Monday 934 AM

Yuval called and I gave him my social. I ordered

focus on the task at hand

tuesday 354 AM

driving back from the station with Nick! !!!


more curated

radio show - live, all about the moment


key terms:

  • global perspectives
  • switch around to different voices of different types

just driving the ship through the archives

te person driving hte shit you can tell they’re going through somenthing in real life like lost love, and they’re looking for it in the archives


make it feel like that’s what carl sagan would do

vice mixed with carl sagan

cosmos but nitty the gritty

nitty gritty cosmos

mostly humans, fire ass animal recordings too

the reverberations of humans, training session

liatening inside a train station

then blend and be somewhere esle

to a park

to a classroom


the sound of a coffee shop, wherever I am. collage it all together,

make people feel like you’re exploring the world

culture, perspective that they’re not going to hear

cause the’re not going to talk to homeless people

they want to

but I just wnat to give people that experience,

of exploring things

becauase in society that seems to be lost in adults

100 - 30 second bits

this is a way for adults to explore

curating backround noise but it’s really intersting

fantasy Auds: [beach running collage with floyd 20’s]

  • make it super exciting if its changing
  • tease it
  • change the fire audio frequently

3 hrs every monday take out the best hour then thats an episode

||||||||||| ||||||||||| ||||||||||| |||||||||||

USE TRAKTOR map the akai mnii to traktor

get someone to open up in 8 secondsing about

we’re talking about this we’

play cripsi aduio and say what you think about that?

I’m the shit dishing out the archives

But collecting shit for the archives LIVE

sprinkle carl sagan its pale blue dot

this is martin luther jr after he gave a dream speech

but the coherent style is it being live field recordings

all of †he different voices

just by putting two up against each other saying something bigger

make phone jingles on womens episode have †eady †o

we’re talkb

serving greater human justice novel, entertaining, serving the greater social justice vision

Woke Up To The Father Of Music

2018-04-16 09:34:17 -0700 -0700

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