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2020-04-01 19:14:01 -0400 EDT


break infinite with the word (7)

funny that's a samsung phone
funny how it takes
developer options unlocked
debugging mode on
and a command line
to get Facebook off
a stock samsung phone

who the fuck knows that?
who the fuck's okay with that?

I knew that
six years it's a throwback
fuck with this you text back!
before you know it

() said grays are gonna win
CIA's infiltrated
I told her we're gonna win
cause we got jesus
so fuck its a stranger
on amtrak
(((from la to chicago )))

when they announce it
it'll be staged
like the moon landing
that wasn't fake
yet it was cause we were on the moon
20 years before
we won the nazi base that's the base for misinformation
that golden cookie all high iq citizens searching
government employees want a pension illusion
tempted by spreading misinformation
the economy of freedom makes slaves
that we all know if we woke awesome
but no spend your days in the minority
every day cause that's how we change

the world not the fucking game
the world not the fucking game  

enough drugs would fuck up
fuunny all te fucked up zombies
off pharma perscriptions
you speaking through your perscription
you a slave I'm a slave with convisction
god damn it I'm diferent
damn I'm different
you just wanna drown it out
without abusing nothing
it a tap out
you faker than wrestling before TV
don't know what I freestyle
but I know what I mean   

you can't get trippy cause your soul too weak
I got too trippy govment hate me
I got too trippy I'll die cause they implanted me

cause he daf
cause Im dgaf

cause I filter these lines

never delete a line

free write or die
get it?
fuck you, crying ?
every day

fuck it I'm dying

nothin but a little bit of time by myself write

damns it feels so good
to just chill by yo self  in the dark  and write lines

better than head on a midday

better than planning an attack at midway

better than a statistic

without understanding it

better than that space in between you your dreams and me

better than anything that stops you from achieving that know what I mean

it's alright you gotta shoot blanks

I got a girlfriend I'm gay

cause she make me

how could you say no to anal on an anal brute?

e tu brute ?

I'm a fucking steal it

get stabbed her Caesar salad

fuck it that was long ago and who knows if it's even true

cause histories written by the victors not the dead ones boo  

so when I freestyle

I pull a jay-z pulll a retard on the beat see  

whoa tha'ts the tip of unpopular opinions

you're a piece of shit I've proved this

if I came a lwayer with this mind

I'd be a fuckin pervert

alwys winning giving hurt

that don't pay you in the after life

I'mma use thse shining emotions in the after night

fuck it don't curse

no one's bugging me in the dark room

she's hiding from me hiding from everthing

she's a twat and that's my life for now it seems

wow woo it's okay when you have a quarantine

in operation brooklyn hard mode see


don't know what to say

time to jog and fuck it alllll aye


smoke tat


forgot what the kitchen glass with tap ater to it

taught me to it gotta fresh time all birgos in beccas's bed right
30 munutes to myself at a time what I live for in quarantene
 nnot 30 minutes
  more 360 with a focused fuked up creed
  work hard till 30 if
  3 30 million and a plane
  extras free sandwhiches
  for homies strangers same

  ok damn  
  where did you get this emotion

  heal that spank
  spank fordank

  thank for

  stteal that dank


  left tsdjasiiiii


funy how how I enter a room
all bitches leave stomies m dude

jordan drank nugh to empty naseems liquor store

jordan just  turned 21

when I'm spitting not dancing

fucking not cancer

fuck it kinda playa

abren la mesa

when your playa a beach

grew up in beaches adn rallies

fuck her harder than than my natty cooked

tailer salldy didn't tell her he cheating

she keeping info from a childhood friend

I know I understand

that's why I can rap

about stupid shit

to complex for words

fuck you till you feel heard

dad's bottle was the  word

you grew up with

anxious half of it
lie with i t

slice it like carrie did her mother
learn to pray bout grandpa meeting

me physics associate
on a website for the shits
on a website for the wits
if wits were tits and if was me, shit

bless you

puttin up with my dark sides
that my corniest line
hold up my prime
baby helen queen right
hold up my prime
slow downf or dimes
blow down for rights
go down for highs

go fuck me right
go hump me right
go fuck me right
go hide my time

I don't live here
never did
Imma fuck it up fuck it up big
I'm not hide no moar

Imma not llow us to ide no more

time to meeettt piper

grow up get down and live up

grow up togethter

best funnest way for advice that's been laided

not by me not by aliens baeeeeeee

fuck it I'm a zombie

far as we know with behind the scenes theory of my beliefs
most are so smoke with them they your bffs child hood friends

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