bless up bless up dry Especially


Just got to andre’s parents nice apartment across the street from central park on the 19th floor -

worked at my new job from 10 to 3

then my card was frozen so I was stranded for a bit in union square without any working money (reaized my debit card is missing and the other was suspended because helen and I went on a shopping spree for professionaly clothes for my new fancy private school job)

It was really funny, my first day I thought I was just a facilitator and I really sort of am. I realized I’m more of a teacher using iPads as the main mode of teaching, and that’s what they call a facilitator. It was a fun first day, and I’m so fucking lucky to have some sort of job. It helps (as I was telling hannah while her and becca were cooking me and H ramen last night) that it helps me sympathize more with the government in general, for actually having a program that did work. Because the unemployment saved my skin. And now that it’s ending and I have a 16 dollar an hour job that’s 25 hours a week, with a 30 minute communte, I feel beyond blessed.

It’s funny when the standards get so low anything seems amazing. But it’s a job that helps our future and society at large and it matters so the whole existential crisis helen keeps saying I’m having is funny cause I’m not the rockstar she wanted or something.

I have no money becuase I spent the last of my unemployment perfectly on clothes strictly for the job, and the new cheapest VR headset for 300 so Jack and I can do a weekly show in VR for people ||

And I started a NY vlog but haven’t uploaded anything yet.

I think this existential thing that’s happening without me realizing behind the scenes is causing me to say yeah I probably should

What Makes a Teacher Teach

2020-10-13 20:22:56 -0400 EDT

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