Analog Mic has been on 🔥.

Just got to nextspace cause monitor went out again === have a solid 2 hours here to go completely savage on the new site. || we got a jacket yesterday for my music video, some nice blue one helen fronted 80 bucks for then we’re going to return.

Been songwriting like crazy here, analog. Definitely going to call chris about wiring me money to get this laptop fixed- I just sucks cause the repair is going to cost more than what I bought the damn thing for, but it has all working software and the right osx version that doesn’t suck complete nazi dick so I’m not racist this is my safe space || I speak and write free so you can too. || || HATE shopping but emma and helen made it fun they have strong opinions and me too, so that’s really what makes good style. We’re all finding something we can all agree on, and so far it’s a blue blazer.


wrote a letter
to my kids
during that talk
at columbia

included good and bad advice

fortune cookie
over 2 dead duck on the table
(( You capture, competent,
   and creative, Prove it. ))

and the second one
which popped today read
you're finances will
do well this month

just gotta prove it

|| Finalized lrycis for toe blue and new one, mason dixon line this morning @ the bourgeois pig ||

4 Year Old Said GodisFake Then We Ate Two Whole Ducks After Bowling

2019-10-12 14:28:56 -0500 -0500

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