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Walking Talking Smiling Keeping

2019-10-04 20:08:02 -0500 -0500

(We were dating, in my head) = The immortal feeling of mortality directed in this abstract love song with pokemon references.

lyrics and chords

walking talking smiling keeping
things close to my chest
you can always lie on my chest
wen you're feeling stressed
when you're feeling blessed

but london bridges london bridges
but london bridges fall
london bridges london bridges
london bridges fall

shaving legs
and I sense change
cause you don't shave your legs
nearly as much as you used to

and seasons change
and you look great
but don't rely just on your looks girl
cause that is lame

oh and we go and play twister
in the middle of the night
and after 3 or 4 beers we're having a fight
cause you want to play some monopoly
but be with my girl
I'll monopolize your pussy

I come in late at night
you look stunning when the lights
when the lights aren't so bright

one step two
grab myself a drink
while you are
watching tv
and there's a man on the scren
and he's telling me things I should eat
and also medication so I can digest thoes things
but is that man on the screen
gonna fix what's between you you you you
and me
(whisper) and me
so fuck it go!

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