shes getting on a plane I’m making tunes in the hot car go till my machine dies friends down at the beach not a dollar on me dab and write addy and fight the good fight some authors say we’ve been invaded 4 generations ago other authors write ground zero I write as therapy and conspiracies theories got to the point where it’s disney fakes litter the web web fake and gay got my license today officially gender nonbinary motha fucka !!!! so raise a glass to that trolls dont win man give me one moment I living in a tent for my dreams though it dont seem I work I work I work

we are jobs what do you do by the way let me do mine

I song write blind leading the blind what you need to hear? with climate change nukes in range

I live in a tent I son write about how

we are jobs what do you do by the way let me do mine


I leave conspiracy theory disnley land she brings me back to earth she just finished sidartha on my rec I record

they live and the beat continues.

time to

i made the streams cause they save me if my stream is fucked up im fucked up everyone should have their own 24 7 feed giving a human to share who they are in ways they cannot with speech because the problem identified here (1) is empathy and you increase empathy by building tools for communicating promoting multi interdisciplinary, human centric communicating teaching the alphas mofo !

thats how we help representing their mind

thats what the feed is

it saves me

build the dark one then use the dark one to get out and build a light one

and in the mean time helen

write that fucking script !! !

N O W ! ! !

chad jordan called like where the hell are you

thanks for hanging out with us at the beach

Im sorry Im addicted to work

penniless and free

slave to my ideas

over hot in mirage

reminds me of my moms stories

that tape of my mom recording driving into work and getting SNAPs of everyone waaayyy before snap chat


and they do it now ! ! !! !

Im sick listenin to my own music by myself while my friends are at the beach

thats what freedom looks like we love each other they understand

and r and r and I know I silly

know that screenplay to hard too pity

we are work

what do you do ?

and by the way

let me do mine ! Checkout paleblue.fm.


I am poliw.at

I never speak in 1st person is a lie in third person is comfort in my person outside of myself with out my body is where I left me she’s flying to london I’m remixing ableton back of chad’s mirage hot ass fucking car 3 bitches in bikinis taking pics of the outside daddy24 license plate chad call it the grape while I on phone wit you re sampled some nameless porn last night cause it reminded me of infinity I love lucy lost it though lost so much lost enough for 10 cults and a bride that lives to tell cnn hire me or suck it is the additude why I’m never hired

can only make jobs please listen to me I know ya I know ya I know ya

**after ainn n nout**




the Things get crazier the closer you get, it seems you and me to be or not to be old lines new meaning doesn’t matter what you write whne you’re drunk cause that’s not the real you closer you get to drunk less impressive the bunk I dunk on the daily only way to write only way to hide only way to try alchie sobers you more than mom did every before another operation too many fragments where do I choose to stop writing about a noose on the lowkey motif from farm honey like without a simile imagine language without rabies

in obscure lands of the web they call it cancer in my main head I call it cancer in my gut I feel with wim hoff method she reminded me to breath to breath in a time of need what a lesson to preach! but its 2k19 preaching only works on zombies ads and derivative fucked up versions of feeds you think you’re life should be like thee? please where art thou art, vocabulary no one can freestyle even when I invite them even when I suck even when I freestyle no ones invited when Im on the mic my projectile she told me so now I know wouldn’t have known that if I tapped it every day orgasms every day voted for that today penniless today free today and eleven minutes ? even with a full plate I got full time spare for you for you myself for you myself and irene =-=-=-====-==-===-=–==–=-=-==–==- I got full time to spare too many lines I’m outa time to make a point its the drunk in me made me dumb couldve enjoyed this tent sober but friends too fun 3 new tracks done then I got dumb freestyled bunch of new shit 1 % worth it all worth it more than so cause with chris and chad we went to the next level chris grabbed my junk I grabbed chads and illest village had a couple more tracks doesn’t matter what free flow is smart pop all that matters after 2020 bitch second shores start rising I seent the graphs I not pecismistic just a preparing dad on the vibes with the composition time compose every day even if you don’t listen to it make it to old age so you can hear it plead the fifth for another miscarriage of another track unfinished suck my dick god don’t tell anyone cause lennon got shot for less than this a verse about being pro abortion if she gotta her body her choice you gotta pencil dick if you don’t agree said my finnish dick said 23 and me still messaging my cousins no one replies they more paranoid than me the more you know more the reason to be paranoid baby


force majure

Where Else Than Start at the End

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