Friends. Fam. Oh god this one hurt dirty.


<b>I tell her don't take me out in public</b>
sometimes on those days, most days,
where most of the overheard conversations
I hear while working, writing,
broke, thinking about that one improv show that wasn't funny at all
but then
the comedian asked
if anyone has done acid
and I was recording in the front row
niece's sock on my microphone
and I said
'if you've taken acid over 100 times are you always on acid?'
and the room blew up
and all this acid later
and some days I'm still back to my young dumb 20 year old self

in my head
we're at a coffee shop
and I hear how people speak
and meet
and not a day goes by
where I think
that person should kill themselves
and I smile to myself
I may be depraved but never bored
so honey don't take me out in public
or do, and know what I mean
when I smile

I say I can’t take you out in public
Cus ur smile is scaring the kids
Reminds me of the first draft of a my santa cruz story
I found
Where there was a character called michael
And he asked the narrator something
With a strange smile
And the narrator said:
‘I wasnt sure if he was hitting on me or if there was something wrong with him.’
So I don’t know
But all these years later,
A character called michael is still smiling
Its better to smile than frown my papa always told me
No he didnt
My papa told me never trust a man in a hat
Even though he wore a russian hat
What about in israel army hat?  
My papa told me never marry a writer
That’s true
But my papa dead and your papa dying so what do they know
That’s something to change your mentality
Everyone here has a papa that will one day be dying or dead
Behind every annoying man is a dead man

They Never Judge Me at the Wrong Time

2019-09-18 10:08:47 -0500 -0500

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