Loved this freestyle so much I memorized it 99% verbatim.

(bC fA )

Key: C

distant hills soar throat
brazzers throat you know how it goes
when you freetyle for too long
when you're sick with a chopin cough
((with the barrelhouse brews they got em in the news
and it break it down blue }}
new benjamin
never knew those benjamins
walking around like a baller
in my fucking lindas shorts  
that my mamma though
getting more pussy than some
cut throat ghengis khan
but only with my words
when I go hard go far akbar
everybodys full of love

and I just reflect it oh what up

lifes a mirror lifes a sacred spliff
when you hit it with chad and locatelli backroads

holy shit

I pick toad I pick though

momma gave me her AA cup
thinking already went pro

and I contributed to method acting
even though I know Im gonna crack this

uh oh lets go to french festival
do it again that's how mindy kailing
got the vape on the fuckin office

Ima go and drop this
drop out tune in cop out
mother fucker psycedelic

though not official though
turn it around we go and freestyle
everybody now
even though you mormon or you christian or you brother now
I don't give a fuck I got friends who are rednecks now
they could all fucking chill to the same tune
smoke the same drugs

uh ohhh

like don't constrain your language
everybody like law
I freestyle I think it law

I'm fucking around
with some ER
inside the tiny heart
is another one this house of cards
2 step 10 steps
always always ahead
turn it around I said
like another nation
so big
well passionate about pangea
is everybody up in the streets
do ma feel ya
I feel ya
the bar is low
the way we talk
the way we are abusive with our non speaking yo
damn that nobody is thinking
why am I gonna die a die a cynic
uh oh because I'm not too smart
to correct our actions through all these words that are not
why is everyone so dumb
why my russian blood make me wanna hit the rum
my body float insomnia make me not cum
I know every is a phase a chapter
all through the maze and winters almost fucking over GO!

they talk
as if its just a break

I got her in the meantime
so do I break up break it down break it off ya

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Distant Hills - Winters almost over

2019-11-14 16:54:12 -0800 -0800

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