Another one about the dance between idealized, physical, metaphysical reality in cognition.

capo 4 (waking up G and more, listen to it)

(verse 1)
I was wandering in my head
even though I'm tired tired
you came wandering like a Pokemon
you would always lie high
in the grass just like a lazy Snorlax
z z z you could be a Butterfree

(verse 2)
you came a running
cause there was a spider
all up in your face face
I latched on quick
like a Bulbasaur
now we are face to face

ho ho ho ho
kisses are wet
ho ho ho ho
kisses fucking sting

the moment you get outa that existential funk
the moment you stop seeing that punk

(build up fast part) (( all a big > ))
we can and we can talk
and have a platonic relationship
in the back of my bus
cause everything is cool
and everything is great
when we live in a world
where no one master bates
and if you go to church
and compartmentalize your life
and do what your told
and your told to be a wife
the rich are getting richer
and the poor always want more
so lets just pop some molly
and hit the dance floor

(verse 3)
fee fie foe fum here comes my girlfriend
and I think she's mad at me
there's diminishing returns on
apologies so I say sorry strategically

but ho ho ho ho
kisses are wet
ho ho ho ho
kisses fucking sting

I Was Wandering in My Head

2019-10-04 20:35:46 -0500 -0500

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