Tuesday 111 PM

Alright Kenzie! I do need to borrow to give Scott rent money, I sent out the invoice to Tom

Kenzie!! Can you help me by letting me borrow money to pay Scott? I will pay you back! And would like to help with the wx press stuff

I sent an invoice out yesterday and am expecting that in the next few days

I’m at Stanford for one more night cause Avery and I are doing this GRID thing put on by Art x

Will prolly drive back tonight with Avery’s car! He’s letting me borrow it and I’ll go go all out on making muns

If you had $905 I could at least make some min payments on this credit card too

But any amount you can safely do would be a huge help! <3

And can setup to pay back this

Daily Dose

 Stanford got too serious
 so staffnord that obvious
 way to go
 change your name
 change your name
 when you're 26

Tuesday 407 PM

=-=–= BOOM =-=-=-=

mary shelley she’s writing letters to me

frank the cat at harvey weinsteins funeral

517 pm

this girl said she didnt play the harp

so i stopped talking to her

this girl plays guitar

so i

”“” | we don’t have proximty | so lets create | radical transparency | “”” -laravol

radical transparency

tuesday 1037 PM

A brief moment of celebration.

Avery and I over a pitcher

how to open AVCHD

=–=-=-=-= =–=-=-=-= =–=-=-=-= =–=-=-=-= =–=-=-=-= =–=-=-=-= =–=-=-=-=

wed 158 Am

@avery’s the GRID piece went well!!!!

Trolling people on craiglist I’m back baby !!

atleast one person doesn’t take themselves seriously so should you michael

Type Beat Insrtrumentals For Freestyles Live And Forest Mother At GRID

2018-06-05 12:59:48 -0700 -0700

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