Fictional story of my mom giving me a life lesson.


Oh I fell asleep
I fell asleep next to a horse troph in a field
Want to know how this happened
It all started last night
I got picked up by a girl in a Mazda 3
We went to 711 and she bought
a bottle of ménage a trois
And then we went back to my apartment

When I woke up I saw a daisy
And it reminded me of when I was a kid
When I was 13 I got my mom
flowers to Valentine's Day
I didn't have any money so
I stole them from Walmart
My mom found out I stole them and
Took us both back to Walmart
She had me return the flowers
to the manager and
she gave me money to buy her flowers
And she said
This is how you buy flowers

This Is How You Buy Flowers

2020-01-31 17:45:41 -0500 EST

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