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Toe Blue

2019-11-14 18:18:06 -0800 -0800

CHEATERS, how do you justify cheating?

  • Capo 1


(verse 1)
toe blue (x2-8)
used your toe to tell the time tht was just timeless x2
that was just timeless that was just priceless x2
all night one night it rained toe blue we felt it
(chorus 1)
let that toe sail
I know you you you you x2
(verse 2)
lake blue (x2-8)
mouths open wide I love(has teeth)x3-4
I forgot my love has teeth >
(chorus 2)
my finger goggles I see you you you you x2
(verse 3)
storm blue (x2-8)
used your card to have a night
and that was just priceless
and it was just freezing we were just dreaming
we were just jumping we were just leaping
(chorus 3)
I shouldn't stare but you looked blue blue blue blue
shouldn't stare so much but life's
to too too-too too-too toe to blue
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