1125 AM

was jogging a bit with ghost but then all of a sudden,

CRAZY GUY OUTSIDE THE COFFEE SHOP oh yeah we were in the coffeeeshoppp

Ive been handwriting poliwat on this clipboard I spray painted red months ago and it’s been a nice calming change of pace. Hands.poliw.at is the new brain dump

but stayed up till like 4-5 am don’t remember making this site, and then made the song site too cause that’s real needed.

someone’s talking about the CIA and russia in this coffee shop from first hand exp

and theres the owner and his buddy speaking german, looks like for practice,

then there’s a spanish couple and the woman went all apeshit enthusiastic about the egg bagel he brought over and it was beautiful they look close I don’t even know if they’re together but they look close


close to so much

I stuck my dick in the telescope that the storm took, the broken part opened it up and it would actually make a good fleshlight.

new love great sex getting lost and TLDR;

I went out for a quick sunset slut sesh yesterday at 6pm and was expecting to get back to work at NB by 7-8pm, instead stayed up on the love train till 3 AM then worked on the sites after she fell asleep. I don’t need sleep as much cause I’ve been jogging.

each day gets a new piece of nice photo paper folded in half - I rip it out of this new german cooking book that’s blank aside from the first few pages. can’t remmeber what its called when the publishers do that, give a select few a mostly empty book so they can feel it. got it at scrap, and the biggest mistake of the month aside from not hitting up will has been not hitting scrap.

love train gotta move !

Going to jog to the free lunch at St. Anthony’s being there is interesting cause its druggy fucked up city and smelly and lovely and I will head to a bougieieieiie ass coffee shop after that and possibly buy a macbook equivalent

and its so funny the CIA guy just metioned timmothy leary lololololololololololololololololololol

going to hackathon all wee

it all started with hands


%%^&**** - days out



hand drawn quantify and NOTHING GOD DAMN ELSE

What Did It All Start With

2019-04-13 11:23:09 -0700 -0700

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