Tuesday 613 PM

I feel like trash, and rightly so. I accidentally backed up my bus into Todd’s side door when I was realigning it for the lift.

All shop trust was wiped at that.

I’m writing a schedule tonight, and am going to nail these projects.

This is the place for the schedule at first, and it will be moved to a calendar.

I have been writing a lot in other places outside of poliwat… I have a full SD card of fresh audio collected throughout the last week. Listening to Jimmy on vinyl and he’s high out of his mind in between songs.


December 5th - January 5th:

  • best shape of my life
  • weekly selling laser cut art
  • all TSS memorized
  • Budgeting myself ( I know how much I need to make each week, I know how much I can spend each day, I am on a saving plan )
  • Have Applied to at least 1 Graduate Program ( DANM )

January 5th - February 5th:

February 5th - March 5th:

  • My book is complete and available online

March 5th - April 5th:

-=-==–=–=- fuck man -=–=-=–=-==-=-=-

635 I’m so

overwhelmed at my projects, I need to organize and focus what is going down.

What needs to happen master doc.

what needs to happen by the end of tonight.

Realistic Schedule for the next 30 days.
Clearly defined hoops I gotta hop through

My hoops
Your hoops
& hula hooping

mantra of the 1000
I will hop 1000 hoops

tomorrow, because it's hard enough to write
tomorrow, because it may not happen tomorrow
tomorrow, because that's not a guarantee

Print TSS Script from Chad's printer (he gets a copy too)

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

Laser Cut Business fully launched by Saturday the 16th.

Ravel is my new fav.

What needs to happen by the end of tomorrow:

Call Tom
Post Bus on CL
Submit Demo Reel to Stanford to be a DJ next quarter ( and submit show proposal if it's available)
Go work at Jerry's bright and early in the morning, with printed business cards at 8 AM sharp.

When You Disappoint Your Mentor

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