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She Breaking Glass Ceiling

2018-05-04 15:50:34 -0500 -0500

Political Trap Single.

This song came out of following the prompt of ‘what would you make as if you were another gender?’

And I thought lyrically it should take societal issues, take personal issues that come with the territory of that gender. Format wise I wanted to make a mantra, a repeatable paragraph or so that you can repeat indefinitely, something you don’t get tired of.

(SBGC - Lyrics)
You'll need a lighter to hire me
she aspire to conquer perspire till you retire
she think in code on computer
she walking you stalker she feeling you heeling
at uni barely breaking even
but breaking glass ceiling

Lyrically a mantra == hybrid between a chorus and verse

I wrote the lryics and got my friends to sing/rap a mantra that repeats, but is slightly different each time.

^^ track art by my friend Yesenia

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