Friday 1155 PM

What do I need right now

a glass of water

What do I need with this glass

what do I need with this water

What do I overthink

What do I need to do

to get the job done

I know what I need to do

so what do I need to do

in order to do it

What circles do I go in a band

What lines do I draw in the sand

What triangles are my least favorite shape

because the idea of a tour

seems antiquated


I left the tea

would woulld you

love me in my darkets

when downloading

wrath of the lich king?

vanilla mike vanilla this vanilla poliwat tired of explaining how it works it works through action practiced twerkin on a car last night with simone

if i lost it its in my jacket i see the pattern

26 now i learned it but was it again

you’re a writer I’m rough with paper


October 29th, December 25th, November 27th

king of hearts – october 22nd cusp – scorpio

What Do I Need

2018-06-08 23:54:47 -0700 -0700

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