The last time you need to hear about white people and jazz ever again.


Transcription from legal pad # 2 =>

Sept 26th, just babysat Max at whole foods for an hour and a half

Now helen and I are on CTA heading 4 free jazz for the rest of the day => paul told me on the phone the moon landing was definitely fake and he’s not afraid of anyone anymore. Pretty woke for a high school history teacher. He said his students are dumb they think the Earth is flat. I told him they will be more what he believes they are, so think and behace as if they’re smart. I also told him if the moon landing was fake, do we have a secret base on mars? And for how long? He said he wasn’t sure, I never got to ask the follow up cause his mom called. This all happened after playwing from yamaha mini grand electric piano hybrid POS in Marianos. My first time on CTA! I was getting help from a lady on here with huge tits but Helen figured it all out (read this aloud to her) We got some free wine and gin tasting at whole foods and a free bourbon and whiskey tasting on the walk to the train. “You’re retarded” She told me with fresh lipstick. She normally doesn’t wear lipstick. It’s my maps on my ghetto old free EBT phone, all the google suite apps have ‘Go’ after them, telling me it’s becoming more and more impossible to maintain code on old hardware. While watching M my manager’s 4 year old my mom texted me she has some skin cancer.

Made it! To the improvised jazz. A dude asked for 2.25 on the bus cause I flashed a smile I told him I’ve got less than 100 bucks on a debit card. And it’s supposed to rain but hasn’t yet. I just dosed but Helen didn’t want to. Not for the feint of heart! You’re going to really wish you dosed for 6 hours of live improvised jazz. We just fot off the train but it feel like I’m on the train of fire ass percussion loops today. When I get a little more Lit I’ll take the recorder straight to the front. We know the guy on the left is frying hard, it’s not yet 4pm in this church and he’s playing with sunglasses on. Damn the chanting came in for a moment - Two percussionists is all I want ay my funeral. Percussion & chanting, the choir doesnt start till dawn. CATHY told me she smoked the sacred pipe at her church. This whole episode I can feel will be a steady he said she said I thought presentation. What isn’t

90% white people showed up to the free jazz in the 90% black neighborhood. Who cares for statistics or meter when you get paid to discover yourself, to investigate further the things you don’t understand? Cause real jazz jams from the great masters caught on youtube tell me the best can jam for eternity. Cause that’s what they’re actually doing. It’s a meditation. Like writing. More like freestyling cause when your peaking you know the difference between a week absent of playing and not. nd wen you peaking and freestyling when you know all the words when you know all the rhymes and when you’re there, with the microphone that act of improvising allows you to shut off all the wrong sitches and turn on all the right ones at the right times like uh uh what music is in the first place! Right ? Who knows I fell off the flat Earth two pafes ago. It’s over too soon, and we gotta move up cause today’s like last night => dreams living in the house of music.

Song of the day 1

(Verse 1)
(names) > x6 (6)
places where names matter (6)
spaces where names don't matter (7)

fuck the names in this space
this ones to the nameless
credit was not gifted


(Verse 2)
It's 2k19
death of the paragraph
read before a show or lecture

It's 2k19
Everything's top 10

It's 2k19
you can mkae a living
documenting the death of something

It's 2k19!
no shortage of dying,
Youtube titles 1 mil views
'Seattle is dying'

Choose what you love most
write of it's death

what you love most
yeah write of it's death
(hang on get by get a living)
hang on for dear life  

so ask me
silk in the concrete

as credit a gift
look at roman elite
you nameless
what freedom looks like
to me


then think of all the secret: Cognitive Science, Data Science, Antropologist, experiments going down

up dog in your stomach right now =>

HH, why I change variables

to augment it’s meaning

to expose the subtle (systematically)

Oh, and

Ask me About Silk in the Concrete Anytime

prayer song # 43

Please give me bad breath
at the right times
so I shutup

keep the songs
bout love and vices

anything else not scripted
you're not heard

is my issue so speak
speak instead of me
cause I got bad breath
at the right times

”’ An angry man is always a funny man “’ — $%^&

… from smoke to silk ways to build a home

Babysitting to Hyde Park Jazz Fest

2019-09-26 12:23:50 -0500 -0500

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