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2 Reasons

2020-01-31 17:32:28 -0500 EST

Reasons of why I sleep alone at night, basically my personality flaws and view of the world.

((Key: D))


2 Reasons, I've got two reasons why
I sleep alone at night
But so did albert einstein,
so did his wife
who was also his cousin,
until, the mysterious end of her life,
life life (knife knife)
life, life, life……

unlucky for me, I haven’t a cousin who’s attractive in the least
so I’ll just pull a mendell
and be asexual my whole life
I don think I could handle that
No I don't think I could do that
Oh wait ph, well ph
PH PHUCK that!!!!

And everyone is crazy,
And no ones in this town
And the closest possible candidate
Of the opposite
Gender who isn't crazy
Is at least 30 pounds,
Overweight in her waste

And maybe that's an answer to
One of the questions I've always had
And answer to the question of one of the reasons why
I definitely, still sleep alone at night
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