Lost Weiner Circle Opportunities during a manic depressive episode.


( Time is now )

had a great yesterday night recorded the weiner circle after a nice intimate session at Lillys for the first time with ONE BEER DRANK ONLY ONE BEER AND IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT but helen was sick so you know I had some extra energy

but got numbers from these two girls at the weiner circle it was sick — we’re going to record sometime this week and they said I was going to make it

and that I look like the baby of te bundy and jeffrey dahmer HAHAHAHA and damn we were showing each other songs and shit … too goo best hotdog I’ve had in my life now, had it over rick and morty helen fell asleep to it she’d never seen it and I rewatched the first two episodes and LUB IT ++

++ ++ ++ +++ ++ +++ just talked to aris and booyah got a little money in my pocket, enough to pay some people back and eat a hotdog so what more is there to life

my life spent so much time not being a songwriter only to come back writing songs. Can’t escape it music is all there is

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2019-10-04 12:01:07 -0500 -0500

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