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The Sims Sims

2018-04-04 15:37:11 -0500 -0500

A three act comedic play that I acted in.


The Sims Sims (actor, lead)

Two best friends, Michael and Jack, create two sims that look just like them, also named Michael and Jack. Those two sims, in turn, create two new sims that look just like them but are more talented and attractive.

Sim Jack wants to work on his charisma but is forced to play chess all day. Sims’ sim Jack is incredibly popular and loved by all. Sim Michael wants to work on his music but is forced to join the army. Sims’ sim Michael is a tele-flute virtuoso.

Meanwhile, strange things start to happen. Sims are trapped in pools when the pool ladders disappear. The sims discover a torture chamber where a bunch of sims have to paint for their lives. Will the sims get to the bottom of the mystery? Will they survive? Will they ever learn the horrible truth that underlies all of their lives?

Made with my theatre troupe group

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