Officially the first day of busking.


@ Krezberg - h finally told G !

making history,

not his story

ahahhaa but really I just turned in 8 boxes of vinyls to Captain Nemos’

They’ll give me an estimate i about a week and it’ll be as modest as it gets but I’m guessing about 40 bucks. Who knows though, they do a double store credit thing but sadly I just need the cash

cause I need the cash
though cash ambivalent towards me
sour cream

I'm having the fattest niccy and isolation withdrawlas
and nearly had a break down
and feel self destructive

and h said I'm in a tight spot
and I can bum a smoke
though don't buy em
and I'm like yeah I'd never do that
cause I don't got it

so I'm here before playing
cause I need to get my ducks in a row
online before I busk
and my music online
so a folder for the final drafts
with artwork for each piece
that would be best
that would be me  
20 days I'm flying to NY
goal is to pay GF back
then make some music vizzies
with her LBD
worn by me
click bait song titles
just to find substance
everyones out of commission
case they're tring to make money

I'm out of commission
cause she wants me to pay her back

and I'm like all out on the sandwiches before the turn of the what

how can writing be therapy if it's stopping me from recording
when its recording that's going to pay everyone back the fastest
then why can I not seem to be able to go hard on recording
it's an invisible substrate that separates me from it
I hope to one day clear this all out of my mind
but civilized society is savage in it's core
our nature is good our nature is bad
it's all there
you can argue both
it's post dualist thought
and I don't want to get more distracted with it


Best portfolio site of the times cam showed me

You have no business being on a laptop here

two finger typing

3 minute texting

give up

before your soul already did

-=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=-

Viynls for More Song and Nonprofit Dreams Dont Die

2020-01-05 13:44:25 -0800 -0800

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