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Asima the Great

2020-01-31 17:41:48 -0500 EST

Otherwise known as ‘my first date’. Story, then a song, as it was first written.

Version without the story:


so there was this girl I knew
that grew up in a second world country
and she use to go to school
wearing dresses all the way down to her feet cause she didn't
have shoes cause she couldn't afford them

because she was one of five daughters
in a relatively poor family

but the fact that she was going to school was an insane privilege

her name was Asima

and growing up her dad didn't believe in educating women

and he always had wanted a son

that's why they ended up with five children

whith too many that they couldn't afford

cause he kept trying to you know, pump them out

until he could get a son

that's what the strategy is in some parts of the world

so she valued education so much

she worked so hard she got

the best scholarship she could get

and ended up at Stanford university in America

and this is

we're going to cut now to Asima's  


and the theme is thirsty thursday

and she's at her first club experience

( get drunk monkies )
(pump pump pump pump)

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