300 gigs of my own personal audio recordings.

^ fav atm

Saturday 116 AM

The biggest treasure of my life is my recordings. I collect audio every day. Normal slice of life things. I constantly record people without them knowing. I call it guerilla audio, and I’m not going to stop. You can tell me it’s immoral, illegal, douchie, lock me up, kick my ass, and I still won’t stop. Strong words have been tossed between friends and family, and every once in a while someone tries to speak against it. But it’s my art, and it’s important to document real life human interactions.

This is about the six journal entry for the online stuff, and I’ve realized finally that I have a space to confidently share just bits and pieces of these 300 gigs. They are private tracks, and the only place on the internet you can access them are here.

This is first and foremost a composer’s journal, so audio has to come with that!

I hate myself.

and hey at least I don’t secretly video tape people, that’s just fucking creepy.

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