^ 1st Old (1st capture of the completely improvised song (pretty close though not skill wise - compared to the final product one day.))


(July 11th, 2021)

I’ve been working on this song for like 10 years now. It will be complete one day…. and recorded for real, but like other songs-inprogress, this page works as a living document to track the songs journey in my life.

^ 2nd Old


what is lost
soon becomes found
but it's not
what you lost

and every grump has been a child
every drunk has been a child
every girl has been a child
I know I've been one hun hun....

you are lost
but you have found
what its like to live in my town

and every lesson
soon to be forgotten
although your heart
bleeds through
the silver lining
I say there's hope
in the way
she looks she looks she looks
at his face
there is hope
there is hope
there is hope


whistles ended the lost acid tapes
substance left
as substances filled my stream

no one freestles
stopped before I started

fern and her man were having issues

the jokes I made were too crass


too hard !!!

too hard for you!!!!!

everyone is falling asleep

ginas making tomato soup

I'm just writing enough

to not feel bad about playing zelda

cause I just danced the night away

so only thing to say

in the end is I miss my friends

and love the times to have new ones

like I never met Gi(Geuremo)

like I don't know what the fuck

the other guys name is

that fernanda is married too


yes I met him now

and after it's all said and done,

there was nothing left

but the laughs of the night

and I just want to



What Is Lost

2020-10-17 10:36:17 -0400 EDT

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