Mace practice in the driveway after work.

painted all day had mugs pizza first time deep dish pep AMAZING

mace practice in the driveway after work and then always sunny, south park, and {{typing put put gold}} :) .


it's brick wall


hookahs are the shoe brand

made for tennis she hated

painted all day sacrificed them

at a rate constant

and look at what you can achieve<sub>((archive))</sub>

by not feeding your soul

not subscribing to

your face mole

your face mole that says me

what the good word told you

and growing grown gone!

a monster less wrong

yes you're less wrong than before

and woke parts of the monster

he your mother never got her

while she's emailing her hope

about someone like me

can't pay yet mom

but can to
soon and more

biggest hope I today

painted 100 bricks white today

cant go back to help with chemo

till I pay rent monthly

earn it from casino

max calls it saqino

don't know I think

money needs to all be burned

let all factories stop

unless their in some homes

yes bring manufacturing to the suburban


with small yard garage and bedroom

let that be the place for 3d printers,

laser cutters, sewing machines

yes bring amazon prime factories

on a small scale to everyone

if no one in the family wants to set one up

they can go to their neighbors

where I'm at

BWall Death of Pauls Hookahs

2019-10-16 00:08:58 -0500 -0500

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