Thursday 1040 AM

Max n I

What can I say? this has been the best week of my life, but today feels a little special. I’m feeling it. Well the love bug hit me, and I’m along for the ride

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Thursday 201 PM

Happy bicycle day. Niko told me yesterday that hippys were called peroflautas in mexico cause they always have their flutes and their dogs.

ahahaha this half tab is strong now

I may as well go get good cave audio but these bats are chargin :D


thursday 244 PM

domesticated psychedelia

using only the objects, facts, things that you need to navigate the space.

going to plant a tree with a crush at dusk


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thursday 402 PM

iin the grass with adrienne weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I was going to say ah I forgot

I’ll pass it on :)


everyone has these gates,

particularly my real talented, smart people, an

and when they work on something, you can only see it on their terms

and Im doing that

but I like having all gates open

the whole time

so anyone that sees it can jump in

because I know deep down in my heart, what I’m doing with my life,

and that is contagious

in it of itself


people have gates

all my gates are open

back to meadow lifetime

my day is complete complete


Just told sean te provost its biycycle day

Thursday 618 PM

Today is a big day.

658 PM


Friday 124 AM

SSeeeeaaaaannnnn SSeeeeaaaaannnnn SSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnn SSeeeeaaaaannnnn SSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnn SSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnnSSeeeeaaaaannnnn

Sean how do you relax?

How do I relax?

Let me put it to you straight

Everything here has been recorded since our conversation

well except for 2 things, can you guess what those are?

well for me

to relax I need to first calm my intellectual mind.

I’m sure you being so high up in academia you fall victim to this.

so let’s hear something

{ it might not sound like Im relaxed in this tape but this is what I do to relax .play_theWokestAcousticJamWithFriendsHomeSTYLE3960TOCHAITHEDOG }

honstely sean this is just practice

cause I have this music invention

and all I need is some 2 meals a cot situation. I can finish it in 3 months (where its road worthy :fingers_crossed_emoji:)

shakespear through emojisss

Brian I need you to give me your best shakespeare about relaxing and pale blue dot .

Friday 151 AM

(arp synths)

Michael: what’re you doing?

Jack: I’m making our ticket out of here.


I learned the new logo


. .



. .

^Means you’re recording Left/Right stereo.

It also means you’re getting the amb and that you’re getting the fire.


oh well this is the best day ever

bicycle day was today

what a lucky mother I am

to this cat chevy

the vault is called

=-==-=-=-=-=–==–=-=-=-=-= If you can’t occasionally walk into a room of cute girls and they’re all tyring to get you to talk to them by acting all smiley and giggly and not want to talk to them cause you want to look at the art then you are not a man. =-=-=-==-=-=-==-===-=–==-=

The human and the shooter

Know your beat. I know you’re fond of walking and that you know your beat pretty well. I try to maintain a balance between dirt trails and pathed ones. The dirt trails are more fun because there’s more changes in them.

This is what happens in your neighborhood.

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What Is Today And The Love Bug Hit Me Sometimes Not Knowing Is A Lot More Fun Than Knowing

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