wed 1208 AM who tickles the tickler is what I ask God wed 128 AM poli theism poli philospohy audio projec - [ ] go through all the different philo perspectivs over the same concept / topic I gotta get more fucking specific than that I just had it I just had it I lost it I will now

Milas First Zoo and Table Reading for Poetics 2

Monday 952 AM my asshole is on Fireflies cause I ate so much bread last night some dude just walked in on me shitting at taco bell and my heart didn’t even skip a beat heading to the zoo !!! Me mom dad are here in the van now and we’re about to rendevous with bonnie paul mila and marion. Im real excited for it - and then Im going to drive to SF tonight for the table reading of the play p2

Apes Dont Kill Apes Poliwat Rehab

Sunday 937 AM lion’s aren’t very smart =-=-= =-=-= you would forgive i justify anything but I hate it if she left why wouldnt you leave cause what I showed to that degree left me insensitive kenny holdstrom fred ```

Sound Library and Kamikazi Missions

Friday 146 PM I was fucked till moon sent me a beat you like path I like railings a perfect match for an ex hit all the key points I planted a flag in many a red flag a audio sounds better with the context Fridat 207 PM This is a little disgusting. Just came to off the stuio floor at stanford. I put a chair in front of the door in case any came in, booked the room, and played the rough state of my poliwat album on repeat.

Postsad Boy to Sad to and Meeting 82

Thursdat 421 PM I’m sad I admit it. I’ve been sad for like 7 days, with brief moments of clarity. What a waste of time! educational empowerment cultural intervention collective action # { ECC } Friday 148 AM lost it damn it too slow to capture it this time alright update I was fucked till moon sent me a beat

Aretha Dying Got Mout of My Depression

thursday 946 AM Aretha is dead… c chang is coming over for bfast hike! And I am out of my depression, Imma stay sober until the art gallery party tomorrow :)


k no more shitposting outside of here wed 538 PM bouncing beatz right now Muneerah offered to help so this is what we need to do! how to be a soundcloud rapper I dont have face tattoos cause they static you are complacent I only fuck with dynamics teach me a lesson in physics we had that chemistry I got the D investigating our anatomy addict kinda mindset programmin kinda mindset preachin kinda mindset faQ check kinda mindset loky HighQ kinda mindset poor metric in mata matrix mindset mind sex?

Google Michael Betts

wedsedat 324 pm nothing smart to say right now just woke up and showered - was up real late at the radio station. drove home in the morning. Darlene and I picked up my phone from cam! the name of this day should be finally submitting to google wed 428 PM alright damn Im still depressed I hate it but love it - had a good feels thread on 4chan //

Pale Blue Trailer

Tuesdat 114 PM Sitting in the trailer on our property on the mountain. It’s dirty, needs new apolstery and has a mushroom growing on the inside above the door. I’ve never lived in a trailer before. I don’t mean to wallow in existential, cause that kills time. I like the sounds here. There’s two crows having a distinct conversation. I need to calm down. I woke up with a lot of pressure in my head.

Camp Kira

Mondat 153 PM In kenzie’s car - we’re mobbing to replace my EBT card then getting hella keto vegtables. we broke keto since the last fern gulley party. Then we’re picking up niko and doing monday volleyball at 4! Been real depressed since the day before the party and beyond. The part was super nice though. I just have been going hard on the paint, I just feel too many turbulent emotions sometimes.

Illustrated Poems by the Vineyards Saved Me

Sunday 253 PM ”“” the vineyards saved me “”” — —- Scott Mehner Mario Michael Sunday ! Barb gave us some bud and it is so strong, really amazing day. You don’t need much. Hungout in the garden behind Mario’s place with Scotty- he’s real into lyrics as well. give up your dreams to smoke weed sundat 733 pM I’m not regressing, just re incorporating 10 min a day - 60 min after 6 days :D


hunter Michael sleepover !!! you call thar eyes closed like a marty gone rogue mastermind rick and morty strain tv ride …lucy slide eyes closed I hope I’m my own doctor on my own plan data shortage outraged from outages god wish they could damn what’s God’s preffered gender pronoun mine’s poliwat poli who poli when poli glot fat boy on the inside masochist on the out no outy(audi)

Collegenight After College

Fridat 10:33 AM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colma,_California https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandefjord https://perotroupe.org/ # more weight - The executioners offered him to be freed if he testified. To which Giles said, “More Weight”

Treehouse Job Day 1

Thursdat 730 PM worked all day with Niko - super fun we sanded and painted boards and phone was stolen now

Poliwat Finally Plays Live

Sun 223 PM I played a live set at the third fern gully installment, it was sweet. I britney spears’d it. I made a 30 min music video / ableton mix. I didn’t do any live looping like I wanted but did had a nice ratio of 40% written and 60% freestyle throughout the set. The reception was real next level - people really loved that shit. I’m definitely on to something I don’t understand, and I don’t need to.

Savage Michael

Savage michael savage Here’s 50 snippets about me: I love to buy plants but I kill every single one. I aspire to one day learn how to keep them alive. I have never broken a bone or had stitches. Don’t drink milk so I don’t buy that strengthen bones garbage. I’m trying to wean myself to only buy clothing/household items used from thrift stores/yard sales to try to reduce my participation in consumerism.

Rape With an Accent and Andys Auto Supply

Saturday 2:37 PM @ good ole lulu’s ahahaha had a great tequila night with kenzie brianna and I have a phone now It’s been like 2 weeks at least without a phone. listening to some freestyling tape from last night. Avery wants to buy my sound library as a subscription so I’m going to make that right now. BUT I also gotta reinstall Maschine so that’s going to take like all weekend :( :(

Crispi Movingon In

Firdat 124 PM addy joint coffee crispi is moving in! fridayt 319 PM w/ crispi @ lulu’s Ass == load image fridat 442 PM head hurts too much now :( I think I’m going to reinstall maschine tell me what you know right after what you dont tell me what you feel no matter how fucked up tell me what your elve eyes see when sat 1226 am

Made Some Money Off Radio Finally

Wed 244 PM

Somedays Arent Yours at All

tuesday 2:49 PM somedays aren’t yours at all and also IUD girls indie girls lawyer girls

Augur Oakland And

Tuesday 1220 AM :D this was to be made yesterdat but I’ve been having too much fun. had a solid volleyball session / body surf workout editing for the radio show manana on D E A T H

Whats More Sacred and More River

Friday 1141 AM cofeeetopia w/ kenzie -00-0–00- frridat 133 pm tried fixing the gate with nick, phone is almost online bout to hit the riveerrrr friday 204 pm talking to strangers the master class study the boundaries of everything Friday 222 PM heading to the river friday 557 PM mario’s clutch gave way on felton empire! Me him and nick waited at a gas station in felton. never made it to the river, but right now I’m super into getting my set together for the 3rd of august.

Balls Bigger Than My Dick

thursday 1035 AM @SC roasters just dropped mooon slept an hour cause I got balls bigger than my dick :D going to get hunter a mocha and kick it with him all day until he has to go see logic

In Averys Car It a System

wed 1119AM in avery’s car outside the sunflower house was up till liek 5 working on the pale blue map. so sxciting! sometimes I think wed 259 pm be kind to our sewer lines @ cofeetopia with moon : D goign to see cam today! hopefully get a little river in, THE Map!P!P!P!P!P!!P!!!!! THE SET!! !! !! ! !!! too short was the time so long so long bright mind squasha asha pasha Wed 948 pm

Why Cant I

wed 159 AM why cant i delete asha’s birthday from my calendar? had a good solid radio show. right now working on the next episode and getting maschine’s plugins to work at the engineering lab avery works at. he’s napping on the couch wed 216 AM birth of le shine wed 239 AM According to Kesey, “Without Faye, I would have been swept overboard by notoriety and weird, dope-fueled ideas and flower-child girls with beamy eyes and bulbous breasts.

Dont Tell Hollywood

monday 459 PM best day of my life and the same thing 2 days ago santa cruz summers kilo from oaxaca peruvian in my nostril french press after jumping off the lighthouse cliff its lit loving friends santa cruz summer pedialite what ? I send gifs b4 they load

Dmv and a Gift a Burden

friday 852 AM no lucid dreams yet but haven’t smoked weed all week to increase the chances heading to the dmv with doug hoft its not a competition cause i already won keto friday 1208 ’ the plural of poliw.at is poliwh.at ‘ - chris short theme on size theme on time bolerophon time and lies friday 455 pm my container for containers 1,0000 matnra of 1,000 make 1,000 CSJs 1,000 confucious canoes 1,000 pushups ^ and time myself

Real Definition of an Alchemist and the Ten Cannabis

Thursday 542 PM Just sat down @lulu’s cafe downtown. Some serious cuties working here, I’m usually super flirtatious but feel too introspective at the moment so I’m quiet and low profile. I saw a bent nail sticking out the the brick wall, and touched it. Then while inspecting the wall at large, I found a small crack 8 inches and two the left of my face. There’s a small note in the crack.

Chris Otte Mario Cameron Reunion

Thursday 1050 AM epic jams last night first time kenzie sang !!! ========================== post on fb Thursday 540 PM

Applied to Robotics Job With Hunter and Music Gods

Wed 1122 AM Hunter’s trying to D 03 (Gabapentin 300 mg) Pill with imprint D 03 is Yellow, Capsule-shape and has been identified as Gabapentin 300 mg. It is supplied by Aurobindo Pharma. Gabapentin is used in the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia; anxiety; alcohol withdrawal; benign essential tremor; epilepsy (and more), and belongs to the drug class gamma-aminobutyric acid analogs. Risk cannot be ruled out during pregnancy. Gabapentin 300 mg is not a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Throwing Bolts in a Tree Gotta Find Ebt

Tuesdat 1146 AM outside with kenzie KETO DIET DAY 3 we had omelettes - sooooo gooooood. I lost my passport and have been searching high and low for it. I think I’ll tackle Ben’s car again in search. But it feel like it’s in vain. I really need to get groceries and am completely out of money, and have no phone. My laptop crashed the other day but I managed to fix it last night.

This Ghost Is a PUSSY

monday 1055 PM FIXED MY LAPTOP !!! it was broken the last two days, got screwdrivers at ace and it was gucci goo -=-==- to truly be rich you must learn to be poor show notes w/ niko - find pale blue dot kid inrto/ jimmothy - rando == onshot + more - at least know the order mains darlene mike phone convo suicide chapel tape with poetry bobbi roberts

Iphone Iphone Iphone Organize

Friday 229 PM Goals for July Release Sound Library Michael Betts Sound Library - Vault 36 ( I call it vault 36 cause it’s the soorce material for a bigger project ) Mantra of a thousand What could I do 1,000 times for example how long would it take for me to do 1000 pushups? 1000 confucious canoes ? 1,000 1 scheduled interview 30 instrumnetals available for download / buy


Thursday 10 15 PM frida 137 AM the game of life and futility of it bout to hit the chapel to pickup blankets from shaman

Infowars and Rape

Tuesday 430 PM Meeshroom came over last night I was the shaman’s shirpa with katie and I he slept at the chapel with kina his GF I cut the banmboo drumsticks I made and used all yesterday into a straw and meeshroom blew rape into my nostrils I climbed on gwen’s statue and licked it’s ear it’s all by ear the way katie tongue fucked my ears last night

Birth Of Pale Blue Spot With Scott

Tuesday 115 AM Shubat and Niko and I made music 152 am operation trip the shhaman fuck I typed that then forgot the actual idea theres a lot to intuition you cant think would you forgive my infinite apatite nights i eat a truth and a half day 1 i cant sing day 2 i can sing would you forgive my love of off brand high key loy key off key only progress I see through chords in minor keys today today was the best day kenzie caught a rat by the tail katie brought master chef to their knees darlene need da pale lately women come in droves supposed to get old I know I will and I know it won't pen though peter pen over sword ardvark nardwar your dreams away

Wokeup And Hit The Spring

Wed 1141 AM Wokeup and set intentions at the spring. Sometimes I was forgetting to enjoy the summer. It’s blasting. What a frail and magical time….

Deep Clean And Epic Jams

Sunday 830 PM Okay what do I have to do tonight: Finish some laser designs make some music with avery Sundat 10 48 AM bros ruined rogan for me Monday 120 AM earbuds get ebeafidshkjnaweuijofdklncxziohuajklefnsdcihjfkadsnm patty whack dailies read write make a beat post to poliwat laser cut something draw eat veggies add to song binder add to poliwat live set I'm going to play songs now I'm going to stop playing songs now vidyo poliw.

Niko Gave Me A Third Eye Pinecone And What Is In My Phanny Pack

Saturday 420 PM You’d never guess what happened it’s for GEO can’t share even here but I can say @avery’s in palo alto, just picked him up at the airport. We’re talking Omari - going to legally bring on darlene ++ tom in some form -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- saturday 459 PM ok ok ok ok apps are dumb but just met this girl her room is literally the size of idk 8 feet by 6 feet in palo alto

In A Queer House

sat 228 AM In a queer house with Mun

Strong Words From A Weak Man

Friday 1045 AM 3⁄4 chronic disease - starts in the work place we care more about polar bears than human beings rand in gilroy if we treated horses like we treated people people from unions are dinosaurs unions have been crippled and are for primarily show no sense of community in SF big sense of community in other places we’re in a deregulatory era got govt out of everything

Well In Doubt

Wed 227 PM Well in doubt figure it out with breadth and mind wed 3pm you’ve got money say paypal email chain I gotta crush say moon mike today mirror on the legs mirror on the slit when I get with it drunk off her ways quit smoking just to get it but now Im yelling so ruined it |{withdraw all} withdrawals I'm feeling it Safeway I'm stealing it a trend more thought, less feeling the balance between thought and feeling go go heavy on thought heavy on feeling

What Do Predators Pray About and Meeshroom Interviews

Tuesday 541 PM Love bug is a STRONG brew right now - and would be stronger if I wasn’t so stressed and broken ahahaha. Luckily I’m being super healhty. I met avery’s dad John and his sister julia at his new place in palo alto, I think it’s called the sun cove. I picked up meeshrom with avery’s car (got to borrow it for a few days) and him

Muneerah Sc Roasters Peter Andhmm

Monday 524 PM Rolling with good posture right meow. Chad gave me a ride to marion’s then I caught a ride with peter to diridon, now @ sc roasters with muneerah. We’re going to make some din din off my EBT :D Bawlin on a budget ahahahaha -=–==-=- It’s all about what? an online store, and daily postings of new audio why won’t the site load Peter and I had a good talk but I can’t seem to remember what it was about lol.

Hymne A La Mour

Sunday 906 AM Monday 1203 AM PAID TO KEEP IT HIDDEN GOOD CELEB it ridden photoshoot with chad and recording for pbd. the first deadline is the 25th of 50 min of audio!

Fern Gulley Season 2 Success

saturday 1216 PM heading back from sc with chad and craig. ral successful event at my place. I emceed a good bit and Muneerah and I went up and my dick is so hard cause craig gave me this pill called boss lion 9000 apparently it’s going to stay hard for 7 days I’m going to use the energy on working out my choices and life affairs Alright the calender is coming out:

Andy Feat Chadmike

Friday 303 PM on caltrain with chad and this guy andrew we just met just recorded with darlene at the station and ben also ! and john the british guy chad and I had an epix skate across campus with me on the scoot ==–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-====–=-== 328 PM What constitutes a friend my child? Friday 409 PM Organize Sound Library {} on 17 {} Go. fruday 242 PM wow internet will not be working

Pipedreams Master Document

pipedream (UNDONE) write your own religion type daily in your own font perfect your digital self () all humans paint, already we lied before the internet. but now we can lie even more in our digitial selves. You curate your own digital self. APs Esperanto the lost tapes : learn the language and uncover the secrets of humanity in the only language suitable to do so. esperanto short vocab list on wiki

Kantas Pri Disciplino

Kantas Pri Disciplino (aka chants for discpline) June 13th 2018 on a hot summer day This is the first of my chant series. I’ve been wanting to imporve discipline, and have found great results by chanting in other ways. So next time I’m in the field, and hit the wall but need to continue, then I can use this chant. Each word of the chant is a human’s name that showed an immense amount of perseverance and discipline in their lives.

Caledonian Antisyzygy

The term Caledonian Antisyzygy refers to the "idea of dueling polarities within one entity",[1] thought of as typical for the Scottish psyche and literature. It was first coined by G. Gregory Smith in his 1919 book Scottish Literature: Character and Influence Wed 307 PM Back at parent’s house day 2. I slept 11 hours? Writing a chant for discpline endure then prevail POLIW.AT quantify stats Books chant s esperanto

Functional Behavior Assessment

Tuesday 620 PM why dont you get some sunscreen FBA =–==-=-=–==–==–==-=-= I took flow for granted this where I landed and built a church =–==-=-=–==–==–==-=-= drunk shamans come in many flavors of modern day diogenes 1 second = 1 lifetime in hiphop **wed 1251 am** ive laughed a lot in life that i have laugh wrinkles i can feel my laugh wrinkles i can feel my smile wrinkles at 26

Culpable Suicide

Tuesday 944 AM Made it back home to parent’s before 2AM last night. Gave no warning as my phone wouldn’t take a charge - it was sandy from the beach. Managing my stress levels today is the name of the game, while working on the more fun sides of poliw.at. I want to get a map working by the time I have to leave. I addition I just want to make my own font out here lol, and import that into poliw.

12 Steps Of Freestylers Anonymous

old people say you do what you can so I can so I do they rapping circles Ill take point to the pointless nothing important till time permits it there is no artist without the self pbd stats - (how michael is doing) { NOT WELL } {3} pbd posts {365+}POLIW.AT Logs its important to know where you stand and why others stand in other positions due to genetic displacement contraint

Muneerah Rachel Margo Tara

Sunday 459 PM Outside at my house. Third day in a row that upon waking, I felt this barrel chamber coming from the sky and pinning my skull down into the bed. the gun barrel is on my head and the only task to do is to pull the trigger no other actions are available Web: Telegram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Twitter: Medium: Earn: LinkedIn: LinkedIn Company: Slack: Bitcoin Talk:

What Do I Need

Friday 1155 PM What do I need right now a glass of water What do I need with this glass what do I need with this water What do I overthink What do I need to do to get the job done I know what I need to do so what do I need to do in order to do it What circles do I go in a band What lines do I draw in the sand What triangles are my least favorite shape because the idea of a tour seems antiquated capitulated I left the tea would woulld you

lost title day

Friday 12:56 PM There are days I shouldn’t started the day by waking then hitting snooze for an hour every 11 minutes I’d fall back asleep have a bad dream wake up think of a gun in my skull in the fetal position until I fell asleep again then fall back asleep a mosquito just bit my foot then wake up Im outside all day on music I lied down fo

Money The Sequel

Wed 422 PM Rent was due yesterday Tom owes $600 but can only pay $200 -==–==–=-==- -==–==–=-==- -==–==–=-==- -==–==–=-==- Peter how are you? Could you spot me 550? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Everyone is going to sing in the future because everyone sang in the past you can never ignore culture You can never overthrow the USGOV its usually better to work with the work that has been done than to ditch work, and reinvent the wheel.

Type Beat Insrtrumentals For Freestyles Live And Forest Mother At GRID

Tuesday 111 PM Alright Kenzie! I do need to borrow to give Scott rent money, I sent out the invoice to Tom Kenzie!! Can you help me by letting me borrow money to pay Scott? I will pay you back! And would like to help with the wx press stuff I sent an invoice out yesterday and am expecting that in the next few days I’m at Stanford for one more night cause Avery and I are doing this GRID thing put on by Art x

Boss Up

Monday 149 PM Boss up act as if you’ve already made it be as if you’ve already made it I have 17 dollars in my bank account and I’m real hungry. Haven’t eaten yet today but unlimited coffee at the station is coming in clutch. update I have 9 dollars 225 PM mindful morning ritual Okay time to start I’ve been in the studio for a while now with criminally low blood sugar, bought a peanut seasme salad and croisant, and Avery and I are going to do GRID together tomorrow night so I think I’ll stick around town for it.

Boss Up

Monday 149 PM Boss up act as if you’ve already made it be as if you’ve already made it I have 17 dollars in my bank account and I’m real hungry. Haven’t eaten yet today but unlimited coffee at the station is coming in clutch. update I have 9 dollars 225 PM mindful morning ritual Okay time to start I’ve been in the studio for a while now with criminally low blood sugar, bought a peanut seasme salad and croisant, and Avery and I are going to do GRID together tomorrow night so I think I’ll stick around town for it.

Shoulda Coulda Woulda Gouda Buddha Master Document

Sunday 833 PM hugh schools and retirement homes are always close to each other and are involved in the daily operations of each

Crypto News.Net And Womens March

Sunday 1135 AM Nice bright sunny day how can I help within my disabilities how do you quantify the quantify ]] investigation is the essence of discovery ? retarded a list is a dossie - things you can use against people later if need be. the goernment has that for every citizen, our social security number Govt's love lists I love gifts I'm the gift you lucky I blew it and am still here sunday 1 pm

Take A Walk.Wav

Sat 1013 AM sat 1250 PM to sell in or not to sell in

Discipline Day 1

friday 302 pM how could I progress if I can’t’ be honest on here? this is for me I am now focusing on mastering discipline. I don’t know how long it will take. I will learn discipline from the tree twisty. I will visit twisty for 30 days and focus on discipline every time I have a session there. What are my strategies? How will I know if I’m disciplined?

Today I Choke On The Horsepill Of Reality

Thursday 1031PM Do on I told niko whats up and niko told me whats up daily dose lyrics reverse kalimba my brain is a shotgun be shapeless inshape shapeless we at ross it basic Thursday 1135 PM -==–=-==-=–==–==-=–==– alright alright alright hunters!!!! so fun and I need to focus on these tasks before bed: Finish mission statement for pale blue - email social good dude with contract signed

Internet Is Killing Me And Im Not Trying To Live A Long Life

911 AM real prodcutive mornign and worked on the pale blue website stuff with hunter and cam till like 3 in the morning. its ironic when the internet is fire speeds when the sun is shining bright then it gets shitty. but that was only yesterday, because it’s completely now and it’s a real sunny day. I fucking hate so much about everything when I can’t connect to the fucking internet.

I Am Naked And Disappointed

Tues 1022 AM On disappointment later. not enough time. Editing the crypto currency eps, just about done with the first one. I will hold out. It’s a perfect day. The sun is shining hard out here. Threw a laundry in, Bean just left and Kenzie and Erynne got back from LiB last night! Tonight she said I miss games and men I miss men and games is it the heat or my uncertainty

Why Do I Record

Monday 953 AM Why do I record? There’s a few reasons. In a composer’s mindset, everything is an instrument. Humans are instruments and I like getting them to sing, open up I like the process of lightening people’s souls. From a composer mindset, it’s fun to think of instrument Memorial Monday - laser cut 10 coasters ++ put on store. - sell one coaster! - film fem group - laundry - clean living room - catchup on audio debt - make new page for PBD site - sign papers for 501© - email that 501 C guy - make a new show

Misk In Belarus

Sunday 803 PM My granny’s hometown. I can’t wait to go there. I walked home in about an hour and 30 from campus, listening to tape from yesterday and reading 12 rules for life. The only reason I have jordan peterson’s book is because Bean happened to have it and she brought it over. Cas Katie Celia Simone came over at 9 with a live chicken and we took it to the chapel.

Chapel Sessions 6 Sacrificing A Chicken And I Love Lucy

Saturday 1036 AM Charging bats today is going to be a big Asideasd Asideasd on hella drugs building a rehabd center today is all abot mappign Sat 12:05 PM I live in atom what we cannot fathom I feel when I flow when I hoop how hop jump skip friend drop L then cooz friend at chapel with chicken question what I do to it slow wifi my kryponite Saturday 902 PM

Big Doink In Omish

Friday 445 PM King james I rip big doinks -=-==-=-=- -=-==-=-=- -=-==-=-=- -=-==-=-=- -=-==-=-=-

The Deep Sleep To Lucidity And Hackathon Day 1

Thursday 1252 PM 2 things making spagetti sober I slept from midnight, woke up for an hour like a good dad and made some breakt fast for myself and Erin, and helped Kenzie and Erin Kenzie and Erin were leaving for LiB so I helped them a bit, then took a hot shower and feel hard back asleep. Even a cup of coffee couldn’t wake me. I needed to process everything that happened yesterday, it was the first micro in a while.

Kali And A Diminished Sense Of Self

wed 1044 AM In a civil rights class with Rebecca on campus UCSC. Recording this guy, hoping for just 3 good sentences on the black panthers. Also for next time I get high - bill zimerman alright alrihgt alright to do - edit cyrpto show, - finish about ++ team page for PBD - take CD's to library Wed 1232 PM Super into maps today, going to launch the pale blue map today on the website.

Birth Of Singing Instruction

Tuesdat 343 PM Alright I need to do it this is the first step. Shouldn’t’ve stopped lessons 5 years ago, but better late than never.

Articles Of Incorporation Pbd

**Tuesday 1258 PM** Hello! I'm Michael Betts. But first, check it out: Our mission is simple. We draw our mission from a simple idea from carl sagan. The idea that our Earth is to be cherished Our mission is to alleviate human suffering. Pale blue . mission is dedicated to relieving human suffering. Our mission is to alleviate human suffering. human centric and open source =-==--==--=-=-=-==--= Pale blue . mission is dedicated to relieving human suffering.

Want Free Crypto

Tuesday 933 AM I feel like I’m about to live under a bridge because daily lyrical dose benjamain button I str8 regressin on lifestyle of actions am I too stubborn I love the juul damn hmm this place isn’t good. THe internet is barely working so Should I just shoot myself Tuesday 1135 AM Yeah some days just to exist is an act of courage, and today is one of those.

Poliw.At Live Set Master Document Final

Monday 1047 PM Lyrics master do I am a spliff { intro } jump in the pool don’t walk now hip hop with your hips out Like a pool make you see colors infinity and unique { v1v aca } making love my hippy van she never forgetted it spliff I’m a go down on you cause i love you kinda spliff remind you beautiful in case you forgoted it kinda spliff the love I get from you the love love I get from you I feel in debted it spliff the joeks from you our dates to fresh to fun vogue thse days microphone Im a rebel gone rogue and martyed it spliff

Bean Caught The Bug and theres a tic on my spacebar

Monday 1205 PM Bean caught the hiphop / freestyle bug last night hunter max lucas benji bug and I had a bonfire at the garden and then freestyled for a long time. I can’t keep up with Hunter’s spliffs. I threw up outside inbetween bars and no one knew ahahaha. ^ pincecone treehause at the neighbors. Ahahah I wanna sneak over there with bean or something and sleep there.

LEDs And Bean

sund 220 pm in bed having a slow attack, but soldered those leds into component C for poliwat. HUNG OUT AND HAD A LOT OF FUN WITH REBECCA AKA BEAN she’s about to pick me up and we’re going to go work at a coffee shop until about 6 pm. I need to launch the online store lol. list for coffeeshop Update POLIW.AT Empty iPhone Build mission statement for PB.

Pale Blue Software

Saturday 1027 PM @ home - hanging out with Becca, we’re having a bunch of fun but now we’re working :) Pale Blue Software Master List User uploads a photo of their face, and it adds a cute little slightly transparent earth on their face. Also the PBmon logo (the handrawn version of the Enkana Earth dude) is my version, where I inverted the earth, and I’m adding headphones to the mon.

Stabalize Your Nervous System

Pick a time to arise - Regulate your diet - Regulate your alcohol and drug consumption pathological I want to hide my first GEO in the woods today. That would be the price of about two coronas. Friday 1131 AM Real distraught right now but within the next 20 I’ll be able to do actionable items. Friday 850 PM @lulu’s all by myself :) just jumped off the bus after one stop because the nice lady said it was an hour to get my place, and I didn’t want to do that so I’m here chasing wifi

lost title 2

Thursdat 201 PM Tracks for celia vocals!!! ‘new moon new me’ () lyrics: this part goes on for too long ‘Grasshopper my Grasshopper’ (I’m actually my own grasshopper at the same time as asking for one, so there’s 3 internal GmyG relationships going on: outside mentor && outside grasshopper internal mentor && internal grasshopper being physically on an existential hike and asking a grasshopper(bug) for guidance )


Pinned sarcasm I don’t think I’m a real man until I can take care of my family, so this year is focused on that Thursday 557 AM Woke up around 530 cause the heater got turned on. There’s a cool ghost here for sure and I don’t mind it. Two things The first is that you should be wary. There’s a reason why the Mayans called psychedelics the food of the Gods.

New Moon New Me

Wed 528 PM Black coffee next to me though I’m pretty calm About to drop erin off at kianti’s for her shift then kenzi and I will run errands. I tested the internet today with a direct ethernet cable and still got .4 mbsp upload speed so I’m searching for Scott. We can’t get fiber internet here so uh oh . I will have to move if we can’t at least improve the internet.

Eternal Grocery List

Tuesday 1118 AM This is good. I ok ok I’ve been unfathomably depressed - I just have a completely broken brain. I “I’ve always been bad at that whole sober thing. ” - max =-=-=-==-= =-=-=-==-= =-=-=-==-= =-=-=-==-= =-=-=-==-= =-=-=-==-= =-=-=-==-= Sampling this for SBGC. Couldn’t find the old drumkit I made so making a new one. TODAY IS THE DAY I STAY CLEAR HEADED I don’t like a clear head all the time, but today requires it.

Lockdown Confinement

Monday 140 PM I woke around 10 AM. Been soldering for poliwat at my desk, it feels good to get back on it but it’s seriously been so long that moral is low. I should soldered this shit months ago. I shouldn’t’ve gotten so high so often. But that’s what trap inspires. trap gods are powered by cannibis. It’s cannibus inspired music. This week will see good poliwat logs cause I’m entering the hermit zone.

The First Day In I Dont Know How Long Its Been

Sunday 1137 AM Listening to Gwen right now outside. Krishna, Jana a and coleman we’re all having our morning coffee spliffs. midnight update I smoked all day and was an idiot by 10 pm - but Hunter and I hung out and max and we got a lot done - hunter and I made a beat and I got a lot of momentum for poliwat. He lent me his nice camera so no more excuses I can do this.

God Sent Hunter

Sat 937 AM And talking to this girl on tinder Sat 745 PM still talking to her . no jk lol hunter started on this and Imma make vocals for it I hate having an 8 second memory She complies but don't compile and God sent hunter sunday 215 AM asd =–=-= new song - new year new me - new year new me new year knew me new year through with me I gotta leave this town new year new me not here =–=-=

The Adobe Foundation

Friday 11 07 AM hunter w poliwat About to go help Niko build the foundation for a workshop he’s doing on building adobe homes. I’m always behind schedule but this day is lining up great. After adobe life I’ll scoot down the hill and take poliw.at down to Hunter’s house. There is no POLIW.AT without Hunter, and we’ve just talked about it so far! It’ll be the first session with physically touching the vest and components, it’s super fun.

Birth Of Paleblue Lab

Thursday 1055 AM Late start but damn I really needed to sleep. Allan watts was in the back So pale blue got a lab ! That’s what we’re calling the makerspace. I’ve been out here mostly the past 3 days getting recipes going for paleblue.fm I need to get more done, yesterday I got distracted cause I was hanging out with Krishna. Krishna is this 76 year old indian man that has lived out here for at least 20 years.

Hijacked By Krishna and the answer is on a ferry in Anacortez

Wed 1133 AM Almost to the laser cutter but hanging with krishna and jana. It’s a perfect day. Hawaiian macadamia coffee. Alright my logs have sucked dick. I’m not sure why. Since the party I haven’t felt like paryting. I just want to work on my shit, though that’s a party in a way. Am I lonely? I’m not sure if I’m exhibiting behavior on account of being lonely, or stressed.

July 4th 1898 Fired Cannons All Day In The Evening Had Two Rockets

Monday 1124 AM Carl sagan’s empty phone - wells fargo credit card call loan people empty phone Consolidate new sound library Fix iphone w/4k camera Sample the woods Schedule babayaga Schedule david dunn for recording here in the woods ++ lost sacred audio tape season 2 write to cathy nelson make CD’s for SC library DONE get windows to work update michael betts . m e fix pale blue .

Dad I Flew Too Close To The Sun

Sunday 834 PM 15 mg addy 2 coronas Had a nice day with friends. Michael isn't here right now he will get back to you later. This is sober Michael speaking. sMichael : stop and go to sleep –==–==- 890 –==–==- –==–==- –==–==- 890 –==–==- 890 –==–==-890 –==–==-890 To sit or not to sit what happens when I sit when I happens when I stand To sit on tracks

Fern Gully Forest Show Summer Concert Series Event 1

Saturday 935 AM -==-=-=-=-=-=-=–=- FOREST SHOW TODAY -==-=-=–==-=-=-=- QP From Niko: This weekend sparks the beginning of a summer concert series in Fern Gully, the magical forest venue at 3960. A forest show on private property with a stage, freshwater spring, fire pit, and meadows, this is the ideal venue for a beautiful evening under the stars with artists and friends. We are looking for artists, performers, and supply contributions, specifically: flow toys, musicians, visual artists, poets, lighting, decorations, food vendors.

Scuttle_toes Woke Me

Thursday 10:32 AM seacock | wake up | glass of water | make bed | thursday 519 PM Spent the day on the laser cutter, and catching up with housemates. downloading windows 7 because that’s what the laser cutter needs, nick’s old windows 10 laptop is too new ahahaha. currently taking a shit. Woke up to a quarter cig and redbull. Then max smoked me out and we worked on sampling a lofi beat together.

Next Time I Go Out Ima Teach God A Lesson Master Document

#newsong concept: gregor mendel was celebit his whole life - but the whole reason he loved breeding plants was because he was a homosexual. You couldn’t be gay back then so he redirected his homo desires into plants. But it took one special night to start doing this. And he was a conflicted priest for a few years, and then one summer night snuck out and hit the city for the weekend.

30 Day Auction

Wed 1045 AM @ diridon - hitting palo alto to grab my phone from Avery and upload a bunch of old stuff. I’m going to upload most of this hard drive. Rent was due yesterday, cam is loaning me enough for rent and then groceries. I’m so stressed about money and I just want to kill myself most of the time. I don’t think I can even cry about it.

Rent Is Due Killself And A Chinese Laser Cutter

Tuesday 341 PM I want to make poliwat more soulful We smoke to cope We cope to drink We drink to love We love to fuck No fucks to give We give to smoke -==-==– but today is for hacking. I want to launch the pale blue plant - a shop –=-==– Tuesday 601 PM - EP 4 - with leila and her lab's robots... Do you verbally abuse robots?

Shes Sitting Pretty But New Fad That JS Framework

Monday 1006 AM daily dose ()Lyrics() I miss myself I miss myself missing you my laptop missing a screw mother wants out I want in 3 meals and a cot all I need to finish poliwat New fad that a Framework new fool that a fuck I like to hide secrets in poliwat There are too many things to do right now, so I’m going to hunker down and tackle them one at a time.

Max 10 Hackathon

moday 1232 AM been working on the dance piece last all day with the women way later masterbaiting to my singing b roll, now deleting the stuff that doesn’t make me horny This is how it came out; =================================-====== =================================-======

Weekend With No Phone

Sat 221 PM Jack me abbey Becca Bex Lulus’ NO PHONE left it at avery’s in grad student housing Need to find katie, she showed up at my house but now she’s MIA. Organization of the mind starts with vault 36. vault 36 > poliw.at > -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- .-=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- HELP -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=- -=–=-=-=-=-=-

Organization of the mind Is Poliwat

Saturday 1055 AM On caltrain just left avery’s place :D We had a real fun time over tacos and a pitcher last night brainstorming for the Art x thing next month. A 20 foot by 30 foot grid of a laser projection?! Our theme is entropy I don’t like the feeling of holding back when with people. I’m going to dive deeper into levelling up, and this is how it goes.

Life Summed Up In A Series Of Hail Marys And Looking For Love While Window Shopping

Friday 156 PM ALright alright alright I’m behind schedule, like aslways. I’m Always late. And that’s fine, but check it out! Just got back from Nipomo last night with craig in my dad’s van. Audio I got back home: Mila drumming talking and trying to sing, bonnie on russian/french/tlc songs, mom and dad on life, some old mom cassettes she made in 1981. Why the fuck do messages not send out right now?

Today Is The Best Day

Thursday 242 PM Today is the best day. I’m at my parents house and we have two blankets on the grass - Bonnie mom mila and shameless.

At Poliwat Setlist1

All daily lryics into the tops of logs (remember future michael just type asdflyric) I am the beer locust and the drunk shaman guides me I am the beer locust and the drunk shaman guides me I'm backed by rosetint I'm backed by kushberry I'm backed by kushbeery kushmama A$ID S0CK You drop me so I dropped you like my phone in the toliet I miss myself I miss myself missing you my laptop missing a screw Great minds think alike great minds fuck sometimes Straight from the Hospital is being so horny that in the last moments of your life you are just stating a case for at least a little more sex and that your final will and testament true talent doesn't hide true talent is relentless assumptions while listening to poliwat:

Chonga On The Trampoline And Vocal Breakthrough

I am a spliif final V Interlude (Accapella freestyle) ## final verion I am a spliff (long tone improv) Jump in the pool don't walk now hip hop with your hips out Jump in the pool don't walk now hip hop with your hips out Like a pool make you see colors infinity and u(nique)loop1 Making love my hippy van she never forgetted it Spliff (15) I'm a go down on you cause I love you kind of Spliff (13) Remind you beautiful case you forgot kind of Spliff (13) The love I get from you I feel indebbted it Spliff (13) The jokes from you more better than Letterman Spliff (13) Our dates so fresh so fun vogue vignetted it Spliff (12) I used to be soul weak cigarretted it Spliff (12) nicknamed beer locust much cervezaed it Spliff (12) party with me so fun I subletted it Spliff (12) Took two V cards they never forgetted it Spliff (12) But now meditate daily I tibetted it Spliff (13) Late to work again cause cute dog I petted it Spliff (13) Love old ladies I gotta croquetted it Spliff (12) Compose tunes each day I quartetted it Spliff (11) Used to be girls gone wild then regretted it Spliff (12) Used to be she said she came and then pretended it Spliff (14) Last ex gone cold then cheated it Spliff (9) girl slash my tire gotta Jeanetted-it Spliff (11) Too much Call of Duty Bayonetted it Spliff (12) Halo tournaments double 0 competitive Spliff (13) Showed too much love to a girl then she brexited it Spliff (13) Like good legislation until amended it Spliff (13) Speaking of Spliff (4) I never had a right wing lady that some kink on it Spliff (15) Adam and Eve adamant anti-rights kind of Spliff (13) GOP Brexit trapped in the closet RKellied-it Spliff (15) But no more politics (6) Control alt right delete I rejected it Spliff (12) I am a spliff #$%^&* (Break) --=-=-=-=-=-=-= {nque} x loop1 {beatbox} x loop2 oh mother in my head Im a go down on you cause I love you kind of spliff Like a pool make you see colors infinity Spliff (13) These days (2) Michelle Obama 2020 kind of Spliff (12) I'm a rebel gone rogue and then martryed it Spliff (12) This a troll musician pokemon weirdo existential Spliff (16) I'm a be bigger than my dad kismetted it Spliff (13) Bar is low my family history don't remind me you Spliff (11) Got drunk paid for 23 and me kind of Spliff (14) Freestyle I think I'm adopted kind of Spliff (11) As a kid biggest dream get abducted kind of Spliff (13) Time with parents at own expense expected it Spliff (13) Dad of every year gonna go to this quintetted it Spliff (16) Cheap by the dozen fam in a cabin kind of Spliff (13) Lets make an oasis off the grid kind of Spliff (12) I wanna be a dad kind of Spliff (9) Tuesday 147 PM

Homies With Ameet And Hunter AND EARTH DAY

Sunday 1155 AM (AMIT*) Earth Day!!!! Today’s goal is to get the laser cutting going. Yesterday we debuted art party and it was kinda hilarious. Sunday 3:50 PM In Babayaga practice. the part celia is stabbed then it goes =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= desert insect type beat – Sequence:

Planting A Tree And Art Party

Friday 1122 AM About to do rehearsal for the babayaga stuff. laser cutter came in today, its a good Fuckin day. -=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–==- -=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–==- -=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–==- Mantra of the day is to blend with my bandmates LISTEN Ahahaha writing the show for Sean, it’s coming along nicely. Making the playlist right now. Need to get Ableton 10 stat. -==-=-=-=-=-=– 420 yesterday was amazing. I had a real fun time climbing this tree, adrian and danny from the trailer park were in there it was amazing.

Wind In My Face As I Type Back Of Katies Blazer

:D Adrienne showed me this on bicyle day and I loved it.

What Is Today And The Love Bug Hit Me Sometimes Not Knowing Is A Lot More Fun Than Knowing

Thursday 1040 AM Max n I What can I say? this has been the best week of my life, but today feels a little special. I’m feeling it. Well the love bug hit me, and I’m along for the ride asd asd asd adjectives adjectivesd suicidalsa suicidalsadas adjectivesdda s ds adjectivesddasd as d as d adjectivesddasd as d adjectivesddasd adjectivesddasddas d sd as d as da sd as adjectivesddasdasd adjectivesdda asdfa asdfaasdfasd asdfaasdfasdasd asdfa

SPACESHIP EARTH And My Ass Is At The Chapel

Tuesday 119 PM My ass is at the chapel. Sagan is playing in the backround. What can I say? Nick and I went to the Buckminster Fuller 50th anniversy party for his book, $%^&eRTY and we had a blast. Hung out with his tree crew, met a cool author Brandon Peele Met a cool Ecuadorian mentor type guy Joe Hung out with Nick’s tree crew Dustin, Brian, and $%^&

Woke Up To The Father Of Music

Monday 934 AM Yuval called and I gave him my social. I ordered focus on the task at hand tuesday 354 AM driving back from the station with Nick! !!! TO SC BABY more curated radio show - live, all about the moment podcast key terms: global perspectives switch around to different voices of different types just driving the ship through the archives te person driving hte shit you can tell they’re going through somenthing in real life like lost love, and they’re looking for it in the archives


Why do you like music? Why do you work with sound? Plan a Buddhist Talk: about page draft pbd alright hey Im michael imagine I am a seiral recorder I like recording I call that guerilla audio I have a huge sound library. It’s mostly full of bullshit founders follies but also =-==-=–==–=-==–=-=-=-==–==–=-=-==-= EP 3 - EDUCATION LETS FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT EDUCATION, JUST FOR THE NEXT HOUR

Didnt Get The Music Director Job

Sunday 1053 AM Meaning for me meaning can be subscribed I like to choose what’s important for example if there’s someone in my life I want to know better and spend precious time with, time is the ultimate gift I subscribe meaning and then =-==-=-=-=-=-= IT HAPPENEDING i eat standing up my abuse of mayo and can someone open this pickle jar for me well I was tired of cyring over lost tape

Captured By Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Saturday 1227 PM A solid morning. Caputed by the buddhists, I asked if it was church and Tracy laughed and told me it’s more of a meeting. Soka Gakkai Interational (SGI) Nam myoho renge kyo contains the very essense of the Buddha’s lifetime of teachings. B chanting Nam myoho renge kyo and inspiring hope in others, we manifest the unlimited potential of our lives and become the starting point for a peaceful society.

Skinless Rats Live For Up To 4 Hours

Friday 321 PM Got sweet audio of a little lecture presentation by a grad student at the ackman lab on campus at UCSC. It’ll be in PDB. The site is going well I really need to keep the hackathon grind on. But just saw Lena, a sweet ass astrophysics girl that I met in the electronic music studio last year. I want to record her talking about her classes, she has a great passion for it

YEeT 4 LyFe

Thursday 810 AM YEeT 4 LyFe my 20’s in two words == lonenly 7& horny Imagine the best lover ever but you need to schedule her. 0-=-0-0-0-00-0-0-0-0 thurs 1250 PM had a good talk wiht jack he came over i fed him and he brought my exercise bawl aka new studio CHAIR ! LOL ALSO just saw this, the local library wants to license my github.center.wav album to the library for 100 bucks for the next year or 2, sweet shit!

Anthropocene Jared Celia And Hunger

Wed 404 PM Ant farm art collective - Tuesdays at 520 second stage theatre arts department the human and the edge https://creativeecologies.ucsc.edu/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant_Farm_(group) https://www.sfmoma.org/artwork/2014.239.A-B https://www.amazon.com/Against-Anthropocene-Visual-Culture-Environment/dp/3956792106 -=–=-==–=- Don’t ask for reasons in a text Don’t ask for reasons in a text Don’t ask for reasons in a text Don’t ask for reasons in a text Don’t ask for reasons in a text Be resoncable like a little BITCH -=-==-=-=-=-

Movement Etudes

tuesday 221 pm Etude # 1 pink promise to index finger to thumb

The Third Story

Tuesday 1009 AM On a balcony with outlets so I’m pumped. Worked on avery’s site till around 4 and now about to make changes in Omari. I have a redbull I’m about to pop! Charging the Go Pro. I broke so many audio laws this past week, I don’t even know what to do with myself. At this point in time I have lost about 3 micro sd cards which has all the best tape from the last 1-2 weeks.

Redwood Scavenging Music Director Interview And Yuval The Father Of Music

monday 957 AM Update sitting at a park Monday 12:13 PM Find myself on the 17 again. No headphones today because I want to just hear everything. I went overboard on music the past week, and one of the mushroom nights I went down the rabbit hole imagining that I disrecpected music for too long, and now am paying the price for it. It’s all made up. Super cute girl walking by outside.

Microdose To Microcity

Sunday 1226 PM Micro dose to micro city https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinnara -==-=-=–==- -==-=-=–==- -==-=-=–==- -==-=-=–==- -==-=-=–==- -==-=-=–==-

Quantify Mike And Bbq And Rejection

Sunday 922 AM Ahahaha I’m so rejected right now but everyone does it I rejected this week too… It’s kind of nice because I can tell who cares and who doesn’t before I BLOW -=- -=- -=- -=- Okay serious shit I have a job interview tomorrow, just did dishes, did too many drugs the last 7 days, and need to get baack into responsibility. -=-===-=- [ ] Mouth open wide is this a breakdown or breakthrough mouth open wide dentist is wondering why I didn’t brush the spew I said I like you so much like you so much like I like waiting in your waiting room

I Dont Care About Hiphop Anymore

saturday 814 PM I dont care about hip hop anymore it needs to be purged I didnt smoke much weed today im sober now thats why I dont care about hip hop sunday 1221 AM Sober life day 1 is a good one! ahahaha love it love life love being sober again weeee ‘your macbook will not survive the night in these parts” - bonnie have her read this in a russian accent

The New Deal

Sat 1208 AM the new deal has begun when I want to do something, I don’t and log the times it happens here eating more yogurt smoking weed finding juul these are the easier things I probably wont regret this work Im about to do baby steps know every plant species outside my house

Something Deeply Hidden

Friday 10:35 AM Well now it’s :59… Really going through a rut… I can’t admit what’s happening even in poliwat. The key to naviagting with reality is to not care. Not care in a sense that you’re able to allow eveything to happen to you. Poliwat is the one way I can organize my mind, and ensure that I’m on the right path. Yesterday I attempted to smoke as much weed as I possibly could.

Actionable Items

Wed 1041 AM I could really use my guide right fucking now but it’s incomplete. But I do remember something about cleaning… I want to see evidence of all my ugly emotions, leveraging them into some nice custom wood furniture for the house. one song clean br one song clean room one song collect wood for shelves Call me on my bullshit Lie to me n say my booty getting bigger even if it ain't -sza wed 1133 AM

Hidea Realizations

Tuesday 1055 PM I am scared. I just had what could be a morbid realization. it could be interpretted as something else if I try hard like I’m too high this is anxiety too fun this stuff is fuck you michael of the past month for laying poliwat to rot fuck you michael stop rapping stop it

Trapt In The Womb Master Document

Tuesday 831 PM [v1] to be or not to be not born yet I toothless I cannot sin I cannot win not yet person so I can spit the truth it a blaze blue dot I being born to trapt in womb while mother drinking in the kitchen green str8 merciless fate god given but god is worthless when you don’t exist that some food for thought she at food for less that some food stamps yes no fear oh I choose not to be our birth is but a sleep our birth is but a dream and a forgetting don’t you see dont be a slave to reality I cannot see choose not to be I choose not to be

Question Dejure

Tuesday 1017 AM Slept two horsu - barely made it to class ! up front flim flam books by list: ## ## ## Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, owners of the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, who had enthusiastically offered their services to all comers for decades, prepared to test the local nondiscrimination ordinance by reincorporating earlier this fall to add religious themes and purposes to their business charter. They sued the city preemptively once the federal courts had confirmed that Idaho’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples was unconstitutional From Sagan’s Demon-haunted world: To Tonio, My grandson.

Question Dehure

Nanshoku Ōkagami

Nanshoku Ōkagami === The Great Mirror of Male Love [ 男色大鏡 ] -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- Section One 1. Love: America's next top Contest Between Two Forces 2. Elementary my dear watson 2. The ABCs of Boy Love 3. Within the Fence: Pine, Maple, and a Willow Waist I waisted 4. Love Letter Sent in a Sea Bass 5. what the name of this club 6. northern lights more like 7.

Sweat Bynoon Bleed By 6

Monday 1024 AM What the hell is this dancing Was just down at the stage but had to shit so I came back up. this place is too good I don’t want to waste it We’re throwing a small show in a few weeks and I want to get the map done by then if that’s reasonable. My new mantra is sweat by noon, bleed by 6pm during the workdays here.

Climbed A Tree And You Are The Reward

Sunday 1019 PM Niko and I found a huge treehouse about 70 feet up on our property. really great talks and scheming with Niko james and laura came over and we all put together a setlist for art party loved it I slept in the woods at the chapel Climbed a super sketch tree haou fav link ever = https://paleblue.org/ wed 1125 PM FOR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandmother Willow

Friday 1054 AM Day one. on the phone with mom so I can’t journal. 1112 AM out in the woods by grandmother willow. Listening to kids tape from camp. Pretty good. I’m real behind I need to call Avery.

ILive With Krishna

Thursday 305 PM In the first hour of hanging out with this old indian dude in the sun by the jacoozi, I got a real sad spell. I became attached to him too quick, and thought how he doesn’t have much time left. It made me so sad, because the light in him shines brighter than anyone I’ve seen here. We shared a spliff and talked about everything. He affirmed that life is but a stage.

ITripp ITripp IFell

Wed 2:30 PM I submitted to darkness, the past few days have been a blur. I wasted Monday-now. But I had a real nice time having a solid hangout session with Darlene, we hiked around my house and I showed her classified liC. Addy fucked me so hard I have wanted to kill myself consistently since Sunday. Also Matt was the worst house guest, but he just got out of a relationship with Kim after 4 1⁄2 years so it’s understandable.

Creature Of Chemical Habit 2

Tues:135 PM On the phone with Darlene.

Condense That Complexity

Saturday 109 PM -==-=–==- guns rights

Elise And The Beach With Tianna

Friday 445 pm on the bach with tianna

Birth Of Oxalis Oregana

Wed 156 PM It’s my Bday. I have a glorious 1 hour off and it feel amazing. This has been my first week working as a Naturalist. I love it so much! The kids are great, yesterday after we caught salamanders, they all held out their hands for diet hot cheetos (which are carrots). And I threw them all over them, and they landed in the dirt. Then the kids joined the super secret dirty carrot club, and they took turns throwing dirty carrots into my mouth to eat.

The Last Day I Was 25

Tuesday 341 PM Gifu Flag of Gifu Prefecture Cities Ena Gero Gujō Hashima Hida Kakamigahara Kaizu Kani Mino Minokamo Mizuho Mizunami Motosu Nakatsugawa Ōgaki Seki Tajimi Takayama Toki Yamagata Anpachi District Anpachi Gōdo Wanouchi Fuwa District Sekigahara Tarui Hashima District Ginan Kasamatsu Ibi District Ibigawa Ikeda Ōno Kamo District Hichisō Higashishirakawa Kawabe Sakahogi Shirakawa Tomika Yaotsu Kani District Mitake Motosu District Kitagata Ōno District Shirakawa Yōrō District Yōrō =-= ||

Naturalist Mike Day 1

Monday 1054 AM Day one of being a naturalist. I have bandanas anad akjhfda slh bsiduhflsjhs l,s jnk The base of my confidence is this laminated map of camp, with an expo marker. I’ll have the kids figure out the best routes and help them navigate. I’ll also try to get them to sing as much as they can. Listening to A go to whenever you need to calm your nerves before doing something new.

Rose And Thorn And Guitar

Sunday 728 PM thats a truth and a half or half truth I tasted your white lies through red lips off red wine Listen to desert dwellers Isis oasis A little north of Santa Rosa Good fire spinning shut in Saturday and Sunday Popped a tab at a taqeuria leo carillo Okay 👌🏾 so Buy local Max Buy local min Rose and thorn and guitar 🎸 Hop monk And also flappers and kids And also at a bar trying to score bud And also being sick and feeling like the victim of a gangbang on my throat Hashtag too many pics Mom get out of my womb What do you do?

True Noble

Sunday 1006 AM -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- @ cam ted gus wirh jack :D WE had a great time -=–=-=–==-=-=-=- give those to me in a navy blue - slacks - UH - gus birth is an eviction no cause no squatters rights -=-=-= only share goog doc of contract fix website up with edits edit LLC document more -=-=-=

Where Is My Juul

Saturday 347 AM just kidding. I know where that’s at –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– help –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=– –==-=-=-=-=–


Moonday 1052 AM @camp, day 1 - going to be here for two weeks.Avery gave me a 64 gb ipod and I’m loading it with all sorts of tunes now!!! Life has been so good, I haven’t had a chance to do a decent log lately. Been getting fire audio on the regs, and have been blasting through it. monday 858 pm children’s book that teaches kids about addiction. kids are eating dinner in the dining room, talking asking where dad is.

IReally Need

**Snday 1017 Pm ** monday 1051 AM iFogot


Saturdayy 314 AM -=–=-===-=-=–==–=-=-=- I’m Swindlyr, hello hello Swindlyr Swindlyr? yes What is the name of your startup? Adam Adam Smith Swindlyr 0-0–0—0-00–0-00-0-00-00- -Swindlyr Hello Swindlyr

Meatball Innovators

Friday 629 PM Official, me Avery and Tom are all meatballs. We just got Meatballs and on the way, there was a truck of meatballs. Avery and I stayed up until 5 AM, https://www.verywellmind.com/infp-a-profile-of-the-idealist-personality-type-2795987 https://themes.gohugo.io/theme/forty/ real fucked up anime = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_Titan sophie = https://www.boundarysolutions.com/ –=-=-==–==-=– –=-=-==–==-=– –=-=-==–==-=– –=-=-==–==-=– –=-=-==–==-=– –=-=-==–==-=– Live on the air right now, and damn I’m on a good one. Just crashing a small amount from having 1 beer.

Los Gatos Treehaus And Mchiggen

Thursday 1115 AM @ starbucks, got a ride from Niko to Los Gatos, now I’ll splurge the 18 bucks for a lyft to get to the station. I’m not making any money after it’s all said and done, but getting 50 bucks to record a podcast is still great cause it pays for transportation and food for the day, and I get to edit my audio the rest of the day.

Midnight Mondays Theres A Drumset Above Me Right Now

Monday 1052 PM THere’s a drumset right above me. Check it out evee white - poet on hankerchief planting flags

Darlene On My Mind

Monday 1159 AM On the stage at my new house. The last 48 hours was insane! I spent 101 buck at grocery outlet, and have been at my house all weekend. Spent from dawn to the time I passed on music yesterday. Made about 30 minutes of radio. Pretty fast pace, my workflow has gotten much faster. however the inner junky in me won, and I day drank smoked and did some extra credit drugs as well.

Nesting On Craydon

Saturday 323 PM This is the kind of house for new spontaneous drug use. CA honeydrops live off the monitors and I’m decorating my room.

Department Of Defense

Friday 325 PM Did I already link this I forgot The website looks like a bunch of dreams I’ve had with many doors. @kzsu with tom avery and our guest. Darlene was here! She’s going to go record and will be back. I’m about to get a shot of us in the studio working the boards for the show, for my video resume. So much has happened that I haven’t logged, it’s beutiful.

Rayn Bane

Friday 851 AM LOL

How You Quantify The Quantify

Thursay 256 pM "How you Quantify the quatify" trilobyte jon de la cruz “it’s not beautiful if it doens’t function” -jon Frid 1205 AM The last thing I should be doing is writing a log right now because I’m so behind. BUT right after recording I talked with Mark Lawrence a bit at the station, and went to a sound healing class put on my by new housemates and it was so rad!

Cupid And Psyche Plus Flapperboy MD

wed 237 pm MD == music director; I’m applying to be one right after work on the farm today. -=–==-=- -=-=-=-=- Hi, I’m michael betts! I just wanted to send a quick video along with my resume and portfolio so that you could get a better idea of who I am and whether I’m a good fit or not. I’m a super senior at UCSC, for a major in Psych and I’m an electronic music minor program.


Escher Halp

Monday 118 PM I could use some HALP Zappa is back in my life so it can’t be that bad I can do anything now. shakespeare and saxophone titties and theremin = faith into facts =

Tecnhicolor Selffe

Monday 1018 AM Sitting in my new room. I haven’t done any decorating yet, and have been sleeping on a sleeping pad / bag combo the past two nights. It’s been swell, with a tinge of freaking out. I haven’t vocalized my freakout among friends, we were too busy having a fun time. Just got off the phone with SR, it looks like they liked me at camp enough to include me for more dates!

Peters Cafe

Friday 808 PM @ Peter’s cafe right at the milbrae station. Got a ride from my new buddy Kiev to the North Berkeley BART, he got off at 16th and mission to hit the city with old college friends. I’d rather pay 10 bucks and sit at this cafe while waiting the hour for the caltrain over taking a taxi, this is much nicer. Then I get to be on my laptop for both.


Friday 234 PM Way too excited right now to be productive. I’m terrified to look at my bank account. But I did just get paid. CAMP WAS SO FUN There’s so many cool people here, it’s unreal. About to get a ride from Kiev to San Fran, where I’ll probably jump on Caltrain (or hang with gusTedCam for a few hours), where I’ll deep clean. Now it’s all about, clean moving and applying for 3 places:

CYO Camp Day 2

Wed 307 PM NPR vibes but more liberal racoon eating woman blood type !!! japan they do a study on personality by blood types 0-=-=-0 0-=-=-0 0-=-=-0 0-=-=-0 Also Megdawg definitely get prince with St. Lucia!!!!!!!!!!!! They could be eating the same spaghetti lady and the tramp style. It’s v1 cause I do that with like all audio projects, cause nothing ever feels donezoperoxzide. OMG the racoon eating woman !!!

CYO Camp Day 1

Tuesday 929 AM too busy to type, less than an hour a day on it


Monday 1034 PM Megan Jones! MJ! Sexy boy scout mike chronicles coming in live, I’m under a bridge by a stream. I just played some keys and saw black panther. I was underslept We cleaned the theatre up, I packed for scouting and a columbian filmaker wants to film with us! He brought us into the basement where he has a nice little studio, in the same building for in the building wants

Mojo Mike

Saturday 1207 PM @NB == Slept in the theatre last night with pero. The whole TSS crew did tech rehearsal until like 3 AM - so matt and I just crashed there. It was a good move, cause I was able to wake up early, drive over and buy a go pro hero 4 off Kyle from letgo, and get some footage. Had a nice talk with a man at a lablabyrinthrythnh outside some real nice cathedral close to Pine street.

A Onewheel Hitchhike Scoot

Thursday 950 AM FIRE AUDIO!!!! Been getting great clips around here. Had a nice V day in SC. Me Ian and Nick made a beat. Last night I walked down to the stage at midnight last night. I started a little fire but put it out cause there wasn’t much good firewood around. This morning I was waiting at the bus stop but a dude came driving by in a forerunner, so I hitched a ride with him.

V V Day

Wed 9:45 AM Aye it’s V day! Just got dropped off at Finn’s coffee by Nick but I forgot my wallet. Everyone’s on their best behavior on V day practicing my monologue Hi, astronaut Michael Betts. You deserve an explanation. I did torture a bunch of the sims in the neighborhood we made. I removed pool ladders while sims were swimming, and I made everyone show up to their funerals in swimwear.

Albatresbians Before A Double Date

Tuesday 6:45 PM Find myself in BMC for the first time in years. Had a fun set practicing with Poliwat with Cripi last night on my show. We started around 1AM, before that I spun Jack’s Eve Online Podcast and it was sick!!! I’m so proud of him, it’s prefoessional. After landing @ empire studios On campus for t-minus 3 minutes and I find myself in the front row of a lecture.

Monologue Mike To Minilogue

Monday 1115 PM I can’t focus to save my life right now. I SHOULD be working on my mixes, but am sleep deprived and am basically prepping for my show at midnight. At the station. Crispi will be here tonight, I’ll spin Jack’s podcast then him and I will play a set.

He Writes With His Eyes And Reading To Death

Sunday 841 PM About to hangout with Chandra, she’s going to I JUST FOUND OUT STEPHEN HAWKING WRITES IN FULL CAPS A LOT LOL ## THE DUNN AND KREUGER EFFECT that's a truth and a half or half truth like wrong but right totally false yet correct –==–=-=-=-==-=- –==–=-=-=-==-=- –==–=-=-=-==-=- –==–=-=-=-==-=- –==–=-=-=-==-=- on hangint wiht chandra : So we decided to dordash a bit, and the only order that came in was ironically at the same pizza place, an entire sausage and veggie pizza Except when we scooted to the building, I accidently marked it as delivered.

Dolo With Diamonds

Sunday 1204 PM Jack and I have our 4 diamonds on bart. I couldn’t sneak on this time. But I can sneak off so I’ll sneak out then sneak in then swipe out at the end of the day at the same station. Heading to DOLO where we’ll pass out flyers. shibes! hoo hoo loombick wickson trobe se gwibsin dar Simulacrum hoo ha! ya four corb ya stevie batuni tumba grew pow garvini a gibs sharoostay yar kay whats bubanna indoor twey barso amoeba banor sneep, fuck trump, frooch?

Goodbye Mirage Hello Cash

Saturday 504 PM Cash flow is good on a train I love good old slow old amtrak I haven’t done a solid update in a while - BUT went from trimming in boulder creek, to lasering @NB, to meeting up with Manny at 2:30 AM and hanging out with him until 5, then sleeping in my car, then hitting NB all day, then Y session with Jack, then drove to Avery’s, we practiced our set, smoked and took choomies for our live performance on day of noise.


friday 115 AM operation hail mary is going well… was up with manny till 5 am slept in my car outside his studio space woke up and am at noisebridge almost done with my valentine’s day cuts, almost there Pale blue master doc 1. pale blue drive 2. pale blue radio 3. pale blue dick 4. pale blue drum 5. pale blue Studios 6. pale blue stage 7. pale blue kickback 8.

Met My First True Shaman

Thursday 857 PM `` Met my first true shaman his name is victor everyone else before this was a shaman in training like me there’s drunk Shaman slut shaman happy shaman but this is generic shaman DMT shaman if anything idk ``` Cutting some wood Bob from the farm gave me, making valentines day cards Thur 1126 PM “Anytime” some random dude said to lizzie

Manican Master Doc

Movie For A Millionaire

(He’s a Billionaire but this sounds better) Thursday 114 AM I’m real disapointed in myself. Threw up at the first coozi sesssion @ my new place up empire grade. The place gets a new name pbdHQ == Pale blue dawt studios. shot list: narrative: Hey steve I’m michael michael betts I’m sorry I missed yoU! I’m the webmaster for the innovators show, usually I’m there on Fridays. I know you’re the dude for trends but a little bit about myself.

True Self And Sexagon Trimming

Tuesday 11 PM @ up empire grade. Fun stuff! I need to edit for my show BAD. Nick and I working on a track! Trimmed today in paradise.

Birth Of Empire Studios

Sunday 1124 Am It’s in the tape

Anna Karenina

Sat 1114 AM @Lulu’s in downtown SC. Listening to the women’s march dance tune AHA! I love it. Anna is sitting next to me, my TA for a marixsm class a couple years ago. I didn’t say hi but did say ‘god bless you’. She’s grading papers from section, just like when I was in the course. She got more stylin for sure. Not that she ever wasn’t. SBGC still gives me goosebumps so fucking cool.

Kiantis And Kevin In Da Cruz

Friday 1128 AM In matt’s prius - we’re heading for a fun day in the cruz. I’ll go try and see David Dunn in person, after dropping an application off at Kianti’s. Kush got me a trim job! I’m stoked I start Monday. I’ll go all out on selling Earths and other Art. Friday 108 PM Alright I nailed the job! Now the only tricky part will be the whole living without a car, I’ll start shopping around for a gas scooter

Coeur DAlene

Thursday 947 AM On Caltrain, heading to meet cam. We’re getting haircuts today! The plumber that came this morning was talking to Jack’s mom about moving within the next year. He placed the house at about 2.3 million, where I’m crashing. In a late night episode, I was looking up the prices of places in CA, and San Mateo it about the 3rd most expensive place in the state. The thing is, you will always feel poor.


Wed 3:29 PM @starbucks got off the phone with nick Kush, I’ll hit him up by 6 about getting a pizza job at Kianti’s in Downtown SC. Doesn’t seem that bad. But I want audio work!!!! I WANT AUDIO WORK! I want to find out who that guy is that was at the film party. Today is all about getting my porfolio going. -==-=–=- tasks otra vez update personal website update pale blue dawt write credits for 1st ep figure out tom’s site update linkedIn log into right accounts across devices setup social media schedule -==-=-=-

Last Stop And Over Into A New Chapter

Tuesday 714 PM 4 all nighters in a row; today has been a blur at best. Had a nice little practice with Jack in the local park close to his house. The application for this grad program is due Feb 14th, basically a week from now because I need to mail it. That puts me in a little bit of a time crunch. Tonight is a media night! update personal website update pale blue dawt write credits for 1st ep figure out tom’s site update linkedIn log into right accounts across devices setup social media schedule

Cant Sustain This

monday 901 PM @KZSU to all the people that said I wouldn't amount to anything I still havent given up 3 all nighters in a row, going on 4 tonight. I am v stressed cause I did a solid first episode for my radio show, and the thing is, when you do something abnormally good, you need to do better that next week, so I won’t sleep much luckily the sound library provides and I don’t need to stress about getting tape

Nocturnal Mike

sunday 340 PM today is a media day did 2 all nighters in the studio and now can’t find my hard drive cable so I want to kill myself today is a social media day today is an anti social day -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- everyone hits play no on listens not like ever did anyway no one listens -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=-

Pbd Episode Template

Sat 938 PM KZSU Stanford College Radio You’re listening to the first episode of pale blue dawt tonight’s episode is more of a human collage of sound and music, all sounds are from my sound library, with music sprinkled over real people, living real lives, This is billed as a talk show, however the people speaking are augmented with music -=-=-=-=-=-==–=-= tonight’s episode, life, the musical -=-=-==–= Credit by timestamp;

Tic For Tat

Friday 1057 AM I can healthily say I’m disapointed in myself. But I got great tape doing an interview with Mitch. Tonight I’m interviewing Moxie. The RULE that I learned fucking TWICE - don’t get high before interviews. It’s only their graciousness that carries it. So when I want something, I need to get in the habit of mentally postponing it, I have gotten so stuck Friday 1243 PM I am not sane


Thursday 708 AM Managed to make it out of bed this early. Man rituals. It all begins with rituals. Thursday 843 AM Made a track since waking up Fuck I’m so disorganized!!! I’m very lucky to have nothing on my schedule today persay. It’s a pomodoro_life type of day. TSS Practice Thursday 1035 AM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Chekhov –=-==–==– Hi, I’m Michael Betts! Now a few months ago I was possibly going to be working on a web app for ya’ll at the third wave.

Mood Mood Mood Mood Resilience

Wed 541 PM Today was a hermit days this is what happened; laundry ++ Kitchen cleanup ++ scheduled peter ++ called DD again ++ (4th time) got https://palebluedawt.com/ setup Editing 1st episode Talked to social good on phone for 45 minutes - playing with the idea of turning Pale Blue Dawt into a musical montage project ( users can send me their tape ) Pale blue dawt, radio Life The musical


Tues 630 PM Podcast Monitization with Jen Briney of The Congressional Dish Podcast The people here Ragnor Earth aliens Happily ever Aftermath Happily ever Aftermath Youtube Lunch and coder Cam just told me about this united vote No Agenda Podcast Recommended by Jen: No Agenda Podcast Ragnar Lodbrok update this is the smarted MB I’ve seen in a while MB, might lead the ThinkTank

Day Ofand Day 2 Of One Meal A Day

Monday 353 PM Day 2 of one meal a day. Trying to get to the station, have to wait for the dryer guy here at Katie’s place. Haven’t been high in 2 days! Looking for options, Chad is buying my car, so I will be able to move. The place in SC is great, but it’s getting tough to find some good work. A Berlin plane ticket is 375, round trip.

Pomodoro Life

Sunday 635 AM Today I’m going to try something new. From 7 to 7 I’ll pomodoro it. prac lines piano sound Library workout workdoor dash read write Pomodoro_life 10:30 - 11 Shower 11 - 1130 - Clean Kitchen 1130 - 12 - submit ticket to caviar to change to bike 12:38 PM - Sent sydney audio, got coffee, 12:38 - 1pm - blocking ep 1 for pbd 1pm - phone calls 139 PM - still working at starbucks on PBD ep 1

Womens March And Comida Overdose

SATURDAY 725 PM https://store.carsieblanton.com/track/vim-vigor sat 848 pm write out, keep napping 934 PM I’m too tired to be effective at this point. Can’t even think straight. Down to leave noisebridge now. The women’s march was awesome.

Moxie Sinclair The Good Choco And Good Deeds

Friday 1007 AM Got woken write simlish Friday 111 pm https://www.dailygood.org/pdf/ij.php?tid=682 https://soundcloud.com/kaiyabaku/fish-tacos "women that fuck a lot have less empathy" (and are usually damaged) (A LOT ) - jack rogers Friday 2:59 pm I don’t think "don't hold people accountable for jokes" - JR

Why Dont I Work Harder

Thu 544 PM Jack and I just ate pizza @supreme. Why don’t I work harder? I want to answer this question. Aside from being human. I have needs. I feel horny, hungry, and sleepy. We’re about to head to rehearsal. Audio lockdown - I need to get more efficient. work harder and smarter. While also enjoying myself along the way. What was that author that said something like life is easy to understand but terribly impossible to execute.

Pbd Ep 1

Thursday 1222 AM Title: Hightlights - What I will listen to at 60 All my follies all my my Eggies Duration: 1hr PALE BLUE DAWT First EP Top of the hour This is stanford the beat 90.1 This is the first episode, so we need to do a little housekeeping. This is the spot to be! Midnight Monday!!! For those watching live on Twitch, you can watch me exercise with my workout band while we listen.

The Magician And Persona

Wed 4AM Sleeping in Brian’s living room. obsessed with this piano and my mom talking over Christmas break. I can’t stop listening to this. I’ll include in the first ep, it’s going to be Midnight Mondays! Midnight is perfect because I can do the show as long as I like. I’ve been loving SF this last week, a lot. Tomorrow I need to really focus on dash n promoting Wednesday 930 AM On bart, just had TSS rehearsal @linked in.

Fantastic Planet

Tuesday 5:34 PM For the record, I have eaten three weird donut things and also bought some sativa for a vape. It’s charging now. I was waiting until 5pm, but Brian is on his way to meet me hear at NB so I’ll wait for him. Just landed my first interview with Pale Blue Dawt! Very Stoked. I reached out to about 6 people for interviews so far. She was the first to describe.

Silicon Valleys Peculiar Matin Algorithm And Meeting Manny

I’m literally in the coolest spot right now Manny’s Place! https://smmirror.com/2018/01/filmmaker-stephen-most-to-appear-at-santa-monica-public-library-january-27/ https://350.org/ https://annekatran.deviantart.com/art/Earth-133471815 https://gallery.mailchimp.com/d98bc191795a26a2e0dec3420/files/FREE_Simple_Keto.01.pdf https://foursquare.com/v/wordnik-hq/4f0f36b7e4b035449940c72f/photos https://erinmckean.com/work/ https://thirdeyepinecones.com/founders-story https://vimeo.com/130157606

Daily Pay

Sunday 12:47 PM Daily pay went through Been browsing the net and prepping for the show. I’ve gotta get more organized. Clean up Audio prompt anyone to call and leave a voicemail for my show (say whatever you want) define scheduling process reach out to eco companies write cold email template for show make all accounts figure out workflow for show where do I write sketch ideas? where do I organize the show?

Heads Or Chasing Tail Or Chasing Tails

Saturday 344 PM Just wasted an hour with Chase, almost opened an account. Doordashed early into the morning last night, will do again tonight. Then I will be on the first caltrain in the city, and will try to scoot n dash for the day. Hope the orders are fat :D Noname on blast @ this starbucks Quick TOFO TO DO : Get contacts imported on new Phone catchup on audio debt PBD TODO: setup social media accounts press kit audio recipes template for first show make list of venues ++ people to hit up

Linked In Doordash Music Now

Friday 123 PM { @Music Now with Jack } I DJed' his wedding Life is a meme. It’s not the time to update. Howard Bernard I’m outa time "at 25 you're allowed to be dumb" - Jordan Peterson This poliwat AJ is going to be more where I’m at acoustically VS the druggy fueled madness of the past few months. I want to be an industrial hippie. https://aeon.co/essays/nuclear-deterrence-is-more-ideology-than-theory

Arco Santi

Thursday 8:30 AM @ steflono's by the beach ! I can hear birds going HEY Last night we jammed at Nick Kush’s place, it was tight. I rapped the best I’ve ever rapped, all we need is a singer or two and we’re good to go! This morning I’m submitting the application for a radio show, then meeting up with Jack from Music Now again to continue the DJ application process.

We Are Rich

Wed 233 PM || SC Mchen Library Have electronic ensemble at 4 pm https://youtu.be/4wXJWaqFbQc Depersonalization-derealization Method (NOT Disorder) https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/depersonalization-disorder-mental-health https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/krista-mills/dissociative-disorders_b_7073238.html https://www.psychforums.com/schizoid-personality/topic82720.html Destroy disorder first philosophy of conventional psychology { look at the semantics of psychology as a field, the vocabulary in terms of pos / neg implicating words }

All Humans Ween

Tuesday 9:28 AM I’m going to try something new. Instead of getting high, I will do something new. Looking over the past month I’ve taken the time to regulate substances, and have been made noticeable improvement. I have now made it about 5 days since my last tobacco hit and so I may be in the clear. It’s been hard at times being around many friends with countless substance opportunities.

Dont Worry About Technology

Monday 1038 AM "Don't ever worry about the tech. Worry about the craft"

Shibuntu Dolo

Sunday 2:27 PM Made it to good old NB. At the standup desk. Just had TSS rehearsal at Dolores Park with Jack, Brian, Zoheb, and Cam. It went well! Oops, I did it again. Had a great 2 days in SC with shiba, shubat, ariel, stefan, dani, and too many more. Great catchup with Dibs, we went to tap and walked all around the city. Bless the world, This morning I had to pull this bad boy out:

Sustainability Sanity Love

Wed 1 PM Sustainability Sanity Love === Sanctimony agressiveness, horniness Jack and I rushed with our packs to Caltrain Hayward Park across the wet pavement with my on my scooter and him running. We barely made it! Heading to SF where we’ll get groceries and Stefan / Ariel / Siobhan will pick us up. Then we’ll head to a cabin in Bolinas for the night. "God damn it I wish I hadn't fallen" - Jack Jack slipped and fell on the yellow tactile plate.

New Year Nw Me Said The Woman In Hiit Class

Sunday 252 PM @ Craig’s - him and I shopped for my mom and we made her a killer spagetti squash meatball casoural. I’ve been searching for my HD cable for a couple days now, it totally disappeared. remember the ideas that will work Mantra of 1000 Out with the old, in with the new New shit. I’m going after a bunch of new shit means cleaning up files. Looking at files with sentiment:

Robyn Red Beast

thursday 824 AM don’t even

Grit Hiit Ardvark

Tuesday 436 PM Aardvark https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tummo https://youtu.be/lWXUgltnDQ4 https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CCDPHP/DEODC/EHIB/CDPH%20Document%20Library/Cell-Phone-Guidance.pdfom -=–==- wed 1001 PM @ Sean’s w/Chad T Ferr questions from tools of titans. He’s a smooze but these questions are decent. What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift, and why? Or what re one to three books that have greatly influenced your life? What purchase of $100 or has most positively changed your life? How has a failure, or apparent failures, set you up for later success?

Christmas Eve And Whats Your Kpi

Sunday 807 PM What’s your KPI index? Katy Perry Index. You take Katy Perry’s followers index and then divide it by your your followers.. So my KPI is 0.000000560747664 If she has 107,739,348 followers, you Leaving the De Paulos, heading to my parent’s house. It’s been about three weeks without any alcohol. It’s not much different, except for the fact that I eat more. Talking about other subjects other than yourself is the way to go.

Blood Equity And Permission

Saturday 1131 PM Getting good tape right now of Craig’s dad talking about starting his business. Now it’s life talk. Kev got drunk and was asking for work basically. -=–=-=-==–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I’ve been thinking about my radio show starting in a couple weeks. First off, the tape that I play on the show all needs to be Greenlit. I’ll get the clips I want to play in playlists, then send individual tracks to people so they can hear exactly what’s up.

Best Tape 0 Gain

Saturday 936 AM So last night my cousin R called me. He’s a military guy on the east coast. We had the most HILARIOUS and loving short talk, best tape of my life. I was recording but had the gain on the mic at 0, so I got none of it. These are are the moments you become used to when chasing tape. Cause tape can’t be chased. You can only set the parameters of the situation, that’s when the best tape occurs.

Lil yung Dyl Trip

Friday 125 PM went to Y bout to Christmas shop adventure with C Chang! lil dyl Tripplett set bob dylan lyrics to tripllet trap rap beats HILARIOUS TO HEAR Friday 528 pm What a long awesome day. Laying in a sleeping bag now waiting for my fingers to dethaw. https://decentraland.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage#/media/File:Cage_de_Faraday.jpg faraday bag lady https://aframe.io/# The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

A Beetles Penis Holds The Key

Thursday 1152 AM @ Post haus - it’s sweet. Did grocery shopping, just hit CL hard. Post all equipment on letgo / CL w/ really strong prices Finish Christmas designs Fix phone - update and empty

Alright I Admit Master Doc

Alright I admit it. Your twenties is the time for colossal mistakes. At the ripe young age of 25, I have made some of my largest mistakes over the past 3 months. 1. Credit Don’t live off a credit card ever again, ever. 2. Art No one cares about your art, no one cares about you until you ‘make it’ **My mistake was** 3. Here they are, and what I am to do.

Bloody Motherfucking Asshole

Wed 937 AM Cuz Miles sent me this (solid way to start the day) @ Starbucks in San Mateo. Just got in last night - Jack and I did TSS rehearsal at the KZSU station. Jack’s dad is here! Lexi just showed up before I left as well. I packed the vehicle up with music equipment I’m starting to sell on letgo. I take solace in writing. I’ve been lost without my writing.

Mendel Castle

monday 919 pm I had an option between food || vape and I chose vape for the night! did 3 workout classes about to run through TSS. we’re playing what about the founding duahgters! the type that ass that make me holla sideways Id walk the plank to get lost in her ways then get sidetracked mic check is this thing on I’m tired of drugs I gotta move on I say that off cannabis my medication

Occams Razor

Monday 10 AM yep

Star Wars Return Of The Trumpet Winsock

Sat 1024 PM @ SLO GRIND in mall with my new buddy Cesar. Today is the day of logging catchup, this weekend is dedicated to catching poliwat up to snuff. All about counting the dead ( ), returning to base, and figuring out the next set of actions. Snoopkanye is the official name of my vehicle - Last night saw the new star wars with aaron alex craig kevin chad sean and cesar - a good turnout !

Jujitsu Day One

Wed 1140 PM Best YT comment I’ve seen AHAHAHA I've been programming for 19 years. People think creating AI with self modifying code is really difficult when the development of AI has only been limited by CPU power. Its actually quite easy, that's why its so scary. Genetic Algorithms are mostly a copy paste job, the only programming that is required is figuring out the heuristic. They are extremely simple by virtue of the fact that it can basically start with nothing and will always eventually get the result you want in a semi brute force fashion, the only factor is time.

Copped A Mirage In La

Sunday 213 PM If you want to know how it’s going, it’s going smokey we are wearing masks outside on account of the Thomas fire. Today is Sunday, I got a 2015 Mitsubishi mirage that is in near perfect condition for 4500 last night in Oleta. Kevin Craig and I drove down together for it. It is ‘plasma purple’ though it really is mother fucking pink AHAHAHAHAHA! I love it.

Outcomes Over Products

Fri 907 AM yep sold chessy :(

Impetus YMMV

Friday 905 AM

The Day With Godel

Wed 1146 AM I spent extra time in bed meditating. The mantra I repeated was I will not be self destructive Where am I missing the mark and why can’t I function in society? Because society is sick. Society is disgusting. How do I overcome my disgust? I finish by first book. That combats the disgust. We c ÂÂÂ asdasd Tasklist at Library: Solve problem of being able to pickup and continue book writing, make a schedule as to how I can finish it by the end of February.

Am I Master Doc

Am I Maser document Am i doomed am I dumb am I dooped am am I done and I wanna am I oops am I broke AM ||(*pronounced or) PM loops am I done am I done pooping am I done learning the same mistakes am I going to remember this time am I going to forget last time am I going to do better last night { than } am I a mistake or am I mistaken am I a good date or a terrible longterm situation?

This Is How You Buy Flowers

This is how you buy flowers Oh I fell asleep I fell asleep next to a horse troph in a field Want to know how this happened It all started last night I got picked up by a girl in a Mazda 3 We went to 711 and she bought a bottle of ménage a trois And then we went back to my apartment When I woke up I saw a daisy And it reminded me of when I was a kid When I was 13 I got my mom flowers to Valentine’s Day I didn’t have any money so I stole them from Walmart My mom found out I stole them and Took us both back to Walmart She had me return the flowers to the manager and she gave me money to buy her flowers And she said This is how you buy flowers

When You Disappoint Your Mentor

Tuesday 613 PM I feel like trash, and rightly so. I accidentally backed up my bus into Todd’s side door when I was realigning it for the lift. All shop trust was wiped at that. I’m writing a schedule tonight, and am going to nail these projects. This is the place for the schedule at first, and it will be moved to a calendar. I have been writing a lot in other places outside of poliwat… I have a full SD card of fresh audio collected throughout the last week.

All Humans Chunk

Monday all humans Chunk Chunking :

I Dont Want To Learn The Same Lesson Twice

Saturday 822 AM Been writing a lot in the vanilla Notes app that comes with OSX. I got great alien tape of my mom last night I don’t want to learn this same shit, I’ve gone in a cycle since 21-22 and it’s time to identify then break it. I can’t stand the thought of learning these same lessons yet again at 26 or 27. holy tits this is important.

Im Getting A Car

1222AM Selling my bus Buying a car a good producer has reliable wheels https://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html Crack the seal

My Lowest Low 2

Thursday 114 PM Dear parents, I declare myself in a state of emergency! I have managed to shower, eat well, work and play so far. Today is day 1 of complete sobriety. We are having this meeting because you expressed concern. That’s great! Because I could really use some help. One must listen before they help, so I wrote down an overview of my work. I feel overwhelmed, and you will soon see why.

3 Simple Things

Wed 2:40 PM Currently shitting. The highs were definitively worth the lows, and now I’m knee deep in yet again, another new project. I see the patterns. I am unable to execute poliwat in the time frame _jan 2nd_. I am unable to leave my parents house because I have -57 in my bank account I am almost done with my first book I am starting a laser cut art business

Fell Off The Wagon

tuesday 1113 pm fell Off tomorrow starts sober cleanse when im sober i redirect that energy into learning stuff itll be all out illustrator and rd works

I Have Not Been Lower Than This

Tuesday 1044 AM -57 in my bank account gives me all the focus people pay money for I sell my art at all costs, always Day 1 It’s Monday, my new full time job is starting a laser cutting business. || End of the day summary: Day 2 Make designs make designs make designs ``` burned myself shocked myself shot myself hurt myself toked myself smoke myself float myself heal myself

The Darpa Montage

I’ve been in a vault because I’m writing a book And it’s almost done Also been BRAIN SLAMMING via GIPHY

Ask For A Half Pound Of Raw Cacao Beans

Fruda 141 PM No poliwat logs because it’s winter and I am a bear this book is almost done with the book Monday 20 pm check polly : from polly : https://www.socialgoodfund.org/fiscal-sponsorship/apply-for-sponsorship/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle-cell_disease

She Drives A Tanning Bed To Work

Wed 933 PM Watching an old thankskilling SNL with my mom and there’s no where else I’d rather be in the universe right now

It Only Gets Harder

Tuesday 9AM Todays another train all day situation. This is Day 1 of L is C. Can’t talk about it yet. tuesady 955 PM CHOOMED 3 Tuesday 730 pm for the good chocolate. gift it with audio to these 10 rappers the good chocolate.wav with a SICK sample kit theGoodChocolate.wav I believe nature, critters, and I just balanced on an exercise ball showing a baby how to punch with punching gloves on.

First Day

Monady 1130 AM Haven’t written much in poliwat because I started a secret project I can’t talk about. I’m publishing a book anonymously, it has 10,000 words so far. Wrote it all in one all nighter last Friday night. That’s all I’ll say about it. The piano has been drinking. The audio I got yesterday: 2-3 people moved my recorder while it was in place. Ahahahaha too bad. ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-= ==–=–=-=

Love Is Capital

-=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–=-=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= -=–= Friday 504 PM Love is Capital TOC: Introduction 1 - The elevator pitch { Book that’s two simple ideas. 1st, an argument using objective truths on why love makes sense .

Today Is The Day

Friday 1058 am ^Jordan’s going to play this during his set on Saturday without telling me. I want to re-record it all better. Adventures occur, but never on time I’m behind schedule but today is the today -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= -==-=–= Notes from Ben’s [podcast]() 5:30 - alternatives to violence, how to approach conflict nonviolently 25:25 - a lot of suffering went into that thought

I Miss Myself Missing You

Stefand and I freestyled to his latest track in the car on the way to noisebridge in heavy traffic for 45 minutes. I'm looking for humanity through a laptop screen is it my escape through all the haze you owe it to you owe it only to yourself in my mind all the time when you feel [] you wont [] I wanna hideout in my house buy my dreams in a vending machine outa this atmosphere space station I'm looking high and below I'm looking High I'm looking High and below Capture your essence from behind a screen only good tv is for dopamine they mastered it the truth we all end up worm's food -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= gemini two things in my mind I'm looking I'm hard hard pressed to find someone who does what they love 24/7 no obstruction play it play think of life like a play play it to heart and soul but the mud has consumed me with fear I I I live my own life I I live my own life I'm hard I I miss myself missing you I love myself I float above all the bullshit you spraying from another blogger asshole on the street sunshine on the opacity I I miss myself missing you I I am strong that my sayance I am the only one that has to live with I I I I I am fed I am fed up I am fed I am fed up with the feeds selling me my next thought algorithms that train the patterns of I am fed up with humans excuses for not getting anything done I am fed up with people not living the way they like Abstract they problems away to traffic I am fed I am fed up with abstracted thought I am fed up with how we can justify we the ones not doing the damage done I am fed up with how we can justify we aint the ones holding the gun I am fed up with my mind change my mind all the time great minds think alike great minds fuck sometimes this beat makes me wanna ask if you wanna dance I wanna dance I wanna dance with great minds I wanna make a better world I wanna make a better BLT I wanna understand this monkey beat I wanna express love in new ways I wanna make sense of the world apocaplypse they left us WITH they left us full of sin media out for cigs left to the world where wolves win dystopian underhugged underloved I'm overhugged over worked I think I might breakout in breakdance on bart next time I get high show someone your life is beautiful and unique

My Dumping Grounds

Wed 811PM Philip Wadler is here talking about Haskell. I ate too many mushrooms and tried to piss in an empty starbucks cup while stefan and I drove through the city, but he hit a speed bump and I got piss all over myself. I’m wearing his clothes :) This poliwat shit is really my dumping grounds. It’s the one space where I can unleash everything. Other social media sites suck a phat chode.

Oakies Sleepover

Tuesday 1012AM INSERT 56k MODEM AUDIO HERE IDIOT. Carry your fucking h5 more often, high head. Made videos last night for the Sims’ Sims Going to upload cause they’re hilarious [https://ww2.kqed.org/forum/2017/11/13/sasha-abramsky-fear-is-americas-most-dangerous-epidemic/]KQEd with Sims 2 music in the background what happened to daily audio digest? We have an audio meetup on the 19th but it’s gotta be moved and hour earlier. I’m tired of social media so I’ve been on a little hiatus.

How To Meet And Maintain Your Mentors

Monday 219PM ^when I postive cash flow I’m going on this =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= =–=-==–=-= TODOS mail thing to dan cut chocolate logo into 4 layers - etch with laser cutter @NB work on innovators website tell james we got that birthday thing first so it’s gotta be 11 make reference shots for Chris by scene and email him Think about making brochure / start on lasercut business card design / schedule a time to see Tom

How To Show Your Mom You Love Her

Sunday 1216 PM idiot, include the sign you made her, here. @noisebridge 137 pm made this going to go mail it off with a little note -= –=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-= also my buddy just recommended I apply to this: https://www.theatrebayarea.org/page/generalauditions -===-

Gift Ideas Dont Read Fam

Sat 855 PM bonnie - lzr puzzle me - phone case ptr - chess Dad - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2639118 mom - necklace https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-quickly-get-a-photo-ready-for-Etching-on-th/ pl - https://i.pinimg.com/originals/34/0f/73/340f73deff34ef12cc548904fa5e35bc.jpg Sat 917 PM a show about weird craigslist interactions and stories also should I buy this textEdit, it crashed twice today. that’s what we on


sat 1014 am losing my will to live no I have strong will fuck that I could use a martial arts class satursya 220pm redneck savant when I first learned to read I learned it both ways

Ferry Scoot Train

Friday 149 PM Find myself on caltrain again. The bandages on my hands make typing more difficult. I think I’ll take them off here, cause Matt said they should air out. met a cool circus dude on the ferry from san rafael to SF. It was great catching a couple rainbows and balancing in the wind, an app Mile’s had told us we were going 45 mph. *Friday 340 PM *

Sims Workshop Prep

Thu 1008 AM https://stackshare.io/ https://www.parsehub.com/ https://xkcd.com/703/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/geforce-now/mac-pc/ Thu 2:58 pm @noisebridge https://gnar.lol/ In a terrible mood. My old neighbor Dan and Mikey’s dad has throat cancer. I’m not sure if he’s going to make it. I want to to reach out to Mikey, but I’m not sure what yet to say. So what’s on my todo list today? TSS physicality prep. Ideas for new designs: polaroid framep[]

True Grit

Wed 1017 AM Just got off the phone with Tom Dioro, and on the caltrain. Heading to Noisebridge to build up my MIDI controller. The meeting with the marketing director of Beats by Dre got postponed to next Tuesday. It’s interesting, a couple days ago I didn’t think I could make it until Wednesday. But now I’m amped, these are the 3 things I’ll do today Laser cut panel for MIDI controller project DONE TSS workshop GIF work Make a video for Ben NOT DONE My knuckles won’t stop bleeding.

Fusion Desk 360

Tuesday 502 PM Notes from Ep 2 podcast: 5:30 - alternatives to violence, how to approach conflict nonviolently 25:25 - a lot of suffering went into that thought learn how to gain mastery over a few things - 5702 scales on teh piano early morning on the charles river weightlifting in the gym hard work brings mastery throwing yourself out in the community doing volunteer things did a lot of work in jails

Dailies And Full Cast Table Reading

Monday 1155 PM Spent the morning finishing Joey’s site, then working on the innovators podcast. Both are basically done, and I need to more my body. I’m starting to freak out. Going to go swim 1 mile and workout in the sauna. I wish I could find my lucy 333 PM Worked out real hard at the Y. Someone stole my goggles in the locker room while I was in the sauna warmup before swimming.

The Honey House

Sunday 1024 AM Making joey’s site at the house where 2 of the california honeydrops live. We had a fun jam in the basement yesterday, and a nice hike around Wildcat canyon. 2 sentence bio All social media account you want to use links 8 portfolio items with: -1 sentence description -1 photo -1 1 link (hopefully sound) his brother made a sweet 3D labyrinth puzzle! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/truckee/zenth-a-3d-labyrinth-designed-for-relaxation Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice.

Wildcat Canyon

Sunday 132 AM My head is fuzzy Had a wonderful hike with Stefan and Joey to wildcat canyon. Too fuzzy to write anything of value, or even witty.

Real World Event Audio Classification

Friday 949 AM On Caltrain heading to Aren’s talk. Listening to Avery’s mixes. I got great tape last night but can’t share it on here. After Asim dropped me back home from NB at abou 1130PM, I realized I left my lappy. He picked my dumbass up a second time and we drove all the way back to grab it, because in his words “You told me your laptop was your life”.

The Russian With Fangs

Wed 222 AM Our neighbor told Chad and I he captured a tiny russian with fangs and put him in a jar. He’s schizop! https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/E._M._Forster -=-=-=-==- everything’s fucking broken fuck tech Every time for the past week I sit down to update poliw.at there’s something broken / not working / missing wed 1004 AM going to marion’s to help with her site! getting on train at 335pm “ The kingdom of music is not the kingdom of this world; it will accept those whom breeding and intellect and culture have alike rejected.

Rehab Halloween

Tuesday 437 PM Not leaving Chad’s room Wed 602 PM on a train Wed 930 PM The planet will be fine we will crash -==-=-=- Long train ride. Very excited about the next couple of days. It looks like TSS, stanford radio station, then noisebridge for Thursday and Friday. I’m looking forward to it. Tomorrow morning I’ll wake at 5AM to get started right away on the site for the innovators.

Funeral Boat 🛶

Sunday 1151 PM TBA TBA TBA Important rehab links (for drunk shaman): https://americanaddictioncenters.org/rehab-guide/free/ https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/locator?sAddr=Nipomo%2C%20CA%2093444%2C%20United%20States&submit=Go https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-76f927364e64a51ce7424c5c1bdbd33d

New Mike Words

Saturday 603 PM not ashamed new vocab list, will add to memrise or test friends when I have time Also will include sources impetus The force in which the body moves Source: (Chuck)[https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesmartin14/] =-=-==–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- =-=-==–==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- like all, I am discriminatory, I don't think we should sell xxxl sizes People should consume less also fuck them

Choir Master Doc

As always my choir project looks like the church massacre scene in Kill Bill. This is the final document, so help me God. I need Warmups Choir + an 808 g minor smart thing ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= ==–=-= the choir bucket list I am small fuck acappella groups I'm going to kill myself after my parents die chessy should be running fat people are miserable skinny people are miserable FORCEEE!

Federal Beat Reserve And No Caltrain Ticket

Saturday 852 AM On the southbound train and forgot to buy a ticket so I’m scared shitless in my seat. I hope today is my lucky day. Fortune Favors the Bold The Federal Beat Reserve is the name of the folder where Avery and I will add tracks to show Tom, who will allow for the outro of each show. It’s fun stuff. Avery came up with the name.

The Innovators

Friday 1254 PM I’m in a lousy mood, don’t want to be awake right now. But on the caltrain heading to the Stanford Radio station to help Tom (tim?) with a new show he’s putting on. Also we’ll talk about what he wants with the website, he may be a client. Spent the morning writing for Celia’s choir, it has consumed me. Notable progress on paradiddles. I hate everything

Durable Progress

Thursday 929 AM Researching grad programs in Berlin. Going to start an excel sheet of schools to apply to. (This one looks cool) https://www.udk-berlin.de/en/courses/sound-studies-master-of-arts/ Today I need to be harder on myself. I will make my fantasy resume, with things that aren’t true yet. Then with the deadline of january 2nd, make them true. Also lines for KZSU demo reel Welcome to sound art! I'm Michael and Jack That was The Time of the Singing of The Birds by Marv and Merla Off the Album, Sounds of Fresh Waters.

Noisebridge Gospel Choir Day 3

Tuesday 117 PM workbench pic Ran to caltrain carrying 30 pounds across two packs and a plate of pasta. Barely made it! Spent the morning writing for the choir The hole in my intestines deepened at the purchase of another train ticket on my credit card. I’m writing music as if my life depended on it. How can I do this quicker? Writing the voicings using just simple operator in Ableton, quantizing, then importing that midi to musescore.

Mom's Brain dead

Monday 121 PM Waiting for caltrain Talked with my sister and we 3 way called my mom, trying to schedule a time to help dad clean out the garage while I was there. I wanted to show Bonnie and my dad the app Letgo (the new craigslist) so they could easily get rid of stuff and make a couple bucks on the side. My mom wasn’t having it and said she didn’t want issues with me so I hung up on them.

Brown Dog

Sunday 220 PM On caltrain heading to noisebridge. I have all my circuits! I have a light cold, but sweated it out in the sauna @the Y. Had a good talk with Marion on the phone walking back home and around San Mateo. Buying a train ticket when I get wifi Sunday 741 PM noisebridge is going well I love these people, this space, everything. I would hate SF if it didn’t have noisebridge.

Sauna Sickness

SATURDAY 226 PM SICK “DON’T DOGGETT” - Brown Dog LOOKING AY WHERE TWE ALL COME FROM =—==–=-==–==-=–==-=–==–=-=-===—=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-== making music is like navigating you have countless pitfalls that are hard to avoid but if you listen you can make something through all the noise in the world 555 PM Put a good dent in the paperback copy of Brown Dog my dad gave me. Had a workout and sauna session at the Y but I feel sick.

Life My Stage Though I Feel More A Prop

Master doc for this newest track Instrumental first draft (a lot of this will be cut out) a%R&^T*Y(U)IPOk Lyrics [Chorus] x1 (4 lines) (The world my stage) though I feel more a prop (10) (The clues I've learned) from view in rearview mob (10) (my tongue blunt tool) my TONGUE she like on pop (10) (The world my stage) though I feel more a prop (10) [Verse 1] (30 lines) I think of life like a book that's my hook (10) I'm writing it (4) I the main character, I act like it Caesar said the world your stage and (7) It’s up to you what role you want to play (10) highlights high life my life it romantic God bless it razor sharp focus every rose I notice (11) my religion more women in power (10) motherhood justice league super hour (10) I'm a sucka though I'm a sucka I'm a sucka I'm a sucka for hyrule herb, red alert, a quick jab, a bad meme, a cute cat a girl that makes art with her hands yeah like mom who writes 20 post it notes a day alcoholic but I saw the pattern then I trained my mental screaming I'd walk the plank I'd walk the plank for my dreams type fuck bare feet on the coffee table high life roller coaster no coasters for dad's coronas (7) lows worth the highs (4) highs come in 50 flavors (7) I fifty shades of pride (6) fifty shades of mike (5) I fifty shades of die (6) I fifty shades of lies (6) I fifty shades of pride (6) fifty shades of mike (5) [Chorus] x2 (8 lines) The world my stage though I feel more a prop (10) The clues I've learned from view in rearview mob (10) my tongue blunt tool my TONGUE she like on pop (10) The world my stage though I feel more a prop (10) [Verse 1] (30 lines) lead my life like a play (10) I tasted her white lies through red lips on red wine highlights high life my life hopeless romantic God bless it razor sharp focus every rose I notice (11) my religion more women in power (10) motherhood justice league super hour (10) my life hopeless romantic, god damnit my life it tragic razor sharp focus every rose I notice (11) my religion more women in power (10) -=-==--==- -=-==--==- -=-==--==- father of the bride the runaway bride the runaway and hide I prefer objective truths gotta fix for lead alchie and magic God bless it she cheated I forgot my lines dramatic balancing act in the final act dark comedy oh god when will I outgrow this taste for lead in my skull lower the greed the feeds with ads ruthless (11) my life I comedy class ADD Addict hate it though I'm a lova of language my tongue a blunt tool (5) my tongue that she like (5) my life I ride white (5) rapids class 4 24/7 curb my taste for a glock 9 (8) save my life (3) save my life (6) toss a pun in the chamber, aye aye (9) toss a pun in the chamber, I might (9) --=-=-=-=-=-= --=-=-=-=-=-= --=-=-=-=-=-= --=-=-=-=-=-= --=-=-=-=-=-= --=-=-=-=-=-= ####didn't make the cut romantic white lies through red lips from red vines () romantic I need more downward dog 23 90s romantic comedy she blind to my subtlety gotta love I will always feel less rested than the day before kick your ass then suck your dick think enders game but no rated you're decimated you'll wish you were in hell make sure you're still beathing =--=-=-=-=-=-==--=-=-=-=-=-=-==- [Chorus 2] I love our troops cause I feel their love I feel their strength I make the best of I reject the words good job I love our troops cause I feel their love when harry met sally you’ve got mail sleepless in seattle groundhog day runaway bride the thing called love forest Gump

Deadlines And God Helped

Friday 1:21 PM Focus. It’s been a slow start, but well done. Listening to the Modern Architect, a show I may help produce at KZSU. I’ll see their process on Thursday and see what’s up. https://www.themodernarchitect.org/on-demand-episodes God saved me because someone off of letgo bought my loaded longboard deck. When I’m rich I’ll get one again. Last night auditions went well - but I am getting off topic lately. Last night I went all out into a Davinci resolve editing tutorial, because Rob recommended I try to forget about premiere and final cut.

Cameron Reunion Tutoring Interview TSS Auditions

Thursday 254 PM Only have 2 minutes have job interview soon @menlo park got an iced tea @ starbucks sampled percussion instruments and the steel drum at the post house, but I’d like to get cleaner recordings and schedule a date soon and hit SC again Maybe even Saturday unless we’re going to Berkeley and I’m pretty sure we are. alright gotta go oh played the minilogue a bunch and started on a new track with it, it’ll be sweet

Friendaversary Trip

Wed 1:45 PM On caltrain feel great but the debt credit card pit is enveloping my soul I’m working hard straight through it the city is hardening me last night a bum came up to us and I bummed a smoke off him and gave him the last of my cash. It reminded me of some song I wrote a while ago where I explain why I give my last bread to the homeless

Bootcamp And The Zoo

111 PM It’s a hard day But Jack and I hit Bootcamp at 930 and it was a gnarly workout. Ate well and been trying to remove a virus from my lappy. Going to get a haircut, then go to Stanford but I may not at this point because this virus shit is taking too long. I’ll work on music, the track to be released this Friday. I haven’t seen Jack wash a single dish since living here

My Social Island

two things 1 - I know the album art for all this down to every detail 2 - the following lyrics are from a loose freestyle the day I finished my last final as a senior in college -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- -=-==–==-=- homebrew needs more ginseng I addicted to pauls garden, my sister's singing my sister's singing kalinka catch the cardinal rule of my social island make you feel different and unique life a joke life a stage Im a prop Im amazed you see glass half empty tho your martini full humans so complex club life got me polarized as if is monogamy zeitgeist loveless fuckfest I digress from dick photos 4chan thread yea siri base drop who i make love to I plead the fifth need more downward dog what emotion most hidden maybe it is lust what emotion least forgiven maybe it is fuck my reg breakdowns then breakthroughs =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=- =—==-=-

I Am A

Sunday 1133PM I am a Spliff I used to be soul weak cigarretted it Spliff (12) nicknamed beer locust much cervezaed it Spliff (12) party with me so fun I subletted it Spliff (12) Took two V cards they never forgetted it Spliff (12) But now meditate daily I tibetted it Spliff (13) Late to work again cause cute dog I petted it Spliff (13) Love old ladies I gotta croquetted it Spliff (12) Compose tunes each day I quartetted it Spliff (11) Used to be girls gone wild then regretted it Spliff (12) Used to be she said she came and then pretended it Spliff (14) Last ex gone cold then cheated it Spliff (9) girl slash my tire gotta Jeanetted-it Spliff (11) Too much Call of Duty Bayonetted it Spliff (12) Halo tournaments double 0 competitive Spliff (13) Showed too much love to a girl then she brexited it Spliff (13) Like good legislation until amended it Spliff (13) Speaking of Spliff (4) I never had a right wing lady that some kink on it Spliff (15) Adam and Eve adamant anti-rights kind of Spliff (13) GOP Brexit trapped in the closet RKellied-it Spliff (15) But no more politics (6) Control alt right delete I rejected it Spliff (12) These days (2) Michelle Obama 2020 kind of Spliff (12) The love I get from you I feel indebbted it Spliff (13) The jokes from you more better than Letterman Spliff (13) Our dates so fresh so fun vogue vignetted it Spliff (12) Making love my hippy van she never forgetted it Spliff (15) Like a pool make you see colors infinity Spliff (13) I'm a go down on you cause I love you kind of Spliff (13) Remind you beautiful case you forgot kind of Spliff (13) I'm a rebel gone rogue and then martryed it Spliff (12) This a troll musician pokemon weirdo existential Spliff (16) I'm a be bigger than my dad kismetted it Spliff (13) Bar is low my family history don't remind me you Spliff (11) Got drunk paid for 23 and me kind of Spliff (14) Freestyle I think I'm adopted kind of Spliff (11) As a kid biggest dream get abducted kind of Spliff (13) Time with parents at own expense expected it Spliff (13) Dad of every year gonna go to this quintetted it Spliff (16) Cheap by the dozen fam in a cabin kind of Spliff (13) Lets make an oasis off the grid kind of Spliff (12) I wanna be a dad kind of Spliff (9) ^420 words, 41 instances of the word Spliff -=-=-=-=–=-=-==- -=-=-=-=–=-=-==- -=-=-=-=–=-=-==-

Imploding At The Gingerbread House

Sunday 159 PM @kzsu K IWNBH - Internet will not be homogenized is the next release for this Friday. I’ll get the people in the kzsu studio to do the because I got this email Progress will be logged in the IWNBH = internet-will-not-be-homogenized/) master log. -==-===–=-==—=-= Jasmin our training instructor invited us to a house show last night She picked us up and we had a barnes session before heading to the Gingerbread house in San Jose.

DJ Class At Stanford

Saturday 838 PM Jack and I have our first DJ class at noon today! Dled’ the Sims 4 and made the exactly same living situation I’m in - me Jack and his mom :D Us three are about to hit farmers market here in San Mateo cause I’m luckier than a lep Going to help Craig move right after DJ class from 12-4 if he still needs me. Deadlines! We have auditions this thursday in a room we rented in SF

4 Reasons To Learn Spanish

316 PM Slow start but it’s going to be a long work session I already know. It was a slow start because Jack and I had a nice night with new friends

When Should I Kill Myself

Thursday 743 PM This is the new me. Made everything on my soundcloud private except for the Marquettequette album so my family can hear it. I have 1 new deadline. 1 track a week, to be released every Friday. That’s it. Other than that I am looking good. 4 cute Spanish women want to hangout tonight in the city at bars, I’m not sure if I should go. Friday 321 AM

Bosu Balls And Email Slaves

wed 1057 AM Anyone can make history, but it takes an idiot to write it About to get a burrito with jack at safeway after bosu ball class and ableton. I’m going to delete many old projects today. I’m tired of people not knowing my music. I’m going to make pop. Properties of my sound: Dunn nature audio h5 zoom fam / life audio piano chords trap ass drums Easy!

Its Fun To Stay At The YMCA

205 PM today I’m mastering pop got a solid workout in I’m a new member at the Y! The pool was closed so I couldn’t swim but did a solid workout among the exercise balls and strectch bands. Jack too addy daddy and I’m going to finish fucking omari and get a client TODAY. and practice more russian what would you do for your art? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/tfr/d/hot-guys-needed-for-adult/6333219832.html the city is challenging my morals

Media Gets Fragmented

media gets Fragmented A speaker tells a listener what someone did to get what he wanted and why. Once a character has a desire, the story “walks” on two “legs”: acting and learning. A character pursuing a desire takes actions to get what he wants, and he learns new information about better ways to get it. Whenever he learns new information, he makes a decision and changes his course of action.

Monday Russian Tunes And Organization Of The Mind

Mon 1008 AM I have lost my focus since the silent disco. But it was fun! Monday 734 PM Here’s the status update:

Pickle Rick Bootcamp

1 Morty?! - Morty! - Rick? - Hey, Morty?! - Rick? Are you far away, or are you inside something? Is this a camera? Is everything a camera? Morty, the garage, Morty. Come to the garage! Morty? Rick? W-where are you? On my work bench, Morty. Are you invisible and you’re gonna, like, fart on me? Flip the pickle over. What, I’m gonna touch it, and you’re gonna tell me it’s an alien dick or something.

Main Quests And Album Track List

Sunday 341 PM flase || ture There’s a fat gap in the log right now. Moving to San Mateo has been a little life changing, and when life’s good I tend to not write as much. But now it’s time to hunker down and focus on a strong tracklist for the poliwat debut. Tracklist She Breaking Glass Ceiling Grasshopper my Grasshopper Internet will not be homogenized Trapt in the Womb Lessons from the Drunk Shaman no fun zone

All My Mentors

https://soundcloud.com/austinneel/gummies [hook 1] x2 I'm a sucka for a good river I'm a marttr gone rogue Bad relations with my liver went from loser to vogue [chorus 1] all my mentors, all my mentors all my mentors, all my mentors start hopeless romantic end up dying cynic [chorus 2] all my mentors, all my mentors all my mentors, all my mentors no wonder I intense so I gotta work addicted so I gotta work addicted I evolve I lead my life like a play romantic red lip red wine dark comedy cause the good comes with the bad [Hook 2] pay up to express yourself around here ey?

Oakland And Sf Are Wild

Thursday 1:25 PM On caltrain heading from SF to San Mateo. Spent the night in Oakland and This is an audio journal When I’m going through something hard I write, but this isn’t the time to write. This is the time for action Build this, by the end of the day sending it to about 20-30 local venues and nice event buildings.

Birth Of Ganzoop

At aws worker space in SF The art of underthinking

No Fun Zone

This is the no fune zone get bill o reily saying no spin zone overlay me saying FUN gotta march for science cause we love birth control hip hop transcends all borders and nations everybody gotta wake up everyday the few that don’t are ones leading us to graves climate change gotta change gotta rage this the no fun zone you there wizard of your own life I’ll take mine white lies through red lips and red vines

Day One Tss Im Gonna Kil It

Monday 1006 AM post to IG, FB, Snapchat 1000 Confucious Canoes Sims Sims progress Poliwat progress Clean something Drop a secret note Youtube edu Clean Bathroom Clear garage Sell something on Let Go echo boy vst - redbone Monday 253 PM Jack lied about the room being ready for me. It was full of stuff, we worked on moving a lot of it out into the garage but the garage is full of stuff so it’s going to take a couple days to fully move in.


Sunday 1135PM Made it to Jack’s! 3 calls with the bank Living on credit Chore list Find screens and stick them on windows clean bathroom Dailies post to IG, FB, Snapchat 1000 Confucious Canoes Sims Sims progress Poliwat progress Clean something Drop a secret note Youtube edu In the meeting for TSS tomorrow, we’re going to pick a date and request the venue.


saturday 1102 AM sometimes I like condiments more than people 1256 pm daily dose of affirmation 608 PM Enjoying the last night before a season of sobriety. This journals going to get lit. Jack laid down the law over the phone earlier- I am to not piss his mom off, help clean out the garage, and do a list of chores. Oh and have a check ready for 200 bucks.


listening to the new four tet album Who e=mc^2 I call when I’m depressed? I woke up from 3 bad dreams on the trampoline. I’m feeling quite lonely. My dad is cursing and is angry about being late to work. The moment he comes home from his job he turns off and veggetizes. We rarely play music together. Why should I feel depressed? I successfully launched two sites and applied to about 30 jobs yesterday.

Irony, Trends, Love, and Painkillers

Thursday 1105AM I have to have to be honest. Other than logging an audio trail, this diary is a tool for me to make better decisions. It was MONDAY when I started my portfolio site, and now I’m sitting here and it’s late Thursday morning. I woke up on the trampoline falling asleep to Joe Rogon and Neil de Grasse Tyson. At about 1:20:50 Tyson talks about the importance of the naming of stuff, which clearly explains to me why the Illest Village project works.

The Transcendental Number

The Transcendental Number Wed 1108 PM pi is a trans number Internet went down 78% nitrogen in the air It’s hard being this vulnerable I want to stop but I can’t because being vulnerable makes you strong strong boop boop got 1000 confucious canoes in played skip bo with bonnie Was in a foul mood until hanging out with Mila for an hour. Babies are cool. it was ‘tummy time’ where Bonnie lies down next to her in the baby room with Mila’s head tilted to the right, on her stomach.

The Room

Tuesday 919 AM Today I can already feel. It’s going to be a good day. I’ll mindlessly and endlessly produce. Today marks the day I need to empty this childhood bedroom of all my shit, which I’m going to move up to San Mateo. Listening to 2000 hits Dad’s extra nice because my mom’s stressed out, it’s make it or break her heart if I don’t do a good job. Good thing I’ll rock it because this is EASY MOMM!

No Budget Productions But We Got Sammuel Beckett

Monday 1021 AM Last night I planted some iceplant Paul gave me in my parents backyard. It’s always good to plant on the side. This morning started with a quick look into Samuel Beckett and three Jays. JK, not marijuana but James Joyce, and Jane Austin. Quick nugs from School of life and my own understanding: Sammuel Beckett likes to write around the word 'perhaps' not specific, allowing viewer to make it specific on their own James Joyce Everyday losers are just as epic and interesting as rich / heroes / heroines.

Ostinato Rigore- The Kybalion and Life After 1000 Confucious Canoes 🛶

Sunday 1148 AM Just waking up. I ate my dad’s unfinished cereal with mangos, bananas, and strawberries in it. The 7 Hermetic Principles “THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.” “As above, so below; as below, so above.” “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.

The 48 Laws Of Power

Never outshine the master Never put too much trust in friends 👩🏽‍🌾 Learn how to use enemies Conceal your intentions 👩🏽‍🌾 The Marquis de Sevigne Always say less than necessary So Much depends on Reputation 👩🏽‍🌾 Guard it with your life 👩🏽‍🌾 Erwin Rommel, the soldier everyone was afraid to face. Court Attention at all costs 👩🏽‍🌾 Pablo would rather paint something disgusting than something ignored.

My Sisters Birthday

Fri 617 PM With my parental units, we are on our way to Bonnie’s Birthday dinner at a restaurant named Ember. My parents watch master chef and eat mcdonalds. So past 24 hours of poliwat venturing. Sean took me to his dad’s shop. We opened jars of screws and found enough for at least half the mounting brackets for the sliders / effects racks. Borrowed a self-powered breadboard from Sean in order to diagnose LEDS, as well as two books on solid state electronics.

The School of Life - 1200 Lines Of Code, and Good Design Principles

1123 AM I must admit here that I could be going faster. But I got distracted by the school of life’s art and Architecture educational videos on youtube. Good design:[10] is innovative – The possibilities for progression are not, by any means, exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for original designs. But imaginative design always develops in tandem with improving technology, and can never be an end in itself.

Super Saiyan Chamber Day 2 And A Chomsky Circuit

Wed 1130 AM Poliwat master doc is getting an update 1232 PM Only listening to Bach because we share a birthday. Ate a quick tri-tip sandwich with a pickle, and made one for my mom. Since today the world is ending, the only sane task at hand is to do what I love. I will build poliwat, and then travel the world with it. It’s that simple. It’s not that simple though because although the code compiles, I can’t get anything out of the LCD screen at the moment…

12 Hours A Day

Tuesday 1141 AM creation spawns from chaos creating aand trading realities as art life and the imagination is this oric field that surrounds the transcendential object 239 pm only poliwat I have cut off all contact with everyone at this point. I will do the bare minimum communications. The only contact is with my parents here. Other than that I am entering complete isolation with myself and poliwat. This week is devoted to building muscles, and not just physical.

Credit Card for a uHaul but change of plans, my own Masafuera

Monday 8 52 AM Woke up very depressed I’m supposed to move to San Mateo today. The plan is to start with getting a credit card at Wells Fargo, so I can rent the uhaul. You can’t rent a uhaul without a credit card. Then I just have to pack up whats in my room and head up there. But really I’d rather turn off my phone, keep my blinds shut, and work on poliwat.

The Deep Sleep

Sunday 833 pm Dienrich’s diary “Nowadays, the prevailing view is that you should authentically rejoice and celebrate the spiritual happiness that this era has to offer, for it is a gift! People need to think about how many challenges the world has faced and how many obstacles and dreadful dangers it has overcome. They no longer believe that it is temporal distance that embellishes things, persons and situations and what makes difficulties and problems fade away and be forgotten.

Deep Sea Diving And Living The Shining

I discovered one of the biggest thrills. But first I will begin with the start of the night, at an old engineer type friend named Thomas from back in my Community College days. He held the BBQ at a house real close to one of the elementary schools I went to. It was interesting because I remember doing motocross as a kid with a friend that used to live there. There used to be a huge nice dirt motocross track in the backyard, but it had since been bulldozed.

This Is Why Im Broke

I’m broke because I stopped working my web development job over a month ago. I’m out of money. I’m on a spending freeze. Being home is useful for that. We were joking the other night and Chad said a good one “I’m so broke my most broke friend said I was broke” When you are this broke you can see price tags on all your possessions. I made a pact to sell anything that isn’t related to Poliwat.

Installing A Door And The Secret Bus Photo Op

Thursday 615 PM I’m on a toliet. Diahrea is running out of my ass while Chopin’s Scherzo No. 2 in B flat plays. There’s an interesting mechanic humans do. I know I have Diahrea because once again I opened my day with an empty stomach and 3 cups of coffee. The stomach is no longer empty but I still have a black cup of coffee, right here with me on the toliet.

Working On Sound Map And Family Hates Me

Wed 1001 AM The sound map in Google Earth is going well. I look forward to travelling and adding all audio logs as points, then you can hit play and watch audio trails. Google Earth is my Sheikah Slate I love this Todd linked it and I need to throw him 20 bucks https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/particulates/surface/level/overlay=pm1/azimuthal_equidistant=22.32,-219.67,225/loc=98.706,20.022 The youtube video editor is useless Listening to Pirates of Penzance and Fiddler on the Roof.

Painting A Wall

Tuesday 1205 PM Lets be honest I woke up 20 minutes ago. Was up until about 4 making this with Kevin: Listening to it the morning after and I know how I can make it much better. But the beat philosophy is to hone in N64 type beat zelda type beat 221 PM While dad and I painted to Marquettiquette I thought of the audio map I started on google earth last night.

911 And The Blind Shake

Monday 226 PM Today I found out the real founder of 911 was blind, and he spent some time in New York. Moving and cleaning the room Day 2, very deep in it. Moving gives you an air of sentiment. There are great as well as painful memories, and they’re all treasured. The time capsule box has been selected and I have my items chosen to go inside, a fake degree Sean the provost handed me at graduation, and unopened Yoshi toy from Mcdonalds.

Beat Inventory and Captured Memories

502 pm Captured memories is a main quest in Zelda. You need to find these 12(or 13?) lost memories across the expansive regions of the game. Operation Captured Memories is the new official code name for the time capsule that we are burying at a graveyard in a couple weeks. So far this is what the box has: graduation certificiate from UCSC (which I’ll write a letter to my future self on) yoshi model from Mcdonalds little note I left for Tara (Jordan Lipaz’s GF) when I visited her trailer at the trailer park <!

Mila Likes Reggae

Saturday 515 PM Mom is babysitting Mila for the first time. She likes Raggae It’s time to go back online. I’ve been sick since Monday, and still have a nasty cough. I feel weak and fat. Going to retroactively share what happened on the off days, and finally work on poliwat. My Zelda botw binge has been relentless. I love storming Ganon’s castle and hunting down lynels. I want to make a music video with actual gameplay on something.

Dragon Farming

fridat 525 pm zelda in my room day 5 of being sick where did the time go? Why is it so difficult to get my Nintendo Switch screenshots to my lappy? you forget yourself

Ashleys Photography

I’m getting stuck on Ashley’s Photography work. I can’t look away! If she had a genre of photos I would call it sexy magic. She exploits the setting around these people to look much more attractive and magical than they’re probably treated. The hopeless romantic in me says the magic and beauty are already there, while she uses photography to show and remind others of it. Future tracks will have track art from Ashley and will be notated as such.

Sicker Than Poopoo

wed 3555 pm I’m so sick the sickest sicker than a dog sicker than poopoo! I can barely sit up straight been a good slave today making beats in chads room his parents are gone and a thought occurred to me what if my future love is able to read this? this is the first time I considered this. Should I write you a message? If I do it wouldn’t be that easy to find…


Very sick. one more time for good measure

Birth Of Illest Village aka got chased by a drunk guy

Illest Village is the group name for the beats I make with Chad and Kevin, (also Chris and Sean when I see them). We have so many beats we’ve made together, and this latest batch has shown some good progress. I only like one of these but the others were very fun to make with them :D rick and morty type beat family guy type beat racy grandma type beat raiders type beat divorce type beat affair type beat

Pauls Bday From Heatwave To Thunderstorm

Sunday 526 PM Haven’t written much because life has been too good. In the car with Kevin and chad, we’re hitting paul’s b day!!!! Very excited. I took a bath in a horse troph in my parents backyard. I got everyone I love all about jimmothy leary. Last night a drunk guy stumbled upon us and it’s still hilarious. Me leaving my new hard drive in santa cruz was a huge mistake, but it’ll work out


Saturday 1146 AM Joey made this using my piano he chopped up! Him and Enoch worked on this together and I love it. Saturday 342 PM “knowledge, in the cloud, in a tree, in the cloud” - Mr. Smith Been making wires, figuring out the breadboard setup, and working with just the teensy 3.6 for poliwat. Sampled peter playing the desk and now I want to make a quick little midi controller with the teensy so that we can play the desk kit :) Going to coffee and do confucious canoes for a 10 minute break.

Nature Rewards Courage

1218 PM, Friday Cleaning out my desk, turning in my gun and badge. Last day at work, no one is here. Peter will arrive shortly and we will move stuff. I’m hangingout around because this guy Brent had my hard drive and he’s usually around here at this time. He may be going on a trip however, so I may have to leave town without it! https://youtu.be/OzmeBkrBcOU 1205 am

Joeys Site

amidst moving, jamming, joking joeys site will have his services mixing and mastering Live Drum Recording Sound Design Composition Foley Beats making him a site and he will give me some drums lessons Now You Know by Prickly Pair ^^ his music === I love it !!!

Project Mkultra Declassified

spent the day remixing DFW’s this is water, here it goes: #$%^&*)&*&)(&((&(&(&(&(&((*&))))))))) other animals bond, but they don’t go bananas don’t listen to people when it comes to money point of the life - a good party what DNA is trying to do - create what you imagine instantaneously we addict to each other secret history of the human race new part of the human mind what I learned

Meet your favorite author 🔥😌💌

WED 1057 AM Meet your favorite author 🔥😌💌 FRANZEN GOT BACK TO US. Jack and I are very happy. You should go meet your favorite people, right now. Do it. Contact them. Be yourself. Be ridiculous, funny, and loving. I won’t log what Franzen said to us just in case he’s reading poliwat. I doubt it though, he didn’t seem to figure out the .at part 😝 at the end of the url.

When The Found Apple Tree Was Two Meals

Tuesday 1120 AM I’m listening to this new solo piano piece I started this morning. I was in a hurry because I woke to a text from the Dentist, I was 30 minutes late. So I ordered a quick lyft, couldn’t find my passport which serves a dual function as my wallet, and made it up to campus. Angel told me however that I was too late but she could get me in for a deep cleaning at noon.

Never Meet Your Favorite Author and a cop pulled a glock on me

Monday 345 AM It’s too early to think clearly. But I find myself wide awake at an hour where coffee is not easy to grab and without filters in my house. I lie in a pile of blankets on a sleeping bag in a white room furnished with only a music stand and a blue lightbulb hanging on the wall. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

Freebird By Franzen

Sunday 832 AM Woke up early so I could get some work done. Katie’s coming by with a thermos full of coffee at 10. We will checkout the local graveyard I assume, but it’s up in the air. Tripping out to Slyvia’s voice currently. It’s amazing. One of the last tracks on our first album as Jimmothy Leary. There’s about 10 tracks in my iTunes. James and I spent a lot of time yesterday bouncing tracks and figuring out the order of the album.

Encyclodpedia Of Silk Magic, Volume 3

Saturday 1025 PM Jack and I are reading sections of freedom> We just found the part we’re going to rewrite turning the characters into birds. But let’s log yesterday first Friday at work. Never got an email back for + a main work task so I spent the day making this I drank too much yesterday -=- Did anyone buy my music? ONE PERSON DID HOLYSHIT -=- Sunday 1202 AM

One Month In

it feels good -16 days sober A quick analysis of an online journal. Currently there are less than 10 readers (the latest being a 71 year old woman) I’m finding that there are experiences that need to be documented, but are disadvantageous to write. It isn’t a good journal without the experiences that matter to me, so it’s a huge disservice to leave those experiences out. I’ve been experimenting with simply hiding that content so I can find it at a later date easily but users won’t see it.

Masafuera @costco + Prue + to the Birth of jimmothy_leary

masafuera = farther away Thursday 1150 AM I’ve been at work since 930 AM Spoke with Peter on the phone about dreams. I went to bounce hour at work, this 1 hour weekly pow-wow where you share what you’re working on or do a presentation. I told everyone about PoLIWAT and scheduled to present it on the 28th of September. That’s my deadline! To get a working mvp out. I’m moving out of SC in about a week, and originally called Peter to see if he’d be interested in helping me move out of my place.


604 PM -7 days sober destiny I’m definielyt oo hightothinksoI’ll ony type what I see. StephenKing wrote darktower, and today we saw mount shasta. I wasinredding for I believe thefirsttime. Yesterday we saw the eclipse! It was humbling. After that we had a great breakfast then hit Willamet park and hit the river. so its hard to think I made a lot of drafts for stuff went through two laptops and I’m pissed I can’t keep going.

Heaven On Earth

isn’t a journal entry but I sampled tyler’s yoga studio which we slept in

'River Don't Run Deep' The Adventures Of Sirpenisis, Miculu Batulu, Steflono, Drunk Shaman, and Gai NayNay

Tuesday 1:37 pm Going to cut a quick eclipse to river experience the best day of my life components of the best day in my life (1 of them): treehouse jam with friends solar eclipse hanging out on an island on along a river with friends floating down the river straight into downtown, 3 people 1 inner tube =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The best days of my life are short entries.

The Adventures Of Mila and Uncle Mike

####### Volume 1 Monday 12 47 AM What can I say. Woke up on a beach by mad river. The sun shone through the fog, and I recorded this: Stefan Jack and I skinny dipped in the ocean. There was a fisherman right next to us who got disgusted and left. We had a hilarious and exciting breakfast in Arcata. I haven’t recorded much on account of dead batteries after the ocean.

Lessons From A Morning Uber

11 06 AM I find myself on the 17 bus again. My fingers have fresh callous from playing bass for hours yesterday. I’m a fan. The Uber driver had some colorful ideas to share. I oblidged, why not? The trip isn’t off to a great start :) But I pumped out this with the uber audio I just got: Going to focus on organizing my sound library now. Oh and story of my life the lappy has a full tummy it needs to shit out bad tape.

If You Do Not Leave Home, Calamity

730 AM Called dad P Diddy he didn’t answer. But he texted me saying I probably stayed up all night. Not this time! I walked to the abbey, this is my efficacy when the internet goes down: why won't the internet work here at the abbey? nothing is working. What a waste of time computers and phones are so fucking stupid I only curse because I haven't had nicotine in a very long time.

Play Hooky Set Sail

I took the day off and went sailing with my friend My mindset has completely changed. I’m young. I’m going to do the stupid unsafe thing for a while. I’ll survive. And if I don’t there will be a catalog of working documenting my journey. It’s all about making tracks based off audio collected from the day. Chris and I sampled his boat, we call it the old gwen drum kit ahahahaha.

Abs Anonymous

There’s a new project. The 12 steps to better abs. Abs Anonymous. And it started because for years, I have been keeping tabs on others with the same name as me, Michael Betts. Mostly to feel better about myself, but also I have this fantasy where we can all start a think tank and solve the world’s issues. Or even better not solve them and make a show of our attempts.

Life Is A Sacred Circle

Tuesday 1136 AM I’m supposed to be at work by 10 AM. My boss texted me an hour ago then called, but I’ve been glued to this track [stefan]() and I worked on early into the morning. The soundscapes are from our professor and mentor David Dunn, and the woman speaking is my relative Cathy Nelson. Her work is so inspiring an entire album could be made from it.

Back To Office Life

Monday 12 46 PM I’ve been at work since 10 AM and have virtually gotten nothing done. (For my job at least). I can’t concentrate to save my life. Today I’m going to post some stuff up online to sell. I can’t work because life is short. I have songs to work on. I can’t stop. I’m a slave. I’m a slave to the beat. The family reunion trip changed my mindset.

Album Doneish Late To Train

Sunday 402 pm What I’m listening to: {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} -=- Marquetteiquette - Betts Family Reunion Album Side A by Michael Betts =-= ####I was just about damn late to the train Well I was 11 minutes late, but lucky for me I ride Amtrak and they are always late. I even had a few minutes to spare. I forgot my belt, my dad gave me his. I love him so much.

Lessons from a Drunk Shaman

Sunday 1134 AM A golden rule of writing is to choose specific over vague. The drunk shaman would not appreciate my sharing about them online so I will be vague. You are unstoppable when you have a drunken shaman. Instead of talking about it I’m working on a track. This is the master doc for lyrics and iterations on the music. [intro] ( chug a pint ) (different computer voice each word) drunk.

Straight From The Hospital Bed

Another unfinished project, but the idea is song involving the final stage of life, and the lryics are basically your final will and testament. I imagine myself would be angry on my deathbed, and anger is an abstraction from fear. I have too many ideas to execute in one life, and that’s why I’m angry. I’m freestyling on this version. I was actually lying down on my back, in the dark.

Back In Cali

Friday 620 pm Peter hasn’t called back again - I called him yesterday. Chad said he was going to be home in 30 and we were going to walk the neighbor’s dogs together. He never showed up and I’ve called 3 times. I’m very depressed. It’s day 2 of sobriety, and my only drug has been in how the day was spent. I worked on the Betts family renunion album from 8am - 6pm.

Michigan Day 7

I wish I could share my favorite tape. I wish I could even state what’s on the tape as well. But what’s life without secrets? I’ll take the USGOV approach. In 20 years it won’t matter so it will be the declassified tapes. In the meantime I will share a gem I don’t want to forget - Tommy Betts the man who mentored my dad in music, and my father. I’m playing some piano in the background, and the recorder I left on their table.

Michigan Day 6 OPEN MIKE

Brian me and Miles went to a Poetry night in Marquette. 3 cousins! That’s a novel experience for me so it was quite exciting. Brian and I each spat a poem, and this is the only place that will have audio from that night. Brian is a good writer and him and him and I both share the schizo gene. ++ 909 Let me see if I can find it

Michigan Day 4

These two haven’t seen each other since Mammoth in 1985.

Michigan Day 3

My dad and I went to checkout a guitar on craigslist today. It’s ‘instrumental’ that we get a guitar on this trip, because the magic and emotions have been running high so far. We had a great time with him, spent 20 minutes cracking jokes and BSing. Erik is hilarious. Towards the end of the transaction, Erik handed me the jacket seen in the picture above. It is my new favorite jacket, and I’m dedicating my next track to Erik.

Michigan Vortex

Saturday 414 AM I learned a sure of a hell of a lot about the Betts family Tommy Betts mentored my dad in guitar. Another relative said he came over to Tommy’s house one day and said to him at the door “Do you drink?” “Do you fuck?”. glazed doughnut Saturday 822 AM Heading to The Betts Family reunion! This place has been so inspirational, I put off all other projects to instead create a little Michigan EP.

Michigan Day 2

Got audio of the Lake Superior. A new goal I have is to release my first album on spotify, and it’s will simply be an album of different bodies of water I’ve recorded 🔥💧😂. This morning was monumental. I met the most family members in my entire life. We hit the bar Flannigan’s ( right next door to the house my dad gew up in ) then the graveyard. That’s my grandparents graves on my dad’s side.

Michigan Day 1

thu 134 am fuck fuck fuck i forgot to tell james my check didn’t clear i will now when i shit fuck rent (both the musical and real life) My dad hasn’t been here in his hometown for 37 years. That’s him on the left as a kid.

Poliwat Master Doc

main doc for all things related to the poliwat project. If you can’t tell it’s the favorite of my projects. The basis of this doc is for my own sanity check. This isn’t a tutorial geared for others on the basis of learning, it is geared towards my own private understanding of the status of poliwat. Wed 101 pm Sept 20th, 2017 A master doc for poliwat has had a long time coming.

Internet Will Not Be Homogenized

Contents 1. Instrumental 2. Lyrics / vocal cues -=–=-==- -=–=-==- -=–=-==- -=–=-==- -=–=-==- -=–=-==- -=–=-==- -=–=-==- 1. Instrumental 89 BPM Chord Pallette F# G Em A E C#m C# FNm Bm G# F C D# DNm D B GNm (matt /jack playing congas in jack’s studio, michael with microhpone) formatted like” https://youtu.be/QnJFhuOWgXg the internet will not be brought to you by facebook targeted ads algorithms that deliver you goods via drone strike before you think you want it yet

Heading To Michigan

Smoked a joint last night. It was the first time in 11 days Tuesday 11 43 AM On a plane to Chicago with my dad. Then we’re catching a flight to Marquette, Michigan. This flight is all about organizing my sound library, and sharing some secret sound. ###This is more for Bonnie | family data sheet | dad’s side - Michigan Dad’s dad was born in ‘Municin’ Tuesday 638 PM On the final flight, heading from Chicago to Marquette.

How To Breath When

Just jumped in the ocean and practiced handstands. This guy showed me how to go from your butt to a handstand There are different types of breathing. Square breathing In middle school my therapist (whose email was hypnohupp) taught me square breathing. You inhale for 10 seconds, hold for 10, exhale for 10, hold for 10, rinse and repeat. I like to start at 5 seconds and then increase the time after a few cycles through.

Chessy The Bus

How many times have you texted someone I love you in a grocery line how many times will I drink a sip too many and say something just outside of bounds but there is no longer a ref to call it how many fouls can you get away with in life, and how? that’s a quora question. how many times will I fall in love? how many times will I fail before I succeed

Aa On A Train

Death Of Panda

take death in pride My cat died a few a couple months ago. It occurred around the time that %^&#$% broke up with me. I haven’t talked about it since, but being home the past few days I was reminded how much I missed her. { The cat, not my X } Some tape of my crying mom plus drunk best childhood friend talking of the recent death of our lovely cat, panda

Star Screwdrivers

Sunday 108 PM I’m pissed real pissed. all I’ve got done today is 25 pushups / 50 confucious canooes / took my laptop apart. heading to the store for the second time with my dad to get a bunch of tiny star screwdrivers. I’m just going to get a kit of 1-10mm for this time and in the future. Of the two meetings I scheduled with friends today, both forgot, and I should’ve completely been expecting that.

Lost And Found

There’s this girl on the train. She has a nice SLR camera. For the past hour She’s been sneaking photos of people in the lounge car. She might’ve even gotten me, but I’m not sure. I got her though this was recorded on the sixth floor of a stairwell at my uni dorms. I was messing with a made-up, by ear tuning. I don’t know what key this is. I’m tone deaf.

The Final TODO List


She Breaking Glass Ceiling

saturday 1139 am * boarding a train @noon* this project is special I started she breaking glass ceiling last Fall. I made the hook of the track while walking from my dorm to the studio listening to a BADBADNOTGOOD track on repeat. I got the flow of it and wanted to fix the words, it took hours to get it to its final form here; You'll need a lighter to hire her she aspire to conquer perspire till you retire she think in code on computer she walking you stalker she feeling you heeling at uni barely breaking even but breaking glass Ceiling she breaking glass ceiling Tuesday 253 pm * I need to find someone to colab with in order to finish this track.

Grasshopper My Grasshopper

incomplete Song set in a meadow where I’m walking, and asking a grasshopper I find for some life advice. I proceed to please my case. Grasshopper listens then gives me some generic advice response. Game is to stick to this master / apprentice relationship with stuff. Keep it cool kung foo, karate kid, kill bill, etc… Current state (instrumental) <verse1> I speak to you in total confidence in consequence in pool go go girl went postal in my post office be super nice cause most are lost most are lonely few are loud I am loud I am proud Im a prophet of my past predicated upon all my mistakes if I love jimminy cricket spitting to crickets my miss takes I spit to you my Grasshopper I need a mentor I need a guru I need a mentor I cannot take this I cannot fake this no more I cannot take this no more I cannot work her no more [[need more shit]] <b>hook</b> wax on | wax off?

Trapt In The Womb

Art project for my future niece

Look Out The Window

^^ Call BACK the last day sof the dorms I freestyled over this blog post - that’s the audio ^^ Look out the Window Fantasy task list: Go to this document when needing a title for a track On caltrain and I have to shit so bad. I have 40 minutes until I hit San Hoe. Gossip: Lisa currently won’t talk to her dad because he bought a tesla She is also having some sort of relations with a prisoner where she volunteers

What Im Sitting On

300 gigs of my own personal audio recordings. ^ fav atm Saturday 116 AM The biggest treasure of my life is my recordings. I collect audio every day. Normal slice of life things. I constantly record people without them knowing. I call it guerilla audio, and I’m not going to stop. You can tell me it’s immoral, illegal, douchie, lock me up, kick my ass, and I still won’t stop.

The Center Of Github

the center of github I have a romantic thought. What’s at the center of Github? I imagine a room where someone makes beats as a 9-5. These beats help fuel the rest of the programming community. This person makes an instrumental track for each git command. Each track has it’s stems available on github. My day job right now is web development. I am a primarily self taught programmer. I haven’t gone beyond doodling.

I, your therapist at wits end

^^ old class assignment Friday 533 PM | OnCalTrain | JULY 28 2017 | #####I your therapist at wits end Had 1 beer @ [jack’s]() house and we livestreamed the Sims 3 on Twitch as prep for our play. Just wanted to report on an occurrence that happened a couple months ago. After my last breakup, I went a little off the rails. No, not talking ruby, I maintained a healthy ecosystem of smoke and drink each day.


I always wished I grew up in a household like this. I wanted nothing more than a laptop since the age of 6, but didn’t get my hands on a computer until some extreme manipulation in seventh grade. I got a shitty Dell that would run World of Warcraft at 12 FPS in Ogrimmar or Dalaran. I was an incredibly annoying lock for a while but my real soul was ganking, dueling and general pvping as an undead rogue.


Friday 10:31 AM Don’t start reading until you play this A major client we have here has a major page down for their international (french site). I really had to shit and drink coffee so I wasn’t much help and now I should be working on fixing that, but am also consulting my buddy tyler on some flexbox use for a client of his. Going to Michigan on Tuesday, so real quick notes, these things have to happen today -


Bounce hour Every week at my work there’s an hour where you can share your projects / ideas over free coffee and snacks. I go for the free coffee and snacks. I don’t have any new ideas but listening to all my unfinished beats. // need to make more music Yesterday I failed at making live loops because I didn’t have good old DJ Chad Mike hitting record for me.

somedays just to live is courage

Wed 842 pm July 26 2017-06 I don’t have anything to type anymore. I’ve been sober for a full 7 days now, and I’m pissed. I am angry. I will use this anger to get shit done, like log work hours, work on music Todd hooked me up big time at the fab lab, and I met Chris and Jordan. Chris Maddox printed the first versions of POLIWAT for me and I’m super amped on it.

The year I was 25

The year I was 25