me at home
under their skin
only I fit in

squeeze there

and you think of all the thoughts outside thought itself

the brief moments of yes in the shower
the brief moments of genius among friends over chowder
the brief moments of yes  
that you live for
the next one the next fix,
fixed in your gaze
behind your iris's change
desire won't ever go away
until it goes with you
now it went away and now you're a new you
that can't get back to the way your iris's looked
wearing an orange one piece guilty on the subway
pissing between carts
and you piss
and think
of all thoughts outside thought
what am I think with this new you



my friend
they charge 80 an hour
the professor doing the work
pleads for 30
the doctrine box fits in an hour 30
my friend borrows 150 dollars
at 30% interest to sit in this lecture
each time
and in this lecture
you gain overwhelming sense
you can predict everything said
everything said placed perfect in a box
yet lectures are a lottery system
everyone pays the same, but very few have the winning ticket.
and everything everyone is saying that is said they are running out of
|| what cum come dumpster un shit yuck and fuck
god damn it all this book and you and shit fuck
fuck the words fuck the god damn book to all hell
fuck me but don't
fuck me good for trying
fuck me good for lying
fuck me good I'm an addict
fuck me good I'm spastic
fuck me good like your acorn
bury me in the woods
come back next season

Under Their Skin Only Place I Fit In

2020-04-23 21:48:49 -0400 EDT

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