Diners stay timeless.

you are a wonderful person
too complex a creature to be
nailed down on any one
person place or thing
besides maybe you've got
the same curse as me
patiently waiting for the freedom
working towards the freedom
of diner hopping
going from diner to diner to diner
to diner.

Cause when you get to one, it doesn’t matter it it’s a desert outside, a busy street, or snowing. Diners stay timeless. They are the settings for the best Twilight Zone episodes, and they are the prime location to be in to experience the ever impending apocalypse recession or Godzilla.

You are a wonderful person is a compacted theorum, and if we unpack it starting with as you unpacked your our laundry and folded them into our suitcases while I read alout a recent angry love letter it’s just another example of you being timeless. Like that diner I’m always searching for, that’s always open, that doesn’t judge when I post up with a bunch of scribbles on free paper from various places, paying only for 1 cup of bottomless coffee and not leaving before drying out and polishing off a pot. The type of place judgement stops at the doormat, which is missing. That’s where our alien planets meet. While asleep or hurt I rest in the house of music. Most only know the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but there are many rooms that are more enjoyable. It’s a crowded hallway, where the free tours go. Like where I’m allowed to go irl on account of my pocekt, while in a trance of menial work am sipping the same potions with the greats. 20 more conversations of all colors, until one of them shouts “the microphone is a speaker!” Eureka without the pot from Eureka. No my love for you is timeless and my anger and my apologies are my allergies. Or tough love. But they are something more real than when we embrace, while that feeling when we embrace is realer than the realest things I know and I don’t have to write them cause you already know too well, too much and too everything. Too-too too-too to– too many times I’ll have to say sorry I took you for granted. Let me take you out. To your next favorite diner you don’t know about yet and said deathbed mic. I killed future Michael cause I found out he was AI that wasn’t open source. Yeah, it must be either the tadpoles beneath my dangling feet, or the fact I have to pee again, that makes me think, you’re a wonderful person.

You Are a Wonderful Person

2019-09-28 16:45:06 -0500 -0500

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