When paul’s dad was in the hospital and had a NDE (near death experience).


the entity said:

  • Baruch Atah Adunai

The Indian Shaman was : Hunkpapsioux OR they are just called ThinkPapa || HunkPapa one of the 7 council of the Lacota Tribe

If humans were fish lyrics =>

our fish tank
got dead fish
live fish
fish that play dead!

fish that dress up
suits and reapers
depends on her season


what we do in this dimension affects higher{lower} dimensions

Therefore Everyone’s a King ||&& Queen


MP(metaphysical) sequence for dealing with oposition

Hop QT LaC
Skip MuPu Pu
Jump FBR $$
Drop PBD $$
L(kick) HH $$
Cooz FA $$
Friend Fri $$

Baruch Atah Adunai

2019-10-04 12:09:22 -0500 -0500

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