How do you write a song starting with a photo?

Trapt in the Womb (mv)

This song that started with a sonogram of my sister’s first child.

I scanned my sister’s sonogram of Mila (whom has now been born) into a MAX/MSP patch and got MIDI out of it. Then I looped a part of the midi I liked and assigned it to a keyboard, and turned it into a trap song. The vocals I rap are from the perspective of not being born yet, not necessarily wanting to be born(to this universe), and all the implications that that follows. This is the instrumental version with my sister while she was pregnant.

imagine for a moment you haven’t been born yet. but you’re alive. What would that sound like?

^^^ instrumental version.

Lyrics: Trapt in the womb - POLIW.AT

(Verse 1)
To be or not to be
not born yet I toothless
I cannot sin I cannot win
not yet person so I can spit the truth
it a blaze blue dot I being born to
trapt in womb while mother drinking in the kitchen
green straight merciless fate god given
but god is worthless when you don't exist
that some food for thought
she at food for less
that some food stamps yes
no fear oh I choose not to be
our birth is but a sleep
our birth is but a dream
and a forgetting don't you see
don't be a slave to reality
I cannot see choose not to be
I choose not to be

(Chorus) x4
Trapt in the womb fed up with this womb
Trapt in it lost in it high up in my mothers womb

(Verse 2)
OH ma
I hope daddy likes me
that don’ t always happen
I the syncopation in her belly
oh ma
I ate
I ate I fed
I ate my twin
don’t tell Auntie
I naughty
that breaks my umbilical heart
that breaks my my umbilical bars
If I must be born I must be born
with early onset depression
I already feel it
spitting nurse rhymes
can’t 50 shades right   
don’t be a baby
you child of reggae
but what am I but ma's melody
but what am I but mamas melody

Trapt in the Womb

2017-01-29 01:16:44 -0500 EST

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