Saturday 512PM

final tagging document masterlist

roughly type of shot

mp - mans perspective

f2s - feet to something

ha -

po - police

hu - human focused

qt - quickTime log / screen  

fam - family focused

then my intention is to pull by tags easily, foot for future projects \


notes goals

cats more abstract than norm attr like location an afterthought ? iWish

if i had a dollar each time a rapper said they had some
Id be poor and fed 20,000 for life son

give me your funds I'll give to the poor
saw god twice
i know your rich ass future is on a skewer
like it up the ass good it'll pass your intenstines past intentions reach your mouth hole
don't eat pus less you get some then get this saw god twice and you with the funds
with the muns
on a skewer for eternity suns
fuck the truth it was never good to you
so you horded and horde horde 1 future for you
your ass on a skewer penetrate out your mouth
now give me your money so I can give it out

thoughts are things you are me in the right key the made a deal with the devil fuckin idiots make a deal with god give love all the time you’ll be alright

Vault 36 Tags Masterlist

2019-07-13 05:12:21 -0700 -0700

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