Wed 227 PM

Well in doubt figure it out

with breadth and mind

wed 3pm

you’ve got money say paypal email chain I gotta crush say moon mike today

mirror on the legs
mirror on the slit when I get with it
drunk off her ways
quit smoking just to get it
but now Im yelling so ruined it                            |{withdraw all}  
withdrawals I'm feeling it
Safeway I'm stealing it

a trend more thought, less feeling the balance between thought and feeling go go heavy on thought heavy on feeling

just dropped my phone again

it doesn’t work anyways so fuck it right

launch off lyrics

every therepist need a therpist

my mom will never stop saying fucked up shit to me

and I love her anyways

thursday 215 PM

“where are my pants” — M U N

Well In Doubt

2018-06-20 14:27:03 -0700 -0700

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