Friday 1141 AM

cofeeetopia w/ kenzie


frridat 133 pm

tried fixing the gate with nick, phone is almost online

bout to hit the riveerrrr

friday 204 pm

talking to strangers the master class

study the boundaries of everything

Friday 222 PM

heading to the river

friday 557 PM

mario’s clutch gave way on felton empire! Me him and nick waited at a gas station in felton. never made it to the river, but right now I’m super into getting my set together for the 3rd of august. just the mvp ya know.

also I wanted to record the river but left it back home, classic.

608 pm

fitting song playing right now.



darlene a queen

friday 826 pm

apply 1dat

fri 951 m

victors illegal his only papers roll
mario showed me the fold
phd he already knows
love at first sight getting old

Whats More Sacred and More River

2018-07-20 11:41:32 -0700 -0700

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