wed 159 AM

why cant i delete asha’s birthday from my calendar?

had a good solid radio show. right now working on the next episode and getting maschine’s plugins to work at the engineering lab avery works at. he’s napping on the couch

wed 216 AM

birth of le shine

wed 239 AM

According to Kesey, “Without Faye, I would have been swept overboard by notoriety and weird, dope-fueled ideas and flower-child girls with beamy eyes and bulbous breasts.

who wants to be a one hit wonder?

sometimes sit when I pee
not a day goes by
i dont lose something
not a day I dont make a folder

used quest 1 order this,

then use the chopsticks

for the next task

mcMaster Carrr

Why Cant I

2018-07-18 01:58:47 -0700 -0700

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