Thursday 743 PM

This is the new me. Made everything on my soundcloud private except for the Marquettequette album so my family can hear it.

I have 1 new deadline. 1 track a week, to be released every Friday. That’s it. Other than that I am looking good.

4 cute Spanish women want to hangout tonight in the city at bars, I’m not sure if I should go.

Friday 321 AM

On tape, I promised to DJ Christina’s birthday in Barcelona this upcoming June. If I don’t then I have to make her two albums, where every track is about her.

##I now have 4 reasons to learn Spanish

Had a wonderful night with some new friends <3

also got mixing advice from ian

Saturday 1018 AM

uploaded old tape cause I need space on my hdd. Going to SC next week to finally get my 2 TB one from Brent - I only know his first name and where he works

When Should I Kill Myself

2017-10-12 19:42:50 -0700 -0700

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