After Work (E Bmin A) B Section C3min E C#min E A

After work I'm free
was going straight to studio
but you came you came through my window

and the moment of weakness
just a quickie to the park

After work brain dead


eyes closed like a jedi
walk into this club red eye
did I did I

how grand
grand army plaza
till your heart sinks
non linear thougth
shrink shrink
shirnk in my heart

ive been having
headaches again

after work
im free

bolanos what did this to me
bolanos what did this to me
bolanos what did this to me
you are what did this to me



or much more
there's another teacher on my train
but I don't remember her name

no one comes back from that
I love I love willie bong wonka

its not who yu are but you aim to be

up last night on a subway car
with HIV meds

stare at her and wonder

love truant and Miss vapor came by
watched late spring in late winter Ozu

OZU !!!!!!!!!

 slept over

Dark Pop 2 Song ::::
I lick the wall hope its you
to you stop tryna fight if you dont believe this pains bigger than pile of dead babies use it as fuel to not hate dont be a disgrace whiles shes alive weird sea my number is not a window to my soul
my number is not a window to my goals
 play russian roullette

who in the hell
isnt outa commission
chasing green losing the signs

who in the hell just repeats sewage
from their rectangle slave minds

oh rectangle slaves get back
look up

Im a a man I dig my own holes thank you very much

After Work

2022-02-19 22:19:35 -0500 EST

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