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POLIW.AT Music Videos

Music is not a purely auditory experience, it is also a visual medium. When we hear audio, our brains want to fill in the visual gaps. My poliw.at music videos are a pursuit of reflecting this exchange where I use visual instruments and a suite of video tools to create the videos in real time.

Federal Beat Reserve

The name plays upon the idea that the US government might officially support the creative cataloging of music for the people, through the action of encapsulating everything semantic into a discrete duration of instrumental music. This project is inspired by open source philosophy in software development, where all the work and its underlying components, are exposed to be remixed, reused, edited, and developed on in an open and transparent way. You can listen to the Instrumentals across the web available here. Open source and always free.

If you are interested in getting your instrumentals in the official federal beat reserve then DM me, and think about becoming a patron || checkout a liibrary of instrumentals you can use https://archive.org/details/@poliwat

update 4.15.2k19 my equipment broke but I’ll have a one stop link for all instrumentals soon, keep posted.


Pale Blue Dawt Podcast ++ Radio Show

Pale Blue Dawt, aired on 91.1fm at KZSU Stanford. A hybrid between a podcast and a music show, PBD is an hour long weekly radio show journeying through my sound library where my music augments field recordings and interviews. My particuar focus is on recording things that would otherwise not be recorded. This includes but is not limited to; intimate gatherings, DIY and original music, classes, ceremonies, funerals, reunions, and people talking candidly about the things that matter to them most. Sounds kind of like life, the musical.

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Pilot’s Logs (composers diaries)

What does a safe space look like to you? For me it is a place where I can openly communicate - something that is often impossible without negatively affecting others. My composers are a series of online av diaries in pursuit in a form of open communication. An action of attempting to open source my brain that serves as a tool for song writing, and navigating the world around me.

Across these links you can find over 700 private tracks of personal audio projects, drafts, rants, savage edits, therapy sessions, noise, parties, ceremonies, secrets, anything……..

Current Version:


Freestyler’s Anonymous

Hello my name is poliw.at and I’m a freestylAholic(rapAholic)

I have a disease and it’s freestyling. Based off the 12 step program, the first step is admitting I am powerless over the pursuit of stopping freestyling.

The second step is acknowledge the fact that the only way to get clean off freestyling is to continue to freestyle, until the moment you don’t need to anymore.

Meetings are everyday, TBA online and wherever I am. Audio from freestyle sessions are found