We getting back to our roots!

do you lose respect for me if I bate right now or gain respect

so I dont bug you

cause its been an hour since we had sex

and I can’t hold it

that’s why I don’t go out by myself

cause now hours later
we're getting back to our roots
just biked to you and
we're starting our night
at Volumes Books in Wicker Park
I brought us a bottle of Cali Roots

and plastic cups
we'll open the bottle
with this pen
and I'll get back to writing about
my hate of plastic
but the plastic in me
loves plastic!!
So back to that previous point =>
when with only solo okay you had just =>
what whoops your mouth your suirrel face
square lips so hard like cement teeth =>
^ that's why I hate plastic!
that's what happens when the plastic in me
takes theme
Actually I was admitting that the first
invervention I recieved
was age nine  
when my friends cornered me
and held an impromptu meeting
about how I use the word actually too much
Who knew they'd set me on the right path!

Cause that's the thing
if I were to be
so simple
I my curse is writing
yours is editing

Certain American states
and catherine lacey she's reading

@this bookshop but
not looking at any of the books
cause there's only one book in sight
Brown Dog the next thing
I need to record Brown Dog the
Answers I'm looking for while
Helen's got secret
books going on in well
wow she isn't about me
at the same time


why later at the weiner circle =>
'still bleeding out my asshole
and back for another'
I tell them
=> If my drinking drive [this] them
if this them was a ship or women
I'd be captain of both

claims I eat women
claims I eat crew
yet the ocean eats me
every time I dip my toes
its worth the warts the cancer
and the smsdaj

Therapy asks why is that we live in a fake world that doesn’t mean much wehn someone acts fake that means a lot

when someone you love acts fake there’s a few support groups for that no one can do what ? helen can you keep up with what little energy you have being such a strong independent woman

being sick on your period emotionally exhausted from your sister’s relationships when your boyfriend is telling you your being a dumb bitch for contriving the web of lies but if dumb bitch is also strong independent woman depending on the onlooker figuring things out and yeah writing of men in a way that writes them off

which is genius what you do in private oh look at me a woman I’m a strong


and she's feverous delirious
lightly bleeding
not to mention exhausted
from how fake she had to be to her ex
I'm the humble home wrecker
 not deserving of this pusy
 in the first place
 forget women's right men's rights
 all ideaologies I just wanton be
 with you you amazing woman
 and I could fully commit
 if you could
 or is that not better for either of us
 and I made it a point in my philosophy
 to master fucking with God
 so there's one genie wish you can pursuit
 that's a blatant FUCK YOU GOD
 ....god and that's you!
 I love you more than an intimate handshake
 avery and I made promising each other
 we'd never marry white ladies
 cause like what you said
 about the dying man
 the changing times you forget about
 the dying man's woman
 who is just as traditional
 just as dying

[“REDACTED”, “Unrelated”, “FBR”, “PBD”]

 Regret not taking my laptop
 illest village vocal warmup showing up in
 my mind 6 years later
 intelligent pussy
 intelligensia pussy
 looks good pussy
 whose smoking pussy
 IDK pussy
 Abraham pussy
 it's not a weiner like every dick like curtain
 there's a man behind.... love as capital
 the fucking book => composition
 that the reader then becomes a musican
 performing a waltz
 for the rest of their life
 a holy doctrine for some
 toliet reader for many
 and open source or die (OSOD!)

 These days with my dad's health
 I'm running our of pages
 that's about it =>
 "I'm never going to be a sugar daddy, I promise"
 I told her
 she didn't care
 she was busy working

Terry Rash Wanton

2019-09-29 15:33:17 -0500 -0500

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