Wed 9:45 AM

Aye it’s V day! Just got dropped off at Finn’s coffee by Nick but I forgot my wallet.

Everyone’s on their best behavior on V day

practicing my monologue

Hi, astronaut Michael Betts.

You deserve an explanation. I did torture a bunch of the sims in the neighborhood we made. I removed pool ladders while sims were swimming, and I made everyone show up to their funerals in swimwear.

I staged an art competition where I trapped a bunch of sims in a basement with one toliet, and a bunch of easles, and made them paint for their lives. I trapped Jack’s sim in his living room by removing all the doors.

Mike squints into the crowd

I see how you’re looking at me. You think I’m a monster.

Well, I’m not. Cause they’re Sims. They’re not real. They don’t have thoughts or feelings like we do. You and me.

And besides, you’re boring,

If you don’t push the boundaries and try fun stuff. Life is so short. And at the moment, there’s not much we can do about that.

The profound frailty of our lives, our world…give meaning to now. When you gaze down upon this pale blue dot, like I have, you finally understand what life is truly about.

I am gratitude. I am confidence. I am happiness, love, and money. I am leadership. I am breaking my bad habits.

Then you, you make some sims, and they can be whoever you want. And you make someone that’s similar to you? You can be whoever you want, and you work some job you don’t want? You live in a place you don’t like? You buy stuff you don’t need? That just seems like a lack of vision to me, an astronaut.

Whippna chooba dog. Van vesua cummuns nala. Depwa bin laden a bush, fuck trump frooch! spanewash, deplablah. Leggo Gavo. Gavunay, pizzico. Gizzenee koog. Ibney Bitpo troy. Velco debnay.

I like PBD_3 v2 right now

-=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=- -=-=-==–=-

Wed 721 PM

Kenzie and Eryenne just got caught stealing at Safeway. Spent the day trimming. the high point of the day was passing out some V day coasters. I gave little tree things to 3 super cute girls and they all hugged me.

I didn’t go into safeway cause niko and I stole from their last night. Fuck safeway. You never enter the same place you stole from the day before, that’s one of the golden rules of theivery.

It’s V day and I’ll be hanging out with friends at Empire

And Crispy and I will practice our set a bit. I can’t wait, that’s the perfect night in my mind. I also have soooo much tape to go over.

I wanna go over the play more tonight as well. I have my monologue 90% memorizedtonights the night to get it to 100.

VIKTOR HIT ME UP TODAY!!!!! That’s the real hightlight of the day. A real fucking Shaman. He said he’s down to dose me with DMT for my first time for pale blue dawt so I’m super stoked.

I’m going to get a camera hopefully tomorrow, and the first video is that


V V Day

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