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Today I Submit To

2020-03-16 18:11:21 -0500 -0500


when it's raining I submit to
in my head
when it's it's raining Aye I aye
I submit to cynicism
because it's the healthy thing to do
because there's many reasons to do
today I submit to criticism
because there's truth behind every fool
today I submit to hermeticism
joke joke joke joke joke joke joke
I the blunt side
4 girls gone wild 4 New Leaf
4 a metaphor of trump kafka please
cockrocch confused nuclear codes
sits in a folder on my craptop
aptos faptop
4 naked children in africa
4 bottomless mimosas

My book fuck her
honestly honesty best policy
docker so how drunk could I get
before I drive and don't get caught
game of cat and mouse what not
mastered it late but a master still the same
I write poetry cause I hate music
I make music cause I can't help it
help you with a ten foot pole
late to fast food to go
go go go
please help you hate me for lol shitty reason yo


WHy I love? getting fucked up ?
fucked up enough to look
photo of dead in the eyes
corrugated metal I
post of opposite
temperment of my sex
but when they didn't work
like no other could
like no other should

fuck you and your future lovers
for leaving a wizard
cause fuck you
I happier while busy
you happier while moving
guy to guy toe to toe
n knees grow weak in
the presence of greatness

don't smell well but I sniff it
I the new average fuck that
I made you dank sandwhich
master of honey trap I fap
addicted to cotards mushroom
got them prayers through rubiks cubes
at that just to justify
jerk off
I juggle the moments of weakness
I juggle
the moments of weakness inbetween
briefs of moments of clarity
I juggle I struggle oh wow

going to eat with no regrets
nice room want for getting fed
drinkin driing orders ready
update you won God
also fuck you I'm at mcdonalds
fuckin raw like
by myself gotta get tested
I ordered enough for three
I messed it
just did anal I stressed it
hope your happy because
happiness is something I've come
to not want to chase
cause happiness
comes as of late
as sadness goes
sadness whoas
and both are just as viable
means of existence you know

I hope youre happy God
while I am not
gender bias and temperment
personality nouns
don't wear on you
stead up lift you now
my humble creator
hope your happy God
cause if you are happy
while I am not
I am not

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