tuesdat 815 AM

damn my head hurts idk why just woke up think I was dehydrated

it would be more accurate to say you can’t schedule release of videos at 420 on youtube. Interesting!

I have lost
but Ive found
what its like
to live in your town

every grump has been a child
every drunk has been a child
every girl has been a child
I know I've been one hun

You are lost
but you have found
what its like to live in my town
I have learned
that's what you're looking for

but neither of us are psychic
both of us self righteous
I know I know

I am lost
but I have found

is that I've learned it all before

 death by coconut oil

modern day concubines
I see in my eyes
primates memoir that'll do me just fine


im too fuckwed up for discobot right now

im too fucked up for everyone but disco bot and thots half wits with fake tits cause I dont need to think

You Cant Release Youtube Videos at 420

2018-09-11 08:15:08 -0700 -0700

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