5 somethiing AM

toe blue play done cast party all night lovely brits annoying brits too fucked up to tell the difference

who do I post make to

i remember when i had a really good thyme
it was very fruitful, just cuz

if who knew knew I knew they knew then it wouldn't be hard to find post
even a pigeon gets it
no diss needed
vague my only

if you wanna make fun of people
you need to talk to sam
and sam only
he's the best at making fun of people

saturated in s
god damn s

no one knows the difference
matter of time
its the trickle down effect
no one even bothers
even when I spell it
I'm faithful of the trickle
only a matter of time
before the king gets abandoned
for some better lute
shallow depth as a front brute
et tu as if you won the hoot
patience that a virtue
I told you when I wanted to ammend it

I'm done with the play
and the play is haunting me
I can't quit the play now
that there isn't an excuse
to spend so much time together

so where do I post to
when I can't even write the post
who do I scream to when I couldn't get the vote
Who will I become through chasing your soul
why don't I care if you hurt me and go
a moment with you is enough of the world
the body mind and spirit
yes, I said a moment with you and enough of this world

why spend so much time on something bad
who told me I'd live this long without feeling this bad
who killed Seinfeld a line I always fuck up
nothing gets me out of head space to crawl up

theres no amount of weed that could fuck me up
harder than this
holy dance
break it off two days ago
you crazy pants
freestyle with naked guy with sunglasses
in canon
in the bathub
do I feed her ego or feed anyone fishing for a compliment

listening to tunes I made I done
m.2.22222. 3333333aaaaaaaaaaaaa

listening to this taeo snce= when
was thissa good hide_related

Who I Post To

2019-02-17 12:07:59 -0800 -0800

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