E F#m11/E Emaj7 Fm11/E Fm A Asus Emaj7


E  F#m11/E Emaj7 Fm11/E Fm  Asus Emaj7
mow lawn la Vey

E              F#m11/E   
Your words say open your heart
Emaj7      Fm11/E Fm A    Asus
your hands say open your walls
y tu brute mow lawn la bay

E        Emaj7
dont eat all day
F#m   A Asus
until dinner
E        Emaj7
the cave and the fence
F#m   A    Asus
there's no winners

E  F#m11/E Emaj7 Fm11/E Fm A Asus Emaj7
redemptions occur on beaches
winning you back takes pitches
I know its actions
ditched my sketchiness
for sun shine roses
not a day goes by
when we're not coming up
not amused im growing
we're both alone on v-day
come on oysters
y tu brute mow lawn la bay
do your job
that prize from being born
in the ocean
not the land
the land is shackles
we people are damned
born the ocean
what a dream
but its not you its not me

you know where I stand

mow lawn la bay

ride the line
an exception

met a french artist
on a park bench in bushwick
 she wanted she wanted to end it
 moving back
 by diving in to
 the deep blue
 I LOVE blue
 Im ashpu

your eyes say we simulatin

blend in
I say they know, have known or will know

so the correct course of action
is to have medicated dinners

to apply to any party that knows, has
known, or will know

the majesty of the opposite will combine both

into a new sea of force
a holy alliance between
founding mothers and fathers

and an unseen forced beyond

even Lovecraft's or Blake's comphrehension

they will look back at this and call it the stupid age

- yes the Information war

You cannot say apartheid state
the only chance at salvation is to gift yours
- package and return it to the source
and that's because the only
hope of a chance lies

the cave and the fence
there's no winners

the fence need to be built
but it won't ever be
bullet proof - blast proof until....

- just to die in some remote government lab
underground on the side of the mountain
most the planning in damage to humanity
occurs in the sides of mountains

mosts redemptions occurs on beaches.
we are very
far from where I am -
just getting off work and
waitinf on some quick
Dimsom and waiting  and fucking
waiting for my love to come back
and she's not boosted but

and not coming back
but that's probably secret  -
it's the difference between
the believers of the truth
and the optimists -
it's really a well
orchestrated world
stage where very rich
individual entities
playcate the masses
by pipelining the casts
and adjusting parameters

Information itself is authorityless
the revolution ended
started stalled on a hill
every time as if no open
revolutionary drives
stick in any capactiy
and the heart of the matter
of it all
is that you can't name your party
a  fact and all parties
of any merit start in facts
or inconvenient truths and the
fact of the matter is well
I play all sides
the only loyalty
I have is in breaking all humans from
platos cave and
ensuring we all band
together at least
in a chain link fence
sort of way  


I have entered the world of lies
and covid has forced my hand in this perspective change

Your Words

2022-02-20 17:22:30 -0500 EST

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