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1 day after Bonjo's Bday
CHP chad mic copped a mirage
8 months unregistered never got caught
Thank you for letting me freestyle

If I freestyle Dub bitch as is
motif and hook and all as is

hurt dumb bitches hurt dumb bitches

I call it as I see it
who'e counting anymore
3 months ago I wrote

thank God for
like why am I even here
at this coffeeshop
pissed but not before not hurt
but hurt but not

'way before' written too many
times this dude doing database queries
smells worse than me
I know ause I just smelled myself

oh wow the freewrite is over today is recording,
last night was recording Andre's acapella shorts while
helen was venmoing ollie 40 bucks for drinks and or food
=> her gmail was logged in on my phone
"don't want my name on a basketball"
chain and ball
1 lyft 1 uber and I'm douple||triple peed =>
patient pissed peeboy
who knows
why am I sitting here cause seeing her
even though I'm triple pee is better than not seeing her =>
and today 4 sure is not the day for it
But bumping
30 minute freewrite
back when I was driving Locatelli's corolla  

Don't even have to write
nor record
yet so happy
I'm doing both
who knew conrete could work
so well with lake
and looking up at the sky
with my finger goggles
I though this is
way too beautiful
for you to not be here

Though I'm sure some atrium
at Emma's work would
compliment the clouds
but here at the lake
my ankles spashing carelessly,
you can see the currents underwater
the deadly rip tows
and every good sailor knows

looking up at the winds in the clouds
is how you can see the currents below

I the arrogant swimmer don't question
I suppose up

the currents underwater are inline with
the wind in the clouds
pushing 30 miles an hour thousands of feet above me

and the musicians only job
is to document
capture destroy manipulate
over think convolute
rule over forget about
justify nothing
with logic as church
no stop - just look up!
and I can't believe we're spending
the most beautiful day in the city, apart
so close and so far
it breaks but not forgot
I'm healing your recovering
we don't forget => but
I wrote that [about] 80 songs ago
(V5) get with this arachnids!

It couldn't do it justice I feel too
thankful right now to write I can just jump
throw it all out and would would that prove?

The beauty of this space has infected me,
deluded me {not the right words}
that sounds right to me

[but theres' not enough paper even in the states
and way too many chandeliers

ads that walk and talk like people

My plot to stop using my phone is that
a borthday wish or OH YEAH I'm getting older
I can feel that
It was so fun writing and singing
about that before I felt it =>
but now if my chest is tight
my foot hurts from dancing
my throat coarse and closed
from singing.... what left
is there to write?

When all the passion I hated feeling
so much has left me now?
[way way way] I'm breaking
This now to use to later
clouds taught me how
I play cloud holy shit
waited 10 years to be allowed
to go down on cloud in smash
I knew it in high school
and it's coming back now
you gotta unlearn everything
to being to thrive in your 20s
anyhow doesn't matter what I write
if my stretches don't get stretched =>
(stretch break brb)
Doesn't matter what I write
if my flexs don't get flexed
Doesn't matter how it sounds
if my belief in God is too strong
to consider it a belief to me now
so what does it do to mean, me
lil old mean me.

This day's too beautiful to
not have you in it
waited 10 years to play cloud
I'll stop terying
stop thinking
I let the clouds teach me
stop listening to everyone
even me is the best shit on your
playlist this year
yet to be so wow
life is way better not listening to anyone
cept recordings of them I got in raw

from lake to cicadas
post office truck so far away
truend and shined light through the trees
directly at me me? find yuorself
I'm giving you time to find yourself
you dumb bitch I love that
I'd never call you that.

the little boy waiting in ine at the fountain
left cause I was taking too long
beause I alwasy count the number of gulps I take
this time simultaneously wondered
how old my dad is,
so I supersititiusly took 67 gulps
becaise I hope that's his age
it sounds right he's right there making it...
making it past his brother
and siter and his father his DNA
I share the same and God I just have the mic
all setup all day in the studio
on a beautiful day
yet I'm mute
because my voice is thrown, it's shot

and it anything
I need a little more exercise
water and plants

I'm at a park bench
she's quote unquote finding herself
I'm her her me I'm we're entwined
is the whole other part why I'm mute
my favorite recordings are for someone
just one person

they are the vehicle
my audio is the fuel
who knows
they're the messenger pigeon
and I put the note on their ankle
and how could I love somebody so lost?
It's like she's reminding me to love myself
while we're apart
and I need to go get Brown dog
that's going to be the only thing that saves
the only thing I can record this time,
right now
Brown dog, my dad's favorite book
Brown dog like father like son
But Brown dog
  I ran out of reasons to protect myself
so if she's most lost and indecisive
then all the more whatevers
you can them reasons
to love her ever more.

Cause whose the most
divisive? tolerant & intolerant?
loving as I?
I knownow this drinking fountain
put it real in my head =>
call home record brown dog record both
love and legacy on the good ones
love and foregiveness on the others.

Everyone's a pussy bout something
a dick bout something, a dumb bitch
bout something. No way else to
shake it than to shake it!

At the lake these finger goggles
scope clouds and not another
ass in this city
was ever seen ever again
and the plants tell me
some fucked up shit about us sometimes.
and that's the thing
when you can't trust people
you listen to the plants
then you can't trust the plants
they want you dead
and I'm a dead dumb white man statue
praying a bird drops deuce on my copper
full head of hair cause 23 and me
was worht 1000 times the discount
says I won't go bald, so I can't be
a dead dumb bald statue
so I can live like one!

and coming from a place of love and foregiveness

and she's a dumb bitch, if dumb bitch
was strong independent woman
cause she's using what little energy
a heavy period flow entails
making sure two certain
dicks don't cross streams
keeping tabs on each od us cause
if he finds me
then their fantasy is finished
all the while at a distance
far away as possible from the whole situation

and sure take your time cause
every great rapper falls in love with a dumb bitch

so write about it
cause unlike you I write
not edit
I do bad things
but I don't edit the past

why do you remind me of it all?
that love has teeth

If you are in this conservatory
of plants right now
I love you with all my heart

If you're not here in this conservatory
taking in the love
and lessons
the plants offer few
then I love you with all my heart
and here's a letter

I'm attaching this letter
on all this free bank paraphernalia
to the next
pigeon that comes up smiling at me
They will know where to fly
across the city skyline
sunny on the most beautiful day
yet in the city
high above
across and deep
to that hole you wish to be

or getting some last time in with him
to feel it out
flirt with the idea of telling him about me
about us
The pigeon always knows where to fly,
does it matter if the note fell in flight?

When someone buys me a drink
it's like they're washing their ugliness away
or trying to hide the fact they're talentless
we oblidged, because it made
the dance floor better.
I will never understand you
is in the cruelest letters
That's not this one.
We'll see

Brown Dog Heads to Chicago

2019-10-01 14:16:06 -0500 -0500

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