remember what famous anus
said to cloud bitch
back in high school

said to cloud bitch with babushka

I know that
hit me back

I know that
hit me back

I know that
hit me back


'famus anus to cloud bitch'

I was on that bridge

I was on that cliff

I blacked out in dangerous places on purpose

its a spiritual battle

only you can solve it

and 40 years later
look in the mirror
dont wanna see no pimp
creepin hard all gimp
it was dirty dude
the world
after dad dip  
what famous anus
told dinoclit

TJs and Quesedillas and Mrs. America
and bikes and ciggie and uncle ray
and sleepy all day and coffee not working
and h ain't pregant, becca got 3 triangular
dark circles on her skin
and I got more work
and I got great work
and I work work great got
and I don't care
about looking dumb
cause you don't even know

you’re depressed

and nothing I say will make it better

I know that

dino clit hit me back

I was depressed for years


2020-10-02 13:21:27 -0400 EDT

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