Imagine you’re hung over hiking by yourself you throw up bile, find a grasshopper, and have a conversation with them.


(V Vamp)
Grasshopper my Grasshopper
I need a mentor I need a guru
I see right through you oh
Grasshopper my Grasshopper
I'm balls to wall not slept at all
at mall saw hole in bathroom stall
yikes that's not my verse!

Grasshopper my Grasshopper
I speak to you in total
confidence from consiquence in pool
go go girl straight postal in my post office
be super nice cause most are lost
most are proud most are lonely few are loud
I'm proud I'm a prophet of my past
predicated on past mistakes
if I love jiminy cricket spitting to crickets
my mistakes
I spit to you my grasshopper

I need a mentor I need a guru
I cannot work here no more x6
I know you know we know x2

So what'd the grasshopper say michael my michael  
You in a fix you need a fix
double down on that double dick

Grasshopper My Grasshopper

2019-09-30 16:03:03 -0500 -0500

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